Sunday, January 11, 2015

Feliz ano novo dec 29 email

HELLOOOOOOOO hello hellooooo!! oh my goodness gracious my heart is SO full and SO happy after getting to see you all on Thursday!! BEST CHRISTMAS EVERRRR except for the fact we were a little far away (; but you are all just SO BEAUTIFUL and i´m so happy to have a family in the all just RADIATE felicidade and i just count my blessings every single day that you guys are mine!! 

my favorite part of skype? sharing my experience about 3 nephi 11...and mama sharing the fact that she had the same kinda experience when the missionaries were teaching HER. my heart is with you mama. i love you so, SO much! it´s so neat that sometimes i forget that you + daddy were in the same position as so many people i´m teaching here on the daily...ah. and seeing how far we´ve all come -  - thanks to you two taking the lead !!! - - WOW. i love missionary work!!! i just absolutely LOVE it! (:

basically the highlight of this past week was something really kinda crazy...sister barber skyped for the first time on her mission on friday with her family....and that was REALLY hard for her after. it´s always happy when we skype....and then when we have to say goodbye (+ after...), it´s usually a lot of tears. because we miss you guys of course! but she took it especially hard. we went into the bathroom at this member´s house because she was really, really upset...and we just started talking. and i just looked at her and i´m like sister baber, i know that what you want more than anything right now is just to go home the rest of the day, eat chocolate, sleep, and cry (as she looks at me thinking maybe i´ll let her do just that -  só que não !! haha). but i told her you know who want´s you to do that? satan. because he knows we are here to work. and he wants to take that away from us. ruin the opportunites to find people to teach. stop the work. you can´t do anything for your family being this far away - - the only thing you can do is be obedient so that Heavenly Father blesses you + your family. you have to trust that HE will take care of them. But He´s going to take even better care of them if you do HIS work and you are obedient to what you have been called by HIM to do! so we´ve gotta get out and work!

and....we did just that. we dried off her tears. fixed up her makeup. got out. and...guess what happened?!

WE FOUND OUR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i could just about cry. basically long story short it was going back to teach a new investigator who couldn´t talk with us but her adult daughter was there with her kids and we just started teaching and translating something they had in english to portuguese for them and her eyes just lit up and she got SO excited for us to come back and teach and said she wanted to come to church etc etc etc...

AND THE BEST PART? we show up at church and (sad because they didn´t go) but found out it was just because her in-laws came in town so she couldn´t come BUTTTTTTT an awesome member couple in our ward came up to us and were like ´´sister kron!! did you teach a tatiane this week??`´´and long story short this young woman (tatiane) CALLED this member who is her friend from forever ago and told HER all about how she talked with us missionaries and she knew she was part of this church and she wanted to come to church and learn more etc etc etc!!!!

so now we have an incredible family to teach, a member couple (family!) who is excited beyond words to HELP us teach, and.....we might have never found them if we had just given up and gone home to try and console sister barber.

LIFE IS SO NOT EASY. but i promise you each that as we get out and lose ourselves + get to WORK and do what GOD wants us to do - - everything´s gonna work out!

my invite for all of you?! same as last year (+ every year!), God´s put Christmas at the end of the year for a reason - - so that it´s the closest thing to new year´s which is when everyone makes goals for the year to come! put HIM in first place this year, 2015. make at least one goal that´s going to help you get closer to Him this year. To God. and Jesus Christ, His Son. To let the Holy Ghost has more influence over you in your life to lead you to make the right decisions. okay?!

one of my goals for this year, 2015?! (with the exception of two weeks), i wanna go to the temple every single week in 2015. i live close enough in ohio or utah to go every week, sem falta. i´m gonna miss the first two weeks of january, but my last week here, we´re going to the temple! and my first week back i wanna go, too. and every week there on out. you´re more than welcome to join, if you´d like. (:

make goals. come unto Christ. be perfected in Him. and deny yourselves of all ungodliness. PUT OFF THAT NATURAL MAN THIS YEAR. rip him outta you. GIVE YOURSELF to God and let HIM make of you wayyyyy more than you can make of yourself. I promise you.

Moroni 10:32-33.  read it. apply it. love you!

ps next week we´re going to switch our pday to tuesday or wednesday so we can go to the world cup arena here right on the side of my area (where they plaed in the world cup this summer here in pernambuco! i can see the arena from my area!). we´re getting a tour inside (: so i´ll email next tuesday or wednesday. and then my last week here we´re going to the temple - - aka pday/email that week will be wednesday. and then....i don´t even know if i´ll hop on a computer my last pday (transfers)...but we´ll see.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. make good choices. trust in the Lord. and i´ll talk to you all in 2015! (:


Sister Kron (:

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