Monday, October 6, 2014

Using coca cola for draino?!

at least brazillian coca-cola....basically long story short = this last week we ordered pizza + cocacola....and we had a bit of coke left over afterwards. and our bathroom sink has been CRAZY backed up since i arrived here (not my fault! promise :). and one of the sisters had the idea to put the rest of the coke down the drain....and LO AND BEHOLD OUR DRAIN WORKS PERFECTLY NOW. hahahaa. it must be all the sugar or something the coke has here...but basically we´re all terrified to drink coke ever since this incident. coca-cola = way cheaper than draino, too. fun facts i´ve learned as i´ve been in brazil! (;

OKAY! but how are you all!? I hope your week has been a bit more successful than ours....haha. it was a bit of a rough week. but! you´ve gotta have some rough weeks to be able to recognize the good ones, right? or...something like that. (:

but first! THANKS SO MUCHHHHHHH! to micae + ruth for your packages!!! you are the BESTTTTTTTT of the best and i can´t believe i didn´t mention it earlier! i got your packages this past week and died of happiness. as always, the letters + photos are always always ALWAYS the highlight above all else. so personal + wonderful! awesome excuse to show off how cute my sobrinhos are (niece/nephew) ! (;

man. this week was crazy for sure! basically the latest is as follows:

-vitória was confirmed! and she is by far the most active member of the church in existence, lol! going to seminary regularly, participating in the youth program, cleaning the chapel saturday mornings, going out for hours and hours to help us teach lessons, and she even gave the lesson at our family home evening at her home this past week FROM THE LIAHONA MAGAZINE. wowow. talk about the most powerful 13 (almost 14!) year-old i´ve ever met. she´s such an example and so how i hope my kids will be one day with such a drive + desire to learn more about the gospel and do whats right! (:

-adão left for maranhão (a state wayyyy far north in brazil) on sunday where he will resolve a few things real quick medically + for his wedding (!) and then he should be back by the end of the month with his wife + kids to be MARRIEDDDDDD and shortly after, baptized! (: (: (: it looks like they will be moving into the boundaries of the ward next to ours, which is sad because we won´t get to teach his wife + kids....but we´re crazy happy no matter what, because he´s so pumped to be baptized and we know we at least did our part to help him be a forever family! TOTALLY COMING BACK for the temple sealing! already planning on it! haha (:

-we are working on finding NOVOS...aka os eleitos do Senhor in between our area and the candeias ward (right next door to ours). its been a bit rough....feeling a little like i´m opening an area (SHOUT OUT SISTER HIRZ...i´m sure opening an area is way more difficult but i feel for you! lol! :) because the stake president asked us specifically to work on the area in between the candelária and candeias wards because theres like a big hole where there are no we´re praying + fasting to find the Lord´s elect there! 

funny story about everything falling into place and the Lord totally working in mysterious ways...basically one of the sisters in my apartment had a bit of a panic attack (long story short - hair dye gone wrong and her hair was falling was INSANE lol but all resolved so we can laugh about it now :) the same day i was doing a division with a sister in my area. that sister is super good friends with the sister with the panic attack so she was able to comfort her and help her out in a way me + the other sister didn´t know how. (reasons why the church is true and divisions are inspired #1). then the other sister + i decided to go out on a division real quick to buy some food for this sister to eat and we decided on pizza because every one here loves pizza. this sister suggested a new pizzaria close to our home because itd be cheaper....and we show up and are greeted by a ´´oi, sísteres!´´ and basically long story short this pizzaria is owned by a HUGEEEEEEEE family of lesss-actives/non-members that just moved here to open up this new shop from são paulo and they love the missionaries! a bunch of them served missions and most are married to people who aren´t members but want their spouses/kids to join the church (the church is true reason #2)!  the best part? THEY LIVE LITERALLY A 3 MINUTE WALK FROM THE CHURCH (reasons why the church is true #3). basically, let yourselves be guided by your stomachs and with a good heart wanting to help a friend in need....and you find huge families with their arms wide open to receive the gospel in their lives! 

also...the pizza was incredible. i love pizza in brazil! even if they do always put mayo and ketchup on top. lol (:

okay. gotta run. basically this week was FULLLLLLLLLLLLLL of lots of rain, LOTSSSSSSSS of toads and frogs (OF ALL SHAPES + SIZES....dont even ask hahaha) and I SAW MY FIRST RAT. and i thought i was going to throw up because it was the size of a cat....barf. hahahaha. beautiful candelária is so crazy puddle-filled that i had to carry vitória on my back piggy-back style half the way to a family home evening monday night. that was an adventure. just imagine me in a skirt + my cherry rain boots, wading through a foot-deep puddle of poop water as it is pouring rain with a 13-year old in a skirt on my back. LOL. that´s a great image for you. we were all dying laughing majority of the way. (: just smiles + laughs + thats how we get through the day. the best way to get through any day (:

ah! okay. LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! i have to skip because we´re going to the temple today (!!!!!!) aka why our pday is today instead of monday. next monday is already TRANSFERS (what?!?!?) about fastest transfer of my life! we have no clue what will happen but we´re excited and will accept whatever comes our way! president bigelow likes switching things up a lot so who knows where i´ll be + what i´ll be doing come monday! but i´ll talk to you all then! (:

BEIJOS. ABRAÇOS. and CHEIROSSSS for you all! (; read your scriptures, say your prayers, and don´t forget to count your blessings!


Sister Kron

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