Thursday, August 7, 2014

May 22 the craziest week of my mission

hellooooooooooooooooo, everyone i love! i hope your week was at least a little less stressful and crazy and unexpected than mine, lol! (:

basically first things first - - 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA BESTIE WHITACREEEEEEEEEE! oh my gosh seriously, STOP GROWING UP WITHOUT ME. its not allowed!! (: but really, hope your day is AMAZING! can´t wait to celebrate Sara(h)^2 style come january 2015! (:

and HAPPY 1 YEAR DEBBIEEEEEEEE aka SISTER SMITH!!! so wild how crazy time flies!!! I remember way back when in mission prep when we opened our mission calls and annouced where we were going! AND LOOK AT US NOW (: i love you so much! way to go sister!! (:

OKAY. so i have 6 minutes to type out what happened this week. lol. basically moral of the story is sorry for the email delay/craziness (thankfully irmã leda keeps you guys posted for me!! even if i have to call her and spell out each english word hahaha she loves it! :) but basically one day when i´m back home, i´ll read to you my journal entries from the past week + a half all about the greves and arrastões (aka police strikes and everyone going crazy and i felt like i was in the movie The Dark Knight when all the crazies come out because the police aren´t able to help the civilians) ....and why we had to stay at home for a few days until things worked themselves out. lol.

MORAL OF THE STORY THOUGH. im okay! im happy! and safe! and we are SUPER well taken-care of in this area. not only our district leaders, sister training leaders, zone leaders were calling us, but also the assistants, secreataries (we share the area with them so they worried about us, too), members from the ward, + etc all called and checked in on us when stuff was going on. and we were found safe at home the entire time (: so no worries!!! i´m very blessed to be serving here. even president called to check in on us and give us some words of advice. i love Presidente Lanius. really he is an inspired man called of God, I have no doubt about that whatsoever!

okay. but trainings going great! my new companion is the ADORABLE, 20 year old Sister Mirian Martins. shes from Rio de Janeiro and is the only active member in her family. her only sibling, a younger sister, is inactive but was baptized about the same time as her, 5 years back. her parents are receiving the missionary discussions as we speak and went to church for the first time ever two weeks ago!!! we´re praying for them to get baptized here in a bit (: (: (: basically in more ways than one, Sister Martins and i could not be more different. but we get along crazy well and both LOVE to talk hahaha. and share the gospel! so it all works out well. (: im so pumped to serve with her!!

photos = saying bye to sister L ): / my new sister martins! (: / and our zone!

okay gotta jet. i don´t know if we´re going to the temple next week (we couldn´t this week because of the greve) but if you don´t hear from me on monday, rest assurred its because we´re going to the temple and i´ll email next wednesday!! (:

ps real alma 18:32. God knows us better than anyone else. i learned a LOT about that this week. its the truth! (:

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! beijos! (:



Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron
#sistermissionaryforlife (:

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