Friday, August 8, 2014

June 30 email

helloooooooo, hello, darling family + friends! (:

oh my gracious, the world cup here is NO. JOKE. i hope you enjoy the vids (i dunno if ruth posts those on the blog, but at least a few of you will get the chance to see them hahaha) but literally, the ENTIRE CITY here in the center of recife shuts down during the games...and the ENTIRE CITY screams + shouts with each goal or each win (or each goal for the other team...but those screams and shouts are scary hahaha). its wild! good news is that i´m still alive because brasil won against chile (sad because i´m half chilean...but really obviously happy because if brasil had lost i´ve heard its basically death for all americans....much less one who is half-chilean HAH i wish i was joking...hahahaha).

BUT ANYWHO. what a crazy, crazy week this was!! i don´t even know where to begin. lemme just give you a quick breakdown before time´s up!

-presidente + sister lanius went home this week! that was crazy. and president bigelow + his family got here friday (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). i already talked with Presidente Bigelow on the phone and i can just feel the love he has for us already! he´s so so great. we have a mission-wide three-day conference this week (we´re going on thursday!) to meet him and his family (he has 3 kids he brought along! 18, 14, and 11!). SO PUMPED (:

this past week was basically a joke for missionary work, whoops. hahah. we had transfers/brasil game on monday (aka - we stayed inside all day). tuesday was são joão (aka crazy partying - we stayed inside almost all day). and then sister martins was sick wednesday. aka inside almost all day. and then thursday after lunch one of the assistants calls me and tells me president asked us to do an emergency division with another dupla of sisters in casa forte (the area of the temple) to help them out. so i was in casa forte with sister souza (i was in the same house in carpina with her at the start of my mission and i love her! :) from thursday until saturday. and then saturday was another brasil game....aka inside almost all day. lol. it was a wild week!

but moral of the story is evandro didn´t come to church yesterday ): so he can´t be baptized this week...but he still can on sunday if he comes to church! we were teaching him (admist the craziness) this past week and he is progressing like crazy! we just gotta get him to church and ready for baptism! (:

fatima didn´t come to church :/ eesh. but we´re working with her daughters (victorias been to church 3 times in a row now, sozinha! aka by herself with the help of a less-active thats fellowshipping them) and hoping she´ll come this week!

sister m with sister roig (sister from casa forte who came here for the division) taught jani and andré and apparently the lesson went MEGA well! they should be coming to church this coming week (: eek!

we are saying some serious prayers for all these people to come to church sunday! i think thats the biggest thing i learned in between visits and lesson and studies this past week - the importance of the sabbath day and keeping it holy. many people we teach struggle with this commandment - that its too hard to be at church for 3 hours each sunday or its impossible not to go shopping or the beach or the movies etc etc etc. but i realized this week its the same as any other commandment - it doesn´t matter if its hard. it doesn´t matter if you simply don´t want to obey. the fact stands - it is a commandment from God that He has asked us to obey. and, likewise, as it says in 1 Nephi 3:7 - the Lord doesn´t give us commandments without providing a way for us to accomplish them!

i so know this is true! i have been feeling like a lot has been put on my plate in this past week but i can tell you honestly, when we put our trust 100% in the Lord (and stop trying to do everything all on our own!), He will ALWAYS provide a way. just need to be seeking to do His will. and not our own. better yet when we try to make HIS will our own (and not try to convince Him that our way is the best way. um - its not! God knows more than we do! i promise haha :)

ah. time´s up! but i love you all x infinity and hope you have an AWESOME 4th of july! won´t be a baptismal date for anyone in our ward, but it will be the day that brazil plays  - - aka, i´ll be thinking of you all as i spend another day inside, recording sister martins and i doing our own commentary on the screams and shouts of the people of recife during the game (; hahaha. LOVE YOU AMERICA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK. (: enjoy all the fireworks + hot dogs for me, will ya?!

ah. also! the elders called and said i got a package from you (mama + daddy!). sorry anna i don´t think yours has shown up yet - LOL. it will someday! i have faith! (: but thank you thank you so much! we´re off to go pick it up now (:

LOVE YOU ALL. beijos beijos + more! (: cheer on brasil for me this thursday (and go USA tomorrow!!) so that the people of recife stay happy + receptive to our soul-saving message! (;


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron
#Godblessamerica (:

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