Saturday, January 3, 2015

December 15 email


basically i am just dying because i never have enough time to read all your emails and send photos etc...

but long story short i am LOVING my mission here in carmelo 2! sister barber is literally the most hilarious and perfect companion ever hahaha. and she is SO BRITISH. i think i tell her that at least five hundred times each day haha. she says things like ´´oh my days!´´ instead of ´´oh my goodness´´ and calls cookies ´´biscuits´´ and basically i´m not as worried about being able to remember english because we´re speaking more in the house to help the other sisters learn english...but now i´m just worried to come home with a british accent hahahaha. she´s a gem (:

everything here is going wonderfully! we´re watching the beautiful video via ´´HE IS THE GIFT´´ with everyone we´s wonderful. i love that video.

we´re also having our mission christmas conference on wednesday! i couldn´t be more excited!

also we are all reading (as a mission) the entire book of mormon before our conference - and lemme just tell you how much i SO KNOW that the Book of Mormon is true! It is the book most correct here on earth + the best book to really help us be better people. I thought that I had a favorite scripture or a few....but the more I´ve been reading it these past few weeks, i realized that the whole this is my favorite (: i was sick one day this past week and we literally were unable to leave the house (that will be a great story one day....hahahaa remind me to tell you that one post-mish :)...but it was an incredible blessing in disguise because i just DOVE into the Book of Mormon and read almost the entire  book of Alma...

Basically that´s my new favorite book of the Book of Mormon. The stories of the 2,000 strippling warriors...Alma + the sons of Mosiah being the world´s best missionaries in the history of forever...the sacrifices made and the miracles seen as they were humble...

it´s so crazy clear that we are SO blessed when we choose to choose the´s the only smart thing to do. make good choices. remember who you are - a son or daughter of a Heavenly KING. I love my Heavenly Father. I know He knows what´s best for me. I have 47328082190 thoughts in my mind these past coupla days, but I´ve been learning more + more with each passing day how to just totally LET. GO. and let Him take the lead in my life. Helaman 3:35. Entregar seu coração a Deus. Let HIM take control. I promise you He knows whats best for you - - just TRUST HIM. And trust IN Him and the millions of promised blessings that lie in store as we choose to hold on to that iron rod with all our heart, might, mind, + strength.

okay! i love you all SO stinkin muito muito MUITOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i don´t know where i´m skyping (google+ing) yet, but it´s settled that i´ll hop on at 2pm my time (noon your time in ohio!) and i hope you all will be connected! i´ll have just 45 mins to chat -  - and the rest can wait til i get home, deal!? (;

ps - daddy i saw you said you got my flight plans!? they haven´t even shown those to ME yet, hahah.  can you forward those to me so i can know a little bit more about when i´m comin home? (:

AMO VOCÊS! Make good choices today. watch the ´´he is the gift´´ video and share it on your facebook page today! and if you haven´t read your patriarchal blessing in the past it today. i promise youthere´s something in there that you need to focus on before this new year starts. get a head start on those new year goals and focus more on what really matters most! (:


com amor + para sempre!,


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