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Sept 29 email

Okay, for real though. I am in PARADISE here in Carmelo 2! Week 2 down, and this was EASILY the best, most productive, most spirtual, most crazy high highs + the lowest of lows I have ever felt in my life in a single week!

WE ARE LOVING IT HERE. (: Sister Lima is the cutest little Brazillian Sister missionary in the whole wide world (and I´m the cutest little American-almost-Brazillian Sister case you were wondering ;). Jokes aside, we are doing WORK here in Carmelo! I love love LOVE this ward! I don´t think I emphasized enough last week the fact that they are wanting to be super involved in lessons with investigators, helping us out with whatever thing we´s literally a sister missionary´s paradise. I have a serious testimony from this week alone of how obedience + a desire to serve really does bring blessings that just FLOW from all four corners of the earth. 

Moral of the story: Ala Carmelo is here to do missionary work. Sister Lima + I are here to do missionary work. And we had a dozen lessons with members this past week, received 30 references (!!!) from members, and had FOUR investigators at church yesterday with desires to be baptized, with two less-active families (couples) who we are helping return to activity to prepare to be sealed in the temple for time + all eternity!!!!! eeeeeeeeeek!!! (: If I´ve said it once, I can say it100000000000000 more times - - ladies + gentlemen - -


I miss you guys. I love you guys. It´s hard being away from home when so many exciting and wonderful things (weddings, babies, playgrounds re-constructing, band competitions, family reunions, etc) happening. But I want you all to know that I am SO SO happy for you all and will be happy to see you all come January 2015...but not a single moment before. (:

I absolutely LOVE this work. I had a moment last night when we were helping out with a baptisms our elders had here in Carmelo, and we had so many youth there helping out and members wanting to help out and I just stopped and thought two things:

1. This has got to be what Zion´s like.
2. My heart is going to break the moment I have to leave. Leave Carmelo, leave Brasil, leave behind and take in my heart all the memories and experiences and everything I´ve had while I´ve been here as a full-time representative of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

That being said - - it´s only week 2 of the transfer! So my heart can stop breaking at the thought of leaving and I´m just learning + living + loving every single stinkin moment. (: Pode deixar (aka no need to worry about me!)!

Here´s the quick run-down:

Our four wonderful investigators that we are focusing on right now:

-João Vitor (9 years old, part-member family, we are working on re-activiating his parents Rosemeire + André and helping them prepare to be sealed!)

-Gean (16 years old and is the nephew of a less-active member, but came to church yesterday and LOVED it and the youth are all over him inviting him to activities + etc! He loved how organized church was and we´re excited to invite him to General Conference this week!)

-Leonardo (22, husband of a less-active member coming back to activity. Already  has a great desire to repent of his sins and be baptized - we just need to focus this week on helping him gain the testimony that this is the only true church that has the authority of God (Priesthood) here on earth today!)

-Iaponira (still working hard to know how to pronounce her name, haha. 40-some years old, has been coming to church for YEARS, but is in a tough spot where she´s separated from her husband but they still live in the same house so that the daughters won´t be´s going to be a hard decision to make but we´re focusing on helping her to pray and seek the Lord´s guidance to see what she needs to do. The fact stands that she needs to live separately from her ex-husband if she wants to be baptized. And she told us last night that she wants SO bad to be baptized, for so long. She came to the elders´ baptism last night and got emotional....we´re praying for her to have strength to do what the Lord tells her to do. Love her so much already. She´s such a fighter).

And the less-active couples are João Vitor´s parents and also Elias and Adriana (coming back 2 weeks in a row now!!! They´ll be sealed before we know it :) and also Edinaldo (who is inactive....but married to the Primary President and she is a ROCK SOLID member. She´s incredible - Claudete. He´ll be´s a process. But he´s coming. Lots of prayers for him.)

OKAY. I love this work. I love these people. I love Brazil!!!!! (: Someone recorded me talking in Portuguese in a lesson and I just about died laughing hearing myself talk in this language. It´s so weird to me that this language is at this point easier for me to communicate in than English. This past week I woke up 2 nights in a row mulitple times during the night because I was talking to members in my sleep in Portuguese....hahahaha. I think it was stress-related because we have SO MUCH WORK to do here in this area....but moral of the story is I love everything about where I am. About what I´m doing. I know this is the most important work - - missionary work! - - that exists.

BE MISSIONARIES. This week is the BEST week (happens twice a year!) because...

WE GET TO HEAR THE WORDS OF A LIVING PROPHET! AHHHHH What greater news is there than this!(question mark - - the question mark key doesn´t work on this keyboard, haha :)

MAKE WATCHING GENERAL CONFERENCE A PRIORITY. You won´t be sorry! How many times a year do we get to hear LIVE a real, live, living PROPHET of God speak to us!(question mark) 

Answer - just twice! aka multiple sessions each conference get the point. (:

here´s the link so you don´t have any excuses - -

(: I love you all so stinking much. Like it says in Jacob 6:12 - Sede sábios. Que mais podeis dizer(question mark).

AKA - Be wise! What can I say more(question mark).

Make good choices. Be missionaries. Invite your friends + family to listen to a prophet´s voice! I promise that as you pray to be guided to know who is ready to receive the good news of this Gospel, you will be led and Heavenly Father will lead you to his sons and daughters that are ´´looking for truth but know not where to find it.´´

Don´t be selfish. And don´t be embarrassed. (: Share this message with everyone!

I LOVE YOU ALL! And my return date is January 20th (aka that´s when I leave here - so I´ll probably arriveJanuary 21st in the early AM or afternoon). So you´re aware!

XOX and tell me in your emails next week your favorite talks from conference! I´ll be watching all sessions for the first time ever in Portuguese - - eek! Wish me luck (:


Sister Kron (:

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