Friday, August 8, 2014

Presidente bigelo! July 7

oh my GRACIOUS i have so stinkin much i wanna say and literally have the worst keyboard in the entire lan haus ahaha. #myluck. but imma try my best to write out what matters most, bear with me. deal? (:

basically this week was the best! we worked our bums off (mostly our legs off...they´re literally sore after this past week of walking and standing most of the time as we made 101 contacts in the past week and not all of them let us in to sit down as we taught them....hahah...feel the burn...!) and we saw the blessings! evandro´s progressing, we met a lot of new investigators, and even met a family that we´re going back to teach next sunday! lots of new faces, and lots of excitement.

one cool contacting experience this week? we´re walking down the street and a bunch of people we pass are just staring at us. like, really obvoiusly. haha. it was a really bleak day and the majority of people were wearing dark tones...and here comes sis M and i walking down the street in bright yellow and purple. after i caught 3 people looking at us in our way to where we were heading, i look at sis M and tell her we´re gonna contact every single person who looks at us first. she agrees + the very next person we see looking at us was Wilker. we made a street contact and started teaching him about baptism and authority and he was all in, 100%! he was mega excited to hear our message and even asked US when church was and when he could see us again. as we left with plans to return later that day (with smiles on our faces for following a prompting and seeing the blesssings that come from doing so :) we go off to teach evandro. not 1 hour later weget a call from wilker, telling us the ride he was waiting for (he was standing on that street corner for 3 hours waiting!! crazy if you ask me) never showed up. he said it had to be because we were meant to meet him at that time, at that place. and he asked if we could come over and teach him that very night! (:

ah, the gospel is so, so true! god works in mysterious ways but when you follow the spirit it all works out okay!

open your mouths, family + friends. spread the gospel with those that the Lord puts in your path. and i promise youwill never regret it! (:

okay! times up. but real quick we met our new mission president this week + his family + they are SO great! our president´s name is rory bigelow and his wife is tammy and their kids are sara, megan, + spencer. president bigelow is a marathoner (!!!!!!!) and incredibly spiritually intelligent! he taught seminary for 22 years before being called as a mission president and i love him so much already. probably because he reminds me so much of daddy, even the way he looks! minus the marathoning....daddy, i know how you feel about that (; but really! he´s incredible. he´s exactly what this mission needs right now. and his family is adorable!!!! his wife is amazing (and doesn´t speak portuguese 100% yet...but shes incredible for trying! :) and the kids are INCREDIBLE. talk about faith to leave your friends + lives behind for 3 years to go to a foreign country! incredible faith! they´re such an example to me (:

the biggest thing he taught us this week was that our job as missionaries isn´t to baptize. its to save. to get people to the TEMPLE. because that´s really the only way they can be saved! apparently world-wide the missionary focus is shifting to retention of converts more than just baptizing. which i love! its a great time to be a missionary (: (: ahh! i love this work! (:

last thing - HUGE shout out + thank you to ruth for doing such an awesome job keeping up my blog! i felt a big push before my mission to make sure i kept a mission blog (re: had someone keeping it up for me while i was gone). and i finally found out why this past week! president bigelows kids came up to me and were like ´´are you the sister that has a blog?? when we found out about our mission call, our dad told us to look online and try to find blogs about the mission - we read ALL about your blog and loved it!!!´´ then the 11 year old, spencer, chimes in and hes like ´´especially about the peanut butter! i LOVE peanut butter! i eat it by the spoonful!`´´hahaha! he´s adorable (: they all are! moral of the story - always follow promptings! even for something as silly as to keep up a blog. you never know who its going to help! (:

OKAY. for real. times really up now hahaha. (: i love you all! cheer on brazil for me tomorrow!!! only tomorrow and then sunday and then the world cups over and life goes back to normal!!! ....just asl ong as brazil brings home a win (: lol. 

BEIJOS + HUGS AND LOVE AND EVERYTHING. i love + pray for you all on the daily! i feel your love + prayers, too! thank you thank you, thank you! (:


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron
#vaiiiiiiBRASIL! (:

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