Friday, August 8, 2014

What a week of joy! June 2 email and photos

oh my goodness gracious I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. did you guys even know!? (:

i have zero time to type (nothing new!) but i have to tell you real fast how incredible this week was!

basically the highlight day (nothing new here either!) was yesterday, SUNDAY. we had so many investigators at church, many of whom we had never met before (!!) that were brought by friends who were visiting from out of town and wanted their friends to learn more about the gospel! talk about best idea ever (:

highlights include the following:

-marcel passing the sacrament for the first time ever!! (:

SEBASTIÃO CAME TO CHURCH!!!! aka the dad we met last week in the electric shop!!! we planned to teach him on friday but things didn´t work out so we stopped by his shop on saturday right as he was about to close - - i called his name and when he came out he was like ´´Sisters! I was about to leave and call you both because i wondered why you didn´t come back!´´

 (: (: (: he is so so great! he was waiting on a client (who never showed up!) but by the end of our lesson he was like ´´God is so client never showed up, but two blessings did. thank you so much sisters! ´´ ah! love him! he came to church on sunday ALL ON HIS OWN and loved every moment! i asked him how he felt and he just told me with a huge smile on his face that he felt like he was there in one big family (: pois é! that´s exactly what it´s like to be in a place where you know you belong!

ah. i want to say so much more but i have no time! we´re going to teach sebastião wednesday and feel he can be ready to be baptized this sunday! so pray for him (: also for marly (who also came to church yesterday!). we just have to help her get her health issues under control and she´ll be baptized before we know it, too (:

basically i just love this gospel, in case you guys weren´t sure (: going to the temple this week actually was probably the highlight of the week, if i´m being totally honest. i learned so so much and i just love knowing my purpose here in this life. I know we are here to learn + grow to become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. Just try your best to become a little more like Him every day, and I promise all of you there is NOTHING that brings more happiness into your life than this!

ps funny note of the week - - we live on the 17th floor of this huge apartment building. sister martins has a fear of elevators since day one. we were waiting on the elevator and i took it as an opportunity to have us practice english - - WE WALKED UP 17 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS. counting EVERY ONE of the 278 steps in english! hahahahah. moral of the story - - if you want to help someone overcome their fear of elevators - TAKE THE STAIRS up a huge apartment building. sister martins already told me she never again wants to take the stairs, she loooooves elevators now. hahaha. (: it was a hilarious 10 minute climb up to the very top floor, but was filled with lots of laughs and counting in english! so thats one way to make english learning fun (;

i love my companion. i love this area. i love love LOVE this gospel and how its changing me + the people i´m helping teach! i LOVE you all so so much! thanks for your love + prayers! (:

scripture of the week - - alma 5:26. its impossible to be sad when you´re singing! (:


PS SISTER HIRZ ARRIVES HERE TOMORROW IN RECIFE!!!!!!!! be ready for a photo of us crying when we finally embrace for the first time seeing each other since michigan way back in october!! (: (: (:

Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron
#thechurchistrue! (:

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