Thursday, August 7, 2014

May 12 email

helllllllllllllllOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooOOOoooo my favorite people in the whole wide universe! (:

so yes, rumors are true - - little Sister Kron is going to be flying solo training in beautiful RECIFE!! ayayaaaaaaa!!! (: (: (: the craziest part of all of this is that there are four of us sisters training - - including sister butler (old companion from v├írzea!!) and sister mccleve (served in michigan waiting for her visa AND her brother was in my MTC district and i LOVE her!!) ANNNNNNND - - all three of them are spending the night with me in my little baby apartment tonight!! 


hahaha its going to be interesting. especially because sister louriero isn´t leaving until wednesday so SHE is also spending the night in our little aparment. note - OUR APARTMENT BARELY FIT SISTER L + I. and now its gotta hold 5 sisters. hahaha. we only have 4 mattresses (our 2 beds and then 2 for sisters who spend the night) and elder fleming (AP) told me tonight him + his companion would drop off another cusion for us for sister L...he just looked at me and was like ´´sister kron...if i hear about any crazy parties going on in that apartment tonight....!!!´´

 (: all jokes, of course. its nice to feel trusted by President and it´ll be nice to  hang out with some of my favorite sisters and get ready to train. itll just be crazy in my apartment the next 24 hours or so. ha.

so basically we have pday today, the new missionaries get here tomorrow, and then after lunch we meet up with the new missionaries and each take one of them back to our apartment (i´ll take one back to my apartment with one other dupla) and the other two will go to another area. then wednesday we have a big meeting with all the new missionaries and thats when Presidente decides for real who we will be matched up with as permanent trainees/new companions. whoop whoop! so you guys won´t know til next monday who my new comp is, but rest assurred she´ll be great (: I just know it!!! eek!

OKAY. first things first (as always!) - - HAPPY LATE MAMA´S DAY, MAMA!! I know I already said this last week, and yesterday via SKYPE (!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO great to see all of you!!! :), but I realized I was so out of it I forgot to say it again before getting off the computer!! I hope you know how much i LOVE you so so SO much!!! It was lovely seeing your beautiful face yesterday and I hope you enjoyed your Bob Evan´s cookies and your entire wonderful day! (:

okaaaaaaaay. wow. so this past week was crazy! I already told you guys a lot of what happened via skype (!!)....but basically, it was a lot of saying goodbye´s for Sister L - - a few family home evenings in houses of members/investigators/etc because they wanted to make food for Sister L and send her off right (: she was an INCREDIBLE companion, and really taught me so crazy much!! I`m so grateful for having the chance to be her companion!!

Basically we didn´t teach much this past week. But we got to go to the temple (!!!!!) which was lovely. Even if we took the wrong bus to get there and ended up in the wrong session, oops! But what´s important is that we got there and it was wonderful (: and the best part - - my zone is up to go to the temple again in just 2 weeks!!! So that´ll be wonderful to get to go again in such a short period of time (:

Basically my time is crazy short today, and the reason you guys won´t get really personalized emails today is because with all the commotion of going from transfers and then taking all the sisters that are training to my apartment and then to lunch + etc...i left my paper at home of emails to respond to ): sorry!! But next week will be emails galore filled with all the new adventures that lie in store in the coming week (: (: (:

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Thank you for your love + testimonies last night. You mean so much to me, I mean it. Like I said, mission life is SO not easy. But it´s worth it, 100% of the time, every day. Every moment. I love, love, LOVE you all!! (:


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron (:

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