Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dec 22 Feliz natal!!

okay okay okay, HELLOOOO! (:

Basically this week has been wonderful in all kinds of ways! lemme try to sum it all up in the last 10 minutes I have to type (:

- INVITE THE MISSIONARIES TO SKYPE AT YOUR HOME tor to eat Christmas dinner with you if they don´t have anywhere to go! There are some missionaries that aren´t allowed to skype unless they´re invited to do so at a member´s house. so please make sure they´re invited! + taken care of (:

I am so pumped to see you all this week! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! (: Quinta-feira, aka thursday, 2pm my time I´ll be jumpin on the google+! I´ll only have 45 minutes so come ready please oh please (: 

This week we had our mission + ward christmas parties....i´ll tell you more about those via skype if you want but basically photos say a thousand words....i hope you can interpret them (;

we had our primary sacrament meeting yesterday, too! man oh man i love kids. And I love that I´ve had 3 primary programs on my mission (one in michigan + two here in brazil!). I love how we really do need to be more like little children. (:

okay okay okay. i was trying to get caught up on a few things so i don´t have a ton of time to type -- but basically i hope you are all talking ALL ABOUT (aka!) and sharing that He Is The Gift video! share it again + again!

I love you all so so SO much, and I am so grateful to know that families can be together forever! That is the best gift ever ever ever for me, because I know that that´s why we´re here - - to be happy! Adão para que os homems existissem...e os homem existem para que tenham ALEGRIA! I know that our familiy can be an eternal family, all thanks to the best gift ever that was given to all of us just 2014 Christmases ago...(: I love my Lord + Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He LIVES + loves us all so, SO much! I know that I am imperfect...but through the love of a loving Heavenly Father, we can all be made clean from our sins thanks to the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ! He paid the price for all our sins so that if we choose to follow Him, we can be made clean...and made worthy to live with Him once more - - with everyone we love! (:

eeeeek! I love you all SO MUCH! Can´t wait to see you Thursday and hope you all have the best Christmas, EVER! Remember the parte principal - Jesus Christ - and try not to get TOO caught up in the commercialização das coisas...and I promise you it really WILL be the best Christmas, ever! (:

´´Porque Deus amou o mundo de tal maneira, que deu seu filiho unigênto...para que toda aquele que Nele crê, não pereça, mas tenha a vida ETERNA´´ - João 3:16 (:

it´s true. all of it. 100000%. (:

feliz natal! beijos + abraçoes por todos!! (: + sorry no individual emails - - i´ll say things individually come thursday! (;


Sister Kron! (:


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