Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dec 7 email and photos

oh my goodness GRACIOUS there are so many things in my brain lemme just try to let them all out at once - - 

1. HOLY CONGRATS RUTH + DREW + THE WHOLE FAM ON THE TWINNER BOYS!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh i love your ninja turtle babies and can´t wait to meet the little boy buggers whenever they decide to be born once i´m home (; ahhh! i´ll try my best to think of the best brasillian names for them, no worries (;

2. MAMA + DADDY THANKS x INFINITY FOR THE PACKAGE +  CARDS! ahhhh dk i just literally cried reading your letter when you said you wanted to be missionary (: (: (: (: ahhh! mama the stockings are so cute and im so pumped to open them with my companion on christmas day!! (: thank yuo thank you THANK YOUUU (:

3. I DIDN´T GET TRANSFERRED!!! im staying here in my BEAUTIFUL ala carmelo until i finish my mission!! ayayya! but sister lima got transferred - and just moved next door to our room to be in a trio with the other sisters in camaragibe! hahahaha. my new companion (sent a photo!) is SISTER HOLLY BARBER from ENGLAND! sara whitacre please scream of excitement hahaha she is the coolest! she´s currently (as of a year + a half ago) living in AUSTRALIA and we´ve already made plans that we´re going to tour england and austrailia and brasil and the usa together post-mish (: hahhaa (DREAMS DO COME TRUE :)

she´s adorable and will turn 20 next week!!! she loves to sing and has the CUTEST accent int he whole wide world and i´m so pumped to learn with her these last six weeks of my mission! eek eek eek!! (: she´s also the only person in the whole mission from england/australia....i actually dont think theres anyone else in the mission from anywhere NOT america do norte or sul....hahah. i love her (: she´s going to have 6 months on her mission on december 25th so we´ll be celebrating for sure! (:

OKAY. this past week was THE BEST WEEK OF MY MISSION. so many less actives and an awesome investigator at church yesterday, my ward threw me a huge surprise party for myb irthday, i spoke at a RM deveotional yeserday and bnasically i just love missionaries, a member bought a panela de pressao for me (BEST DAY EVER) and we had a mission conference with presidente costa aka president of the brasil area! AH NO TIME TO TYPE but i am so pumped to tell you all allllllllllllll about this skyp e christmas day or whenever i get home haha.

I LOVE MY MISSION. i love being a missionary! i love love love love love this gospel and know its true!



sister kron! (:

Dec 1 email

aka! if you haven´t checked that out yet -  check it out now!

there´s a darling, 2 1/2 minute video about what the REAL meaning of Christmas is - - and that´s the biggest and best thing we´re doing this Christmas as representatives of Jesus Christ - reminding everyone of the true meaning of Christmas! (:

DISCOVER the gift,

EMBRACE the gift,

and #SHARE the gift! with everyone you know! 

Jesus Christ is the best present all of us have ever received. I know it is through and because of Him that we can be saved, that we can live with our families for all is because of HIM that I am such a stinkin´ happy person. (: Share this gift with others - on your Facebook, Instagram, email, etc etc etc. I promise you that there is nothing that brings more joy than sharing this joy with others! (:

Take for example -  recent-convert Junior (: last night he came to a serão in Recife/Centro (which is like a one hour trip there and another hour-ish back) all about family history + temple work. At the end he asked us if we could do an FHE (noite familiar!) with his family this week - - eek! He´s wanting SO much to share this happiness he has with his family -  it´s incredible! He gets it. We all should be more like that. Why should we have any need to be embarrassed because of what we believe or what brings us more happiness than anything else?

This week we´re having a special half-mission conference with Presidente Costa (of the Brazil area) - - we´re all crazy pumped and that´ll be really neat. More to come next week on how that was (:

This week I learned about the importance of dilligence + hard work. I was having a really crazy, rough week. But I tried to just THROW myself into missionary work, reading the Book of Mormon and praying my little heart out. And lo and behold....every scripture I read seemed to talk about dilligence and obedience. About the blessings that follow when we choose the right. That Heavenly Father will ALWAYS hold up his side of the deal.

I know today (since Saturday) more than EVER how true that is. I lost myself. I got to work. And in less than an hour....I felt 1000000% better. I know that anything is possible when we choose to choose the right. It´s not easy (and heaven knows I was so NOT wanting to do just about anything when I was as stressed/frustrated as I was), but Heavenly Father so, totally knows whats best for us and loves us so much. Ask Him for help. TRUST IN HIM and not in yourself. He will help you like He´s picked me up and carried me and helped me time + time again here on my mission and my entire life through.

I love you all TANTOOOOOOOOO! Make good choices and this week share with at least 5 friends personally I promise you you will make a difference in their lives and they will want to learn more about this happiness we have -  remembering the true meaning of Christmas (:

PS tell everyone to check out the main page on december 7th! its goonna be neat (:



November 24 email and photos

the title says it all! aka the real reason i have zero time to type today - - we passed the afternoon at a member´s house and she taught me all about how to cook feijão etc etc etc!!! 

the food in my hands tells it alll - - - i made my first feijão EVER and it was so so stinkin good! (: friends + family rest assurred....come january 2015 you will all eat brazillian food. eek! (:

but because of this....i have zero time to write today. lol sorry!

just rest assured this week was a trying one...we made a contact yesterday with someone who just wouldn´t pray to find out if prophets existed in our days today. that was so frustrating because he kept saying ´´im so sorry...but i just know this can´t possibly exist or be true. i just know it.´´ and i just asked him ´´ what would stop you from just saying a prayer and asking God?´´

and he just didn´t...want to.

that´s the story of this past week. lots of attempts to try to help people to understand...but without the desire. ): moral of the story? if you´re in doubt about something;...just PRAY. ask God! i promise he answers whatever doubts we have!!! (:

PS RUTH AND AUNT CONNIE HAVE AWESOME BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK! and happy turkey day you all + dk and daddy have a great time in NYC!! (:



sister kron! (: