Monday, September 1, 2014

Sept 1

wowooww. sometimes i remember people telling me that time flies when you´re on a mission....and i remember thinking they were lying for like, the first half of my mission when each day seemed to creep on by. but looking back now, i cannot believe it´s already SEPTEMBER! time is flying right before my eyes, and Sister Rodrigues + I are trying to work as hard as we can, the best we can, having the most laughs + love + smiles on the way (:

basically i need to start off saying something more important than anything else - - 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAST WEEK TO THE BEST MAMA IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLDDDDDD! (: I hope your birthday + birthday week (+ birthday! :) was/are the best best, ever! (: Thank you for being the world´s most perfect example of what it means to be a true disciple of Christ and for teaching me always always always through word, thought + example what it means to serve, to love, and to follow the Lord. (: more and more each day I realize how grateful + blessed I am to call you my mama! TE AMO x INFINITY! can´t wait to give you two GRANDE birthday hugs + kisses when I get home! (:

+ returning the focus...! (: okay! so this week! literally just flew right by us!

We did divisions with the Sisters in Setúbal this week, and lemme tell you what - - that was probably my favorite division I´ve done so far! I got to go to their area and work with my trainer, my first ´´mom´´ in the field, my favorite chilean companion, Sister Donoso! (: It was incredible, she´s got such a great love for the ward members, for her investigators, for everyone! It was so so great to be working with her for the first time since we were companions way back in Carpina last October! She really taught me so much + continues to teach me through her example. I have such a testimony of just going for things 100% and not looking back - - we made a street contact and just started talking to this man about the Book of Mormon and how it´d change his life. I can´t explain exactly how cool it was, but it was just so great to have a companion that was willing to just stop in the middle of the conversation we two were having in the street and make this contact because the spirit had whispered us to do so. I love the spirit. Let it guide your lives and you will never regret it. Case closed. (:

We had a really funny experience last week that I felt i should share...ever since I got on my mission, I made the goal that I would never ever ignore a prompting, no matter how crazy it was. We were in the middle of this HUGE store (atacado dos presentes) buying things for the sisters in our zone. We asked a worker for help finding something and then i felt inspired to make a contact with him and give him a passalong card. Totally normal. We invited him to come to church and he said the typical ´´ day. we´ll see.´´ and we walked away. simple as that.

...except for the fact that i felt something whipsering to me over and over as we walked away that i should go back. re-invite him to church. just one more time. i kept fighting it (and even told sister rodrigues how i felt) because he´d already expressed how he probably wouldn´t come to chruch. she just looked at me and asked me what i wanted to do....and then in an instant, i just turned back around, ran back up to this man, and explained to him simply: ´´I know we just asked you this, but i felt the need to ask one more time. would you like to come to church with us this sunday?´´. long story short, he looked at me a little funny, (kindly!) refused once more, and we went our separate ways.

did i feel a little weird doing that? yep. did i feel embarrassed after the fact? you bet. but did i feel a whole lot better about the fact that i had followed the prompting i received, for whatever reason i had felt it? one HUNDERED percent. + you know why? God´s ways are higher than our ways. we don´t know sometimes why we feel prompted to do something. maybe it was because he needed one more invite. maybe it was because in doing so, he´d remember the experience and later have a desire to come to church. or maybe it was just to test me, to see if i would follow a prompting i felt. whatever the reason, it doesn´t really matter. because if there´s one thing i´ve learned on my mission (okay, there´s LOTS i´ve learned, but this is a big one) -- it´s that it´s FAR better to live with a little bit of embarrassment than to live with regret of not heeding a prompting. 

sister rodrigues was my light at the end of the tunnel at the end of that experience, thanking me for being the kind of person that would listen to a prompting, no matter how crazy it seemed. and i know that in reality, that´s how Heavenly Father feels, each time we follow a prompting he sends our way. i´ve had way too many experiences that have ended up in literally miracles, just for listening to a little prompting. its not always a picture- perfect ending like most of the stories i´ve shared. and thats what i felt i should share with you guys this week. there´s two sides to each story.

moral of the story? i feel like i´ve said this so many times in my emails home but there´s someone reading this that needs to hear it so here goes... If you feel something, JUST GO FOR IT. I´m a living testimony for you all that it´s really the better of the two options. and the majorty of the´ll be something really special. and the rest of the´ll have experiences like i did last week, haha. just perseverar até o FIM. + you will see the blessings + miracles in your life, i promise you! (: 

okay. time is flying, gotta run. basically we found an AWESOME family last night and are going back to teach them this week - - Felipe + family. pray for them if you can that they accept our message with open hearts! Felipe already has and we are so pumped to teach him + his wife + his two little children about how this gospel really blesses our families more than we can imagine! (:

amo vocês! TANTOOOOOO like, you don´t even know! (:


Sister Kron (:

ps sorry no photos/vids this week. next week for sure! xox (:

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