Friday, August 8, 2014

June 23 never felt so good to be so wrong

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO, meus queridos familiares e amigos! (: I hope your week was stellar!

first things first, i neglected to say last week the world´s most importante thing ever - -

HAPPY DADDY´S DAY TO THE BEST DADDY IN THE WHOLE, WIDE WORLD!!! I love you so, SO much and i want the whole world to know! (: I´m so crazy grateful for all your love, support, e-mails, + insights (+ spiritual thoughts!) my entire mission through this point + my life entirely. you are the BEST daddy a girl could ever ask for! (: i love, love, LOVE you and am so honored to be carrying the Kron Family name on my nametag next to Christ´s name, just like you did a coupla years back (; hope your daddy´s day was the best!! (:

OKAY. so the subject line. long story short - - today was transfers. AKA i cannot stand serving in the same Ward as the assistants to presidente and secretaries because they have known about transfers since saturday....and every time we saw them they were joking with us about transfers and just about gave me a heart attack because by last night at 6pm i could have sworn i was getting transferred....but good News is i was SO WRONG and sister Martins + i are staying together another beautiful 6 weeks in the center of recife!!! (((((((((((((: LIFE IS SO SO GREAT. I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER! entering my 4th transfer here in this BEAUTIFUL, blessed city! eek! (:

and why, do you ask, is it so beautiful and blessed!? welllllllll..basically this past week was full of sister m + i trying our HARDEST (setting goals + working our little bums off to accomplish them!) to find people to teach, to work with the members and the elders and other leadership in our Ward, and we saw some serious miracles! our group de ensino is mega huge and mega powerful right now! we´re seeing such progress and it is so refreshing to really see (after lots of hard work) your efforts be realized in the form of people wanting to progress! (:

we´re working especially with three groups of people right now to give you the down low:

1. Evandro. was a reference from rênya (less-active member from our Ward). he is AWESOME, single dad, and is so so progressing! came to english class saturday, church yesterday, and hes marked to be baptized july 4th! aka dia de independência do pecado (and for the USA ;). we´re teaching him today at 2pm - prayers for him to keep him Strong and accepting our teachings would be awesome! hes a 40-year old wonderful man. he´s fab (:

2. Jani (mom) + André (16 year old son). was a reference from the elders who work in the área above ours...and they went knocking doors in our área because they didnt realize it wasn´t theirs. oops (: haha. but they are incredible and love leraning about the gospel. Jani we taught on saturday and she told us she had Always heard about the side of Christ´s suffering on the cross, but never about the Atonement in the Garden of Gethsemane. shes LOVING what we´re teaching and when she prayed at the end of the lesson, she thanked God fort he chance to learn more about the truth and about Christ. She told us she has NEVER prayed in front of ANYONE, not even her husband or son!!! but she loved our visit and is mega excited to visit church (hopefully next week!) and learn more (:

3. ´Fatima and her daughters Isabelle and Victoria. More about them nextweek (: because times up lol. but pray they can make it to church this sunday without any problems!!! they are incredible! (:

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh i LOVE love LOVE being a missionary in these later days! nothing brings more happiness than this! (:

Read Alma 5: 15-19. where do you stand on the questions for judgement day? Do you have a clean conscience and a broken heart? if not, what do you need to change today to make yourself more like Christ? Sister Martins and I did this last week and have been seeing MIRACLES the more we have been trying to follow Christ´s example this past week. The power of prayer and a sincere desire to do the Lord´s will is SO completely real!!! don´t forget it! (:

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Amo vocês!!!! Have an ótima semana!! (:


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron!
#sismishforlife (:

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