Sunday, January 11, 2015

1 nefi 3:7 the story of my life the last week!

HELLOOOOOOOO oh my gracious i have less than three minutes to type. haha!

basically real real quick -

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GRANDMA JOANNE!!!!!!!! hope it was the best, best day ever!! (:

and HAPPY 30 YEARS OF FELICIDADE TO MAMA + DADDY!!!!!!!!! have the best, BEST time ever in hawaii + maybe you´ll even be tanner than i am by the time i see you guys! (;

basically i have no time to type...but just know that this week was HARD. i think yesterday alone was one of the most trying days of my entire mission. but i know + trust in the Lord and that He doens´t give us more than we can handle.

mosiah 4:9; trust in Him.

LOVE YOU ALL!!! we may or may not go to the temple - - so i´ll email monday or wednesday next week!

BEIJOS!!!!  (:


sister kron! (:

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