Monday, November 17, 2014

The most perfect baptism ever!

literally, words cant even describe!

i´m writing out all the details in my journal for all of you....because time does not exist to write and send photos, etc.

but photos say a thousand words (:

read 1 nephi 15: 23-25 this week and stay close to that barra de ferro!!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!! (:


Sister Kron (:

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nov 10 email time for a spiritual checkup!


my goodness gracious, remember than one time how time is just FLYING right on by!?? so nuts. but this week has been just wonderful all the way around! lemme tell you why - - 

JUNIOR IS FIRME TO BE BAPTIZED ON SUNDAY!!!! holy rollercoaster ride of a process, but it´s still a green-light GO and he is so pumped and is telling all his friends on facebook, inviting all his friends + family members...all the youth in our ward are CRAZY pumped....its going to be a baptism to remember!! like they always are, of course. (; but this is just, AH. going to be the best of the best! the first time i can honestly say i´ve seen an investigator go through the conversion the purest way possible. from not believing that God even offering to say prayers and really talking with God just like a son talks with his father....and the cherry on top was yesterday afternoon when we went to teach him and one of his friends, Rodrigo was there. and he invited him to take part in our lesson and then Rodrigo said the closing prayer and was thanking God for his friend (Junior!) helping him learn more and (because my eyes were opened because I was guiding Rodrigo through how to say a prayer) i was able to see the HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE grin come across junior´s face as he watched his friend start along the same path that he´s started on, just under two months ago. ah! this gospel just keeps on giving back. the joy, everything. we are changed by the gospel, then we help others find this felicidade in the gospel, and then they help other people find this felicidade....and its just a huge HAPPY-fest. and i LOVE it! ahhh! i love being a misssionary! (:

on that note - - quick side note. i´m totally stealing sister hirz´s idea and i´m going just to ask one thing for christmas - - i know you guys usually take down all the christmas decorations and tree on january 1st - - - but do you think you could wait to take it down til like....january 24th this next year?? (: i LOVE being home for christmas, but obvi i´m still gonna be here in december, haha. just a thought....! dk can still get the snowman poop this year though, that´s okay with me (;

ALSO. i just have to say please be patient with me in advance because i´ve been trying to speak english this past week or so every once in awhile with american missionaries and it just...doesn´t....come out....very well.. hahahhaa. i´ve literally forgotten words and its actually kind of frustrating to forget your native tongue but when you live with 5 sisters who none of them really speak english...its hard to remember. lol. just be paitent with me come skype time at christmas and especialyl when i get home. i can still write in english but speakings a bit rough. PATIENCE. that´s all i ask! (:

also. i got bit by a cat this week. that was a hilaroius experience i´ll have to tell you about another time.

but somethign really neat! yesterday at church our bishop read a letter that he said would be read in every ward/branch throughout brazil from the area presidency of brazil. basically brazil (especially int he south) is having a LOT of problems with water shortage/lack of water entirely. so the area presidency is inviting all the members in brazil to come together this saturday - sunday in a country-wide fast that Heavenly Father (if it is His will) will open the windows of heaven and give us (brazil) rain to fill up a water reserve that we need. It was really neat andb asically i´m really excited to fast on saturday. we´ve only ever done a mission-wide fast once....and this will be the first time i´ll be taking part in a united effort fast like this. i think it´s really neat and i have a huge testimony of the power of fasting that i´ve definitely had strengthened here on the mission...

i talked with president bigelow today about tithing (getting my temple recommend renewed! can you believe it mama + daddy that it was almost 2 years ago when i got my first recommend!?! time flies so crazy fast!) and it was really neat how he said tithing is a law of faith....just like fasting. it´s really all aboutwhere your heart is. he explained that we can go without eating in a fast for 24 hours...but if we aren´t starting and ending with prayer...if we aren´t thinking about our purpose for fasting during our fast....etc...we´re just going hungry for 24 hours. haha. its the same with tithing - - basically if we´re giving all our talents and time to the Lord, we´re full tithe payers. even if we don´t earn a single dime or pay a single dime in a tithing settlement, we can still be full tithe payers, if our hearts are fully dedicated to the Lord. it´s all about where your heart´s at...

and that´s your food for thought for the week. (: you know how each year you´ve gotta get a physical check up? here´s your spiritual check up for this year if you´ve yet to do one (or even if you have) that i read in my personal study this week - - 

(just pretend these are my words to you) - -

Alma 5 verses 14-16, 19, 26-34, 43-51, 53-54, 57-58, 60, + 62.

(: i love you all. SO stinking much! i hope you never ever EVER forget it. a coupla weeks back when we got new elders in our ward, they bore their testimonies and basically said ´´this is an awesome ward, you guys are really working hard...but there´s still a lot of room for improvement´´.

and these are now my words to you. you are all wonderful. and such fab examples to me in SO many ways. but! there is still SO much room for improvement. figure out what your ´´favorite´´ sins are and get rid of them. humbly seek your Father in Heaven to help you overcome these things. i promise you that if you ask with faith, He will answer and He WILL help you overcome these difficulties! I´ve seen this firsthand in myl ife and the lives of others here on the mission.

i love you. te amo. ao luna + volta! (: please keep making good choices (and repent, and get back on track to making the right decisions) so that we can all be together forever, okay? there´s absolutely nothing at all that i could possibly want more than that.


