Monday, January 12, 2015

Final email!!!!! that awkward moment when i wrote out an email but the internet shut down and we went to another city to buy some things and hop on a computer with internet...and NONE OF IT SAVED.

lol....basically the story of my life.

but anyway! i love you all so SO much and yes i am excited to see you all...but also more excited (for right now!) to finish my mission off strong (: as far as i´m concerned....i´ve just been learning for the past 17 months how to be a missionary ALWAYS...(and how much mama + daddy are still TOOOOOOOOOOOOTALLY missionaries até hoje, haha! :)...


my mission isn´t ending until,  like, EVER. (:

but really. this past week was full of ups + downs + crazy spirals left + right...

had my final interview with presidente bigelow! and had a great long (much needed) talk with sister bigelow...sigh. can i just tell you how perfect they are? only second to mama + daddy...they´re eternally number one in my book (how´s HAWAII by the way?! ;)

but really. i have some great goals in mind - - and am mostly just so happy to still be a full-time missionary as long as is possible!

i think one big lesson i´ve beenlearning this past transfer is the importance of planting seeds...i was a little frustrated at the lack of progress inour area in some aspects, and then i opened up preach my gospel exactly to the section that says ´´no effort is wasted´´. 

and then i thought hm. that´s exactly what it´s like. i just gotta do my part and (just like EVVVVVVVVVERYONE has been telling me in the past week) - - i really won´t see a lot of the effect of my mission until months after i´ve been home. years. etc.

so with that in mind, and all the people i love here and am loving teaching and praying and hoping they will continue progressing into what will nodoubt be the first best ever decision of their lives to be a part of the Lord´s true church here on earth today...

i just gotta take a deep breath. remember mama´s (+ daddy´s!) advice. (: and just keep smiling + sharing the gospel + giving it my all.

i love being a missionary. my mission has changed my life more than i can ever explain. i absolutely love brazil and recife and pernambuco and portuguese and just....EVERYTHING about my mission. even the most stressful, frustrating parts. because those (including what i´ve been through these past two weeks) are what have made me stronger, what has caused my testimony to grow even more, and has helped to teach me even more about what it really means to be a disciple of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

3 Nephi 5:13. amen amen + amen.

try to be a better representative of Jesus Christ today. could you share a little more? could you pray with a little more real intent? could you study the scriptures a little more dilligently so that Heavenly Father can better open up the powers of heavenand shower personal revelation + blessings upon your heads?

just think of the words to the hymn ´´have i done any good in the world today´´. and WAKE UP. do something MORE than just dreaming! get to work helping someone in need. i promise you that is the best way to waste + wear out your life...with a smile.

i´m a living testimony of that. the past 17 months of my life have been literally the happiest of my entire life. i have never grown so much.

ah. i´ve already told everyone after this past week my tear ducts are dried up....but i have a feeling it´s going to be a hard week. haha.

i love it here. i love you all. and i can´t wait to see you. but i can´t wait to share more about the last week of the best 18 months of my life....NEXT monday (i hope!).

if not...

see you in the states!

be good. make good choices. and get out there + get to serving your fellow man (+ woman!). (:

xox, beijos + cheiros,

Sister Kron (:

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