Saturday, December 13, 2014

November 24 email and photos

the title says it all! aka the real reason i have zero time to type today - - we passed the afternoon at a member´s house and she taught me all about how to cook feijão etc etc etc!!! 

the food in my hands tells it alll - - - i made my first feijão EVER and it was so so stinkin good! (: friends + family rest assurred....come january 2015 you will all eat brazillian food. eek! (:

but because of this....i have zero time to write today. lol sorry!

just rest assured this week was a trying one...we made a contact yesterday with someone who just wouldn´t pray to find out if prophets existed in our days today. that was so frustrating because he kept saying ´´im so sorry...but i just know this can´t possibly exist or be true. i just know it.´´ and i just asked him ´´ what would stop you from just saying a prayer and asking God?´´

and he just didn´t...want to.

that´s the story of this past week. lots of attempts to try to help people to understand...but without the desire. ): moral of the story? if you´re in doubt about something;...just PRAY. ask God! i promise he answers whatever doubts we have!!! (:

PS RUTH AND AUNT CONNIE HAVE AWESOME BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK! and happy turkey day you all + dk and daddy have a great time in NYC!! (:



sister kron! (:

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