Sister Kron (:

Nov 3 email

okay but for real...I AM SO STINKIN HAPPY RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE THIS! i love you all, i love all the news i heard from home, i love this gospel, i love that dk is the best example in the whole wide world and was a future missionary for halloween, i love that i have the best earthly parents in existence, i love that i have such loving and wonderful examples for older sisters, i love that junior´s mom gave him permission finally to be baptized (!!) and that he´s going to be going to efy, i love that i belong to the true church of Jesus Christ here on earth today, i love that my family is so strong in the gospel....

I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING TODAY. and most days that i have been a missionary. and i hope the rest of my life is like this. being a missionary you really have the highest highs and lowest lows...but it´s really neat that i´ve realized that everyone (members or non-members) has difficulties. has high points and low points. but for the people that have the gospel in their lives - - it is SO MUCH EASIER to focus on the positives! to recognize that at the end of the day, if you´re trying to choose the right and make good choices and really perseverar até o fim - tudo estará bem contigo! it´s all going to work out! and i´m completely + totally convinced of all of this, especially after the kinda week we had here in Carmelo 2! oh! and i forgot to say last week - transfers came + went and i´m still here in carmelo 2 finishing Sister Lima´s training for another 6 weeks! and for those of you keeping score at home - - i only have ONE more transfer after this one! heaven knows my heart will be ripped out of my chest (again) if i get transferred out of carmelo 2 for the last transfer of my mission...but heaven knows i trust in Presidente Bigelow and I know he´s inspired and whatever happens, happens.

and mostly...I AM GOING TO BE HERE TO SEE JUNIOR GET BAPTIZED ON THE 16TH OF THIS MONTH! and that will be the happiest of happy days!! (: (: ((((((((((:

basically this week has been a ROLLERCOASTER RIDE. how many times have you heard me say that in the past year and 3 months?? haha. but for real! sister lima has been crazy sick and so we spent a good part of our week at the hospital português or having her rest at home. talk about adventures....and talk about how i´m never again going to give our cell phone number out on pass-along cards to people (which usually we do so they can contact us to learn more, so that´s actually pretty normal) - - but the stories as to why on that one will have to wait til post-mish. hahaha (:

but really! sister lima is a whole lot better and really if you can keep her in your prayers this week that´d be fab so she can keep getting better! so we know...WORK. (: 

oh! ps random note. did you guys know that on 23 october i celebrated one year living in BRAZIL!? it was a happy happy day!! and every day since then is still crazy happy, too. (: i love brazil. and sadly i found out that i cant bring anything with seeds in my suitcases home (sad day....), so you guys will have to come to brazil one day to try maracujá, acerola, cajú, cajá, manga, and all kinds of other fruits that don´t exist in the states ):

BUTTTTTT good news?! i found out i can take a panela de pressão home with me!!! AKA I CAN MAKE YOU ALL BRAZILLIAN FEIJÃO!! ahhhhhh talk about best news ever!! i literally die when i can´t eat feijão any given day....i´ll teach you all how to make it, too. you better brace yourselves for lots of brazillian eats when i get home - - i´m learning a ton and basically brazillian foods (healthy foods) > most american foods. LOL. but you´ll love it!! ....i hope! (;

okay! but back to the real news of the week - - JUNIOR! ahhhhhhh!!! friends, family, loved + dear ones - - words cannot ever possibly describe how SO crazy neat this past month + a half has been with junior!! i am keeping track of all the little details here on this side of the world, so i can tell you in full when i get home (: but rest assured, PRAYERS ARE SO TOTALLY ANSWERED and i could TOTALLY feel this past week that it wasn´t just me praying for junior and for everything to work out with his baptism and getting permission from his mom and so many other little details....ah! the power of prayer is totally real!! we had a crazy big FHE at junior´s house monday night (last monday night) because he had told us one of his biggest fears was that he´d get baptized but the youth wouldn´t like him...ummmmm só que não! (: we told this to the youth (and for the record - junior´s crazy because the youth in our ward totally love him!! haha) and they jumped right on the bandwagon saying ´´let´s do an fhe at his house! who can bring cake? who can bring guaraná? who can bring coxinhas?!´´ and it went from there and they planned EVERYTHING and then at the end they looked at sister lima + i and were like ´´oh...are you guys going to come too?´´ LOL. i absolutely LOVE the youth in this ward! they are all so crazy pro-active and inspiring and they really just, LOVE everyone! and want everyone to feel the love that our Savior has for EVERYONE! ahhh! (:

long story short....junior´s getting baptized on the 16th!!! that will be the best of best days!! (: miracles are real....we did his baptismal interview (pre-interview, in front of his mama so she wouldn´t be so afraid as to him knowing what he´d be doing as being a member of the church etc etc etc) and at the end of the interview junior was just, BEAMING, and he just looks at us and is like ´´well...i guess i´m gonna put this away for good´´ (taking his earring out of his ear) and his mom turns around and just is like ´´are you kidding me?? i spend my whole life pleading with you to take that thing out of your ear - - and NOW you´re taking it out?´´

and junior´s, sweet, 100%, honest reply?

´´i didn´t take it out before because you were obrigando (aka forcing) me to take it out. now i´m taking it out....because i want to.´´

((((((((((((((((((((((((((: oh my happiness and joy and just so many other things and feelings i can´t even begin to describe. junior GETS it! he totally gets it! this is not the gospel of forcing people into the baptismal font or obliging anyone to do anything -  - The Gospel of Jesus Christ is about INVITING EVERYONE to come unto Christ....and the simple fact is just like it says in 2 Nephi 33:1 - the Holy Ghost will carry this message of joy TO the heart of the people we teach - it´s just the investigator´s job to open his heart up + let that message in. and lemme tell you....once you´ve let him in, you never, EVER want him to leave. (: because this gospel CHANGES LIVES. literally and in every stinkin way possible.

I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. i love all of you! i know that the Holy Ghost works through a still, small voice.

the second time we were getting ready to go to the hospital, we felt the need to prepare a mochila with clothes to take, in case we would need to spend the night there with sister lima in observação. as we were leaving, i asked if we could say a prayer kneeling before leaving, because i felt like i was forgetting something. as we knelt to pray, i felt so blessed to have the parents i have who raised me always taking the time to be calm and say a prayer together, kneeling in our front room, before going on any big trips. i always always in the past remembered what i had forgotten. and i knew it would be the same here.

just that when we finished our prayer...i realized i had forgotten to grab one thing (a sweater), but i also felt impressed to pick up a  book of mormon and have it in our hands as we went out the door. that was really strange because we already had our hands (and backpack) full - - but i followed that prompting and we went to the bus stop. can you imagine what happened the moment the bus showed up and i walked on?

a voice from the middle of the bus -´´hey sister!! do you have a book of mormon??´´

...prayers are SO answered. Heavenly Father is real. because i followed that prompting (and i couldnt keep myself from smiling as i realized He had answered this young man´s prayer and i testified to him that Heavenly Father KNOWS and loves him!), i ended up talking to this wonderful young man, recently married, not active in the church, not yet sealed to his wife and young daughter...but who had a testimony stilll and had been looking for a book of mormon to give to a friend of his.

we are here on earth to be the answer to other people´s prayers. Heavenly Father generally uses US as answers to the prayers of others. I am a testimony of that. that has happened more times than i can count to me, especially on  my mission.

Heavenly Father KNOWS and LOVES EACH and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. think of someone you know who may not know that and please share that with them today. accompanied with a smile - - nothing is better than that (:

The Church is true...the book is blue...and i absolutely LOVE being a representative of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!! (:

tenham uma ÓTIMA semana, queridos!! (:


Sister Kron (:

Oct 27 photos and email

okay okay okay. WOW. i was debating between sending a long email or sending finally a million photos/vids for you guys.... the photos/vids won. haha (:

but first things most importantly i have GOT to give a few congrats to a few people i love! sorry i don´t have time to say more buttttt--

CONGRATS TO RUTH + DREW ON TWINSSSSSS!!! ayaya finally i can tell everyone in the usa! since heaven knows ive already told everyone in brazil hahahah (:

CONGRATS SARA + MIKE HENDERSON ON YOUR WEDDING!! and also Sister Remy (my old companion from várzea!!) who also was married (in the temple! :) this past week!!!

congrats BREALYNNYYYYYYYYY! who got her mission call to JOÃO PESSOA!!! i cannot believe you are entering the mtc the day i am leaving brazil!!! but no worries we´ll be reunited in no time (3 years passes quick right!? :) YOU ARE GOING TO BE THE BEST MISSIONARY EVER!!!!!!

okay okay okay. wow! and a HUGEEEEEEEEEE OBRIGADAAAAAAA to  mama + daddy for the INCREDIBLE package you guys sent!!! i have 583249043 videos you´ll never see til i get home from the mish, but there are SO many people here thanking you guys for the things you sent!! thank you thank you thank you!! (: i got it last week sorry i forgot to mention it! (:

OKAY. basically this week has been INCREDIBLE!! we have been working with him all week long + his family + basically miracles are real and prayers are so, totally answered! (: he was really iffy about being baptized and then we show up saturday night to teach him and he´s like - it was supposed to be today, wasn´t it? and we´re like....what, your baptism? have you been thinking about that all day today? and he just looks at us and is like no....i´ve been thinking about it all WEEK. and then we asked what was stopping him from being baptized and long story short we helped take his fears away that he had and then he marked HIMSELF to be baptized this week (thursday!) !!! ahhh!! (: we are so pumped! it going to bea wesome. (: (: he said the closing prayer and started by saying ´´thank you god for sending these sisters here...and bringing me the best thing that has ever happened to my life´´..

THIS GOSPEL  CHANGES LIVES. i love you all! read your scriptures, be good! say your prayers! (:


sister kron! (: