Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dec 7 email and photos

oh my goodness GRACIOUS there are so many things in my brain lemme just try to let them all out at once - - 

1. HOLY CONGRATS RUTH + DREW + THE WHOLE FAM ON THE TWINNER BOYS!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh i love your ninja turtle babies and can´t wait to meet the little boy buggers whenever they decide to be born once i´m home (; ahhh! i´ll try my best to think of the best brasillian names for them, no worries (;

2. MAMA + DADDY THANKS x INFINITY FOR THE PACKAGE +  CARDS! ahhhh dk i just literally cried reading your letter when you said you wanted to be missionary (: (: (: (: ahhh! mama the stockings are so cute and im so pumped to open them with my companion on christmas day!! (: thank yuo thank you THANK YOUUU (:

3. I DIDN´T GET TRANSFERRED!!! im staying here in my BEAUTIFUL ala carmelo until i finish my mission!! ayayya! but sister lima got transferred - and just moved next door to our room to be in a trio with the other sisters in camaragibe! hahahaha. my new companion (sent a photo!) is SISTER HOLLY BARBER from ENGLAND! sara whitacre please scream of excitement hahaha she is the coolest! she´s currently (as of a year + a half ago) living in AUSTRALIA and we´ve already made plans that we´re going to tour england and austrailia and brasil and the usa together post-mish (: hahhaa (DREAMS DO COME TRUE :)

she´s adorable and will turn 20 next week!!! she loves to sing and has the CUTEST accent int he whole wide world and i´m so pumped to learn with her these last six weeks of my mission! eek eek eek!! (: she´s also the only person in the whole mission from england/australia....i actually dont think theres anyone else in the mission from anywhere NOT america do norte or sul....hahah. i love her (: she´s going to have 6 months on her mission on december 25th so we´ll be celebrating for sure! (:

OKAY. this past week was THE BEST WEEK OF MY MISSION. so many less actives and an awesome investigator at church yesterday, my ward threw me a huge surprise party for myb irthday, i spoke at a RM deveotional yeserday and bnasically i just love missionaries, a member bought a panela de pressao for me (BEST DAY EVER) and we had a mission conference with presidente costa aka president of the brasil area! AH NO TIME TO TYPE but i am so pumped to tell you all allllllllllllll about this skyp e christmas day or whenever i get home haha.

I LOVE MY MISSION. i love being a missionary! i love love love love love this gospel and know its true!



sister kron! (:

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