Thursday, August 7, 2014

May 5: whom The Lord call he qualifies (and not the other way around!)


so pumped to skype you all on sunday for mama´s day! 530pm my time, 430pm your time (in ohio), and 330pm anna´s time (in illinois), yeah? DONE. (:

also gotta take a minute to say - -

I HAVE THE BEST MOST INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS WONDERFUL SPIRTUAL PERFECT MAMA IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLDDDDDDDDDD!!! and i want EVERYONE to know it!! (; happy mama´s day, mama!!! sorry i can´t be there this year but i´m so SO pumped to see you and skype you in just a few days!! (:

ah. so crazy. this week micae´s going HOME!!!! on friday ahhhhh! so wild! sister louriero´s mama is coming out to pick her up - - she gets here on WEDNESDAY. then thursday we are going to the temple, friday we have lunch and dinner planned with members/investigators that wanna meet sis L´s mama (and her sister´s coming out, too!), and saturday is a big relief society activity that we´ve helped put together (REALLY cool, and total surprise for all the mamas in our ward - - im so excited!! and will be thinking of my own mama back home the entire time!! :), and then sunday I SEE YOU ALL!! .......while i see sis L sitting by her mama´s side here in recife the entire week long! hahaha. it´s going to be an adventure. and then monday morning sis L leaves and i´ll be getting a new companion here in my beautiful recife!! so ill be emailing much later in the afternoon next week, you´ve been warned (:

BUT SO THIS PAST WEEK. eeeeek. it was crazy! basically going home from your mission brings a lot of stress (who knew!? lol!) and sis L was sick most of the week as a result of all the rain/temperature changes (from hot to HOTTER to a little cold to HOT and etc etc etc #normal) and stress and anxiety and basically a lot of tears and time spent in our little apartment later - - WE MADE IT THROUGH THE WEEK IN ONE PIECE. but there are 2 other sisters going home with sister L this next week and one got so sick (stress/anxiety) that she literally got such a bad headache, had to stay in the hopsital overnight for exams, and turns out she has a CYST in her head! oh my lanta, micae i SO hope going home has not been so terrible for you lol and i SO am hoping all this is not the norm because its been an insane kinda week. being the only 2 sisters serving in the same area as the assistants/secretaries...we do a LOT of helping out with other sisters that come to this area (i.e to go to the hospital, etc.). so yesterday we went to church, went to lunch, and then i spent the rest of the day in the hospital with the sick sister while sister L did a division with the other sister (to go to their area, shower, pick up clothes for the both of them, etc etc etc). we didnt get home til almost 10pm lol.


basically this was a good week though, despite the difficulties that come. marly (our most promising investigator right now!) is an older woman, has depression (her husband passed away 8 years ago and its still really hard for her), and shes about 60-some years old. she came to church last week (!!) but couldnt yesterday because she has lots of other health problems and spent the night in the hospital, too :/ sad day. but weve already taught EVERYTHING to her and it was so so neat teaching her last week because literally every lesson we taught (commandments, etc.) shes like ´´oh! i already know this is true!´´ or with the word of wisdom shes like ´´coffee? thats so crazy!! ive already been feeling lately that i should give it up but i wasnt sure why! that´ll be easy!`´ (: LOVE. HER. shes adorable!!! extra prayers for her would be awesome. to give her  health and help her to be baptized this week (can be baptized sunday after church!!) or next week for SURE (:

basically the summary of my subject line is that this was kind of a trying week for me. i had a lot of things thrown on my plate that were crazy unexpected, among them being thrown into english class (where usually we team-teach as like 4 missionaries to a class of 20), and i had to be the only teacher to a group of 10 brazillians....without knowing beforehand so i had zero plan whatsoever. and then i get to church sunday morning and after relief socitey (1st hour), one of the elders comes up to me and is like ´´sister kron! what a great day today is!! you get to teach the lesson in gospel principles!!´´   


SO was not ready for that. ahhaha. but my first solo english class (half in english and half in portuguese - my mind is a language-barrier mess right now haha) and then my first solo gospel principles lesson in all portuguese (without having the time to read the lesson the week before - - whoopsie!) all turned out okay in the end. and you know why?

BECAUSE WHEN THE LORD CALLS YOU, HE QUALIFIES YOU. He KNOWS that on our own we can´t do very much at all. but with His help, we can do ANYTHING. seriously! i am living proof of that this week. (: i promise!

i just wanna close with a few of my favorite scriptures this week. i´m reading this incredible book, Drawing on the Powers of Heaven (highly recommend it!!) and in the end theres a BUNCH of awesome scripture references from the Book of Mormon on faith-inspired stories. I´ve been reading Alma 17-36 and loving every moment this week. Favorite scriptures - -

Alma 22:7-8. the most honest and clear description of what it feels like to be a missionary (Aaron) here in the field and have an experience when you have investigators that just latch on and understand the truth of what you´re teaching them, thanks to the  Holy Ghost - - and the incredible joy you feel testifying to them when you realize that they know its true!!! i felt this a lot this week with Marly!! (:

Alma 28:8 and 14. basically sums up what missionary work is on the daily. HARD. WORK. like you wouldn´t believe. but at the end of the day - - and let´s be real, ALL the day long, it is SO worth it. because the joy of seeing people come unto Christ and being changed truly is greater than ANY of the difficulties you pass through. (:

thats about it for time this week! i love you all SO MUCH!!! see you mama´s day!!



Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron
#justkeepswimming (:

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