Friday, August 8, 2014

June 17 the World Cup starts in Recife

hello hello familyyyyyyy + friends! (:

oh my gracious! what a crazy week this was! lemme give you the highlights real quick (:

first things first, THE WORLD CUP IS CRAZY HERE. like, EVERYONE has the day off (its like a national holiday, literally) when brazil plays....EVERYYYYYYYONE cheers + screams each time brasil scores a goal, its madness. and its the world cup. (: haha.

also. cool news. saw recent convert junior (he came to our english class here in recife!!) just to tell me the best news ever - the day of his 17th birthday HE STARTED HIS MISSION PAPERS!!!!!!!!! and he got his patriarchal blessing last saturday!! ahhhh. to see the progress of converts. theres nothing like it!! (:

basically this week was crazy. one day on divisions in my beloved VÁRZEA with my beloved SISTER MOORE who was in the mtc with me!! it was so, SO great to go bak and see people from the ward and hang out in my old area with one of my best friends in the mission (: life is so, so great. just that i spent that day away from my area, and then the day of the world cup we all had stay inside...and then two other days this week we were running errands/helping out with the bishopric/relief society president visining less actives and helping out with the ward.

basically i just want to say i have a testimony so so crazy strong of the importance of not leaving anyone behind. of caring for each, individual soul. we went to go visit a recent convert (of the elders) who hadn´t come to church...and we come to find out she didn´t come because she had to move all her stuff from one house to a new house. she´s a single mom of two...and her life is far from easy. we walked in and the moment we sat down to talk, tears just filled her eyes. she could hardly keep from crying the entire time we were there. she just kept saying she