Friday, August 8, 2014

Sister Kron transferred! Aug 4 AND SO MANY PICTURES

Olá, olá to all you that I love! (:

HOPE YOUR WEEK WAS FABULOUS! I can´t think of anything crazy that happened this week....besides hitting my one year mark on the mish on the 31st (?!) and then having the CRAZIEST transfer experience of my life - - Sister Martins + I got the phone call last night at like 7pm that we would BOTH be getting transferred out of Recife!!

...WHAT. so crazy! but kinda normal at the same time, because all week long we both felt like we´d get transferred. It was kinda crazy. I´ve been in this area for 4 transfers (since Carnaval in February!) and this whole entire past week I just felt crazy calm about everything...and yesterday especially in lessons as we finished messages + lessons in each house....I literally felt like a book was closing as we finished each one. Like I had really done all I could do to help these was the weirdest feeling.

AND THEN WE GOT THE PHONE CALL. so crazy! We felt like it was right, went home, packed our lives away, cleaned up the apartment, + even slept a little bit last night, too! (; the craziest part was as soon as we got home, we felt the need to give our area book a look, make sure we wrote out EVERYTHING we needed to to ensure whatever sisters would be coming in next (we already knew there´d be two new sisters coming in the next day!) would know exactly where to take off.

I can´t really explain what it´s like to feel like you´ve given your best and then everything really does...come to an end. But I feel at peace about it. (:

This past week was really crazy like that. We found a LOT of awesome investigators that Sister Martins + I felt have SO much potential to progress...we helped a handful of less-actives come back to church for activities or even sunday services as well...and best of all was Saturday night. When I first got in this ward, everyone told me in lunches and everything that this ward had unity issues. That there was a lot of distinct separation between the members. And everyone noticed it. And after a lot of thoughts, prayers, lessons, and working with the members...I can honestly say I have SUCH a testimony of working with the members and how important that is to help the missionary work progress.

Someday I´ll have more time to tell you all about the insanity that was the actividade de integração this past Saturday...about how the last activity was apparently terrible and this ward didn´t have activities since then (since before I got to this area!) and we worked with our ward mission leader to pull off an awesome ward activity, helping everyone have fun and work together and learn about the gospel together - - and we even had non-members there, too! (: it was SO stressful but worked out in the end and testimony meeting yesterday was the cherry on top with so many members bearing their testimonies about the unity and love and service to one another and commenting on the activity from the night before! AH.

really moral of the story this week is....i am just on cloud nine with how things ended up in recife. I feel like I did what I was sent there to do...and I feel like a big part of that simply was to love the ward members and help them love each other a little bit more. that´s the biggest lesson I learned in recife. it´s so easy to love the people that are easy to love - - and that´s why we gotta learn to have real, Christlike love for everyone around us. AKA learning to love the people who are DIFFICULT to love. because they´re the ones around us that probably need it the most. (:

okay. i´m rambling. sorry i have things i wanted to say written down on a piece of paper that´s somewhere in my monster of a this is it for the week! (:

OH. almost forgot! my new area is CANDELARIA and its RIGHT ON THE BEACH! aka, i´m in HEAVEN! (: (: (: (: (: i can stay close to the shore my entire mission...i wouldn´t mind... (: It´s about an hour bus ride from the centro of the city and it is SO much more relaxed than the center! I love it already (: 

Sister Rodrugies is my new companion - - my third brazillian companion in a row!!! eeeek (: we both squealed when they annouced we´d be companions at transfer meeting  - - I LOVE HER and she was companions with Sister Remy AND Sister Butler before so I´ve already heard so much about her!! (: we live with Sister Branden (Argentina) + Sister Cardoso (Brasillian) and they all three told me after transfer meeting that they all prayed that I´d be transferred to their house! um hello, proof that prayers are answered! hahaha. (: I don´t even really know any of them super well yet but we´ve already had our fair afternoon of adventures piling my suitcases onto a crowded onibus, eating at subway (!), and laughing and joking around in the streets. they all area first or second generation members of the church - just like me! so i´m excited to learn more about them (:

SISTER RODRIGUES. is absolutely HILARIOUS. jokes around all the time. is so so SO stinkin loving and is always laughing and joking around. She´s from São Paulo - interior. São José do Rio Preto. Wherever that is...hahaha (: she says its 6 hours from the capital (São Paulo). She (and the other sisters!) are super pumped to learn to speak english andddd President just changed the mission rules a bit and now we´re allowed to play soccer (FUTEBOL!) on p-days with our district!!! so they all promised they´d teach me how to play soccer, brasillian/argentinian-style. so...i may or may not be awesome at soccer by the next world cup game (;

man. this has been a wild past 24 hours. all I have to say is I know that Heavenly Father knows and loves us and really answers our prayers. It was really hard saying bye to Sister Martins and saying bye to my beloved Recife...but I know everything happens for a reason and that Candelaria is where I need to be right now! eek! (: oh I also got called here as a Sister Training Leader! with Sister Rodruigues as my companion in that, obviously. (: I have no idea what that really consists of yet...but all I know so far is that we have 13 sisters we take care of (5 duplas and one trio), we have a leadership training meeting with all the zone leaders + sister training leaders (STLs) in the mission with president + sister bigelow this thursday...and sister Rodrigues said she´d fill me in on the rest of everything this entails when we get home from emailing. (: so that´s that!

i´m so excited to work in this new area. i love brazil. more and more every day. i love my new companion and her excitement to work! everyone was telling us at transfers that we´ll be such a great companionship, because we both love to laugh and love and smile. (: it´s going to be a wonderful time.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! keep making good choices and i promise next week will be filled with adventures from my first week here! and a lot more organized, at that. (:

ps guess what i found out this week? being happy is a choice we have to make, every day. make that choice and live it to the fullest. you never know who´s day you might make just by sharing with them a smile (: 2 nephi 5:27. its a way of life.

The Church is true, the book is blue. I love this gospel and the chance i have to teach about true happiness in this life + the life to come! ah! if you are thinking about being a missionary, don´t waste your time thinking. just DO IT. i promise you will never regret it! best decision of my life to date. by FAR. (:

(: beijos + abraços! until next week!

oh and sorry no individual emails this week because i left my notes at home ): next week! promise (:

Sister Kron! (:

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