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Oct 13 email

aka living in the blue skies/heavens....aka the name of our neighborhood where we live...aka I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. this week has been the heavens, heavens, heavens (for real!).

first things first - -

JOÃO VITOR WAS BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!!!! ohhhhh, happiest of happy days!! he is the world´s most adorable 9 year old...and the smile on his face walking out of that baptismal font!? ah! simply the best! (: i´m trying to catch up on sending vids/photos so maybe those photos will come next week...time flies on the computer pday haha. but it was such a special service, love it. sister lima + i sang the primary song ´´i like to look for rainbows, whenever there is rain...!´´´, her in portuguese, me in english, and then we ended in portuguese together. it was beautiful. i love music and i love this gospel and i love the stong spirit that was at that baptismal service! joão vitor has learned and grown so much and his dad (andré) is almost totally re-activated. it took 3 times for the baptism to count, but it counted! and they were both beaming (: now it´s just off to work on the sealing with the parents + family together - ah! families really can be together forever. i just know it!

okay, wow. time flies on the computer! basically we have seen some serious MIRACLES this week - especially with our GOLDEN investigator, junior! he lives in bairro dos estados (aka burraco fundo aka deep hole LOL i´ll have photos next week to explain this) but long story short he´s 15 and when we first got to know him he was just starting to maybe sort of believe in God...aka he was a total athiest before (which is really really hard to find here in brazil - i think i´ve met a total of 3 athiests my whole mission). but long story short, we have been praying and working hard with him and he´s already now reading the Book of Mormon and learning how to pray and he even came to church for the first time ever yesterday!!! it was testimony meeting (aka the best meeting of the month, love it) and was perfect. his biggest issue is that he doesn´t know how to recognize the spirit - so he thinks his prayers aren´t being answered. but lo and behold, the spirit was CRAZY stong at testimony meeting and when i asked him afterwards how he felt he just looked at me and was like ´´senti bem...foi bom...mais ((getting embarrased) senti vontade de chorar...´´

aka i felt good, it was good...but i felt like i wanted to cry.

AH! i was like junior! do you know what that is?? and he´s like no...what? and i´m like junior, that´s the spirit testifying to you that this is true! that it´s all true! he´s opening up and touching your heart to testify that to you!

then came the BIG smile on his face. he was like really?? that´s what that is?

AHHHHHHHH (: (: (: family, friends, everyone. i SO never have enough time to tell you all the incredible things that happen each week. even though there are crazy cultural things that happen each week (presidential elections that didn´t go the way the people in yoru city wanted...finding spiders in your workout tshirt and screaming as a result to wake up your other 5 roommates at 6am...sitting in a lesson and having a chicken fly up and literally sit in your lap and give you the evil eye...having to the the piano player again in the ward because no one in the ward knows how to read music/play piano....etc etc etc)....the spiritual things are even COOLER. and the experiences i know i´ll never forget.

the other experiencse are fun too, don´t get me wrong. but there is honestly NOTHING better than being a part of someone´s conversion process - - literally seeing the baby steps of progression and seeing what it´s like to really learn WHO God is for the first time, feel + recognize the spirit for the FIRST time....etc etc etc. ahhh! there is NOTHING better than this! i wouldn´t trade these experiences for the world!! (: it´s just like it says in alma 29:9 (mission scripture! thanks mama!! :). ESTA é a minha alegria!! (: (: (: (:

ahhhhh. I LOVE YOU ALL! sorry i will never be caught up on sending you vids/photos/telling you all the things that happened each week. but just sit tight and one day i´ll be home and can bore you to death with mission stories all day long! deal?!  (;

individual emails will have to wait til next week. forgive me! lots of things to do (: AMO VOCÊS TANTO TANTO TANNNNNNNNTO! thanks for your prayers and please keep junior in your prayers this week that he continues progressing!! i can´t explain how special he i wish you could meet him. i love being a missionary! (:

ps next week we´re gonna try to go to the zoo for pday which isn´t open mondays so we might be switching our pday to be wednesday or thursday. so if you dont hear from me monday relax, because you´ll get cool brazillian animal photos come wednesday or thursday! (;

PS MAMA, DADDY, RUTH, ANNA, DK, DUSTIN, DREW, ANNABELLE - still waiting on your tshirt sizes! if you want brazillian tshirts, that is. lol. if i don´t hear from you guys by next week i´m assuming you don´t want one! so lemme know asap because they´re cheap in this area and knowing president one knows what´ll happen with transfers the next week. lol. (:

BEIJOSSSSS CHEIROSSSSSS!! (: if you haven´t thanked Heavenly Father lately for all the blessings you have - give that a try tonight. not every prayer needs to be asking Him for things....but every single one you should give Him thanks!! (:

ps a member of our ward said she saw sister lima and i on the journal (aka brazillian news on tv) because we were at the bus station the day the metro was on strike and we got caught on video waiting for our bus - because the bus in front of us was PACKEDDDDDDDdd like sardines with people hahahhaa. we saw them recording but didn´t think they caught us on video, too! anna carrera can be famous in the usa....and sister kron will try to take over the brazillian journal down on this side of the equator (; lol


Sister Kron! (:

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