Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oct 27 photos and email

okay okay okay. WOW. i was debating between sending a long email or sending finally a million photos/vids for you guys.... the photos/vids won. haha (:

but first things most importantly i have GOT to give a few congrats to a few people i love! sorry i don´t have time to say more buttttt--

CONGRATS TO RUTH + DREW ON TWINSSSSSS!!! ayaya finally i can tell everyone in the usa! since heaven knows ive already told everyone in brazil hahahah (:

CONGRATS SARA + MIKE HENDERSON ON YOUR WEDDING!! and also Sister Remy (my old companion from várzea!!) who also was married (in the temple! :) this past week!!!

congrats BREALYNNYYYYYYYYY! who got her mission call to JOÃO PESSOA!!! i cannot believe you are entering the mtc the day i am leaving brazil!!! but no worries we´ll be reunited in no time (3 years passes quick right!? :) YOU ARE GOING TO BE THE BEST MISSIONARY EVER!!!!!!

okay okay okay. wow! and a HUGEEEEEEEEEE OBRIGADAAAAAAA to  mama + daddy for the INCREDIBLE package you guys sent!!! i have 583249043 videos you´ll never see til i get home from the mish, but there are SO many people here thanking you guys for the things you sent!! thank you thank you thank you!! (: i got it last week sorry i forgot to mention it! (:

OKAY. basically this week has been INCREDIBLE!! we have been working with him all week long + his family + basically miracles are real and prayers are so, totally answered! (: he was really iffy about being baptized and then we show up saturday night to teach him and he´s like - it was supposed to be today, wasn´t it? and we´re like....what, your baptism? have you been thinking about that all day today? and he just looks at us and is like no....i´ve been thinking about it all WEEK. and then we asked what was stopping him from being baptized and long story short we helped take his fears away that he had and then he marked HIMSELF to be baptized this week (thursday!) !!! ahhh!! (: we are so pumped! it going to bea wesome. (: (: he said the closing prayer and started by saying ´´thank you god for sending these sisters here...and bringing me the best thing that has ever happened to my life´´..

THIS GOSPEL  CHANGES LIVES. i love you all! read your scriptures, be good! say your prayers! (:


sister kron! (:

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