Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oct 22 email

hello, hello, my darling loved ones! (:

basically i just have zero time....its like the more time i have on my mission, the faster time passes at the lan haus! crazy, right?! 

but all in all, this week was INCREDIBLE! junior is progressing SO SO stinkin much and we had a really next experience with him this past week....or really, every single day was a crazy awesome experience with him! (: long story short - he told us he recognizes the spirit and told us he loves when we bear testimony because he feels like our testimonies are ´´exploding from our eyes but it comes out smooth through our words´´.. hahaha it was the cutest thing ever! his WHOLE FAMILY came to church on sunday and we are teaching them tomorrow with bishop!!! looks like the baptism will be next week (fingers crossed im here with transfers on monday!!) but all is well. just keep junior and his family in your prayers! (:

enjoy the video of burraco fundo (bairro dos estados) and promise more to come next week! off to the zoo! (:


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