Monday, October 6, 2014

Sept 15 email

aka the first line of ´´I´ll go where you want me to go´´ aka holy surprises in these last 24 hours! I´m not in the alto mar anymore (aka goodbye to zona litoral all along the beach!)!

WHAT? I´m as surprised as you all! I went in to Candelária 1 for just one little transfer...and then we got the call last night that I was going to be transferred...and Sister Rodrigues would stay. What!? Didn´t make it any better that we were at Vitória´s house for a noite familiar (family home evening) and I just started bawling my little eyes out. I LOVE Candelária. I actually thought I´d pass the last part of my mission there, haha. The ward, the companion (don´t even get me started on that one)...! And leaving Vitória was the hardest part. Man. I don´t care how many more times I´ll be moved around - - transfers are NEVER easy. 

But...! All is well and literally all my prayers the past 24 hours have been to help me accept wherever I´d be called to go/what I´d be called to do. And thank goodness we have such an AWESOME President that is so crazy inspired of God...that I know + trust in whatever changes he makes in this mission. Fact.

And then transfer meeting happened. After waking up early, piling our HUGE suitcases onto a tiny ônibus (between me + the other Sister from our house being transferred, we had SEVEN HUGE bags/suitcases....just try to imagine us trying to pile all of that + us onto an ônibus where you need to walk up three stairs and pass through one of those twisty things you pass through when you enter an amusement park or somewhere where they charge admission - - it is SO NOT EASY throwing heavy suicases over that thing. Lemme tell you what.), and arriving at the meeting half an hour late thanks to transito... it went a little like this.

Zone: Camaragibe (aka where I started my mission!)

In Carmelo 1: Elders A and B as zone leaders.
Opening the area, Carmelo 2 as Sister Training Leader.... Sister going to TRAIN.

....WHATTTTT! I probably had a pretty funny look on my face as the APs quickly took the microphone to explain that (1) I would not be living with the zone leaders (LOL thank goodness), and that (2) president has decided to do something different with training this transfer...aka there are only 4 STLs in the whole mission now and we are all going to be STLs by ourselves (each of us in a different zone) and we are all also going to be receiving brand new missionaries to train tomorrow (!).

We´re all really excited to see what happens tomorrow. Basically best news EVER is that SISTER HIRZ IS ALSO TRAINING (!!!!!! CONGRATSSSS! :) and she´s right behind me here at the lan haus and we get to spend the day together here in Recife (going to visit some of my recent converts and members here tonight!! :) and then tomorrow we trainers are having a breakfast + training at President´s house and then -- best part ever -- all us trainers get to go do a session at the TEMPLE together!! Ahhhhh. (: (: (: (: this is the happiest of happiest days!

So...that´s what´s up! Sorry that´s like my journal entry for the past 24 hours haha but basically that´s whats in my brain. I´m training again! And opening an area....aka there were elders there before but they got whitewashed out by me and my new companion who I´ll meet tomororw! There are all kinds of Sisters arriving tomorrow so look forward to a week´s worth of adventures next email as I get my new companion, try taking on a new area (in the INTERIOR!! going back to my first zone in Brazil!! :) and somehow also being a Sister Training Leader (we´re just not doing divisions this transfer).

Okay. Lots of thoughts in my brain. Basically this past week was wild + a half. I so didn´t think I was leaving so we had lots of fun going to the temple (!) and making a ton of contacts and trying to find the truly elect. 

We had some really awesome experiences this past week! But sadly, I don´t have time to tell you all of them ): boo. But just know I love you all SO so much and I will respond to your emails next week (I left my paper at home - sorry! transfers get the best of me haha). We had an absolute MIRACLE yesterday - Tatiana (nonmember mother of a recent convert, emily) came to church and basically told us she´s decided it doesn´t matter what church her husband wants to attend, she wants to attend THIS church because she feels the best in it and knows its true! ah! and other miracles - - a woman in our ward who is raising 3 kids basically all on her own (under the age of 12) had a son who turned 8 this past week - - and we helped her put together his baptism and she asked sister R + i to sing ´´milagres são reais´´ because literally his baptism was a miracle with the problems her ex-husband (nonmember) has been giving her.

There were so many tears and so, SO much joy yesterday. and this past week in general. I LOVE being a missionary and I love seeing these miracles every day! (: Ah.

THERE IS NO BETTER WORK THAN THIS. Help the missionaries in your wards. They are there to help you help your loved ones learn more about the gospel! Take advantage of their help + offer to help them out, too! We can´t do this work without you!! (:

OKAY. I´m off to adventure land. Wish me luck! Next week will be stories and photos galore, I´m sure. (:

Oh! Really quick. I had a terrifying experience this week where I was bit by a dog. Aka long story short, I wasn´t really bit for real or affected by the dog bite because we had been prompted to go back home to change into the dog got a mouth full of rubber as we ran away. I had a mini panic attack with some tears because I was a little (understatement of my life) shaken up, but once we were a safe distance away, I asked Sister R if I could say a prayer of gratitude real quick to calm me down...and as soon as I said the words ´´thank you for all the prayers that are being said in our behalf to keep up safe and protected´´ - - the tears just came pouring out. I love you guys so, SO much and I don´t think you realize I can see and feel your love and prayers. Heavenly Father answers prayers.  Don´t forget it! (: Thank you SO much for your prayers!!


Sister Kron (:

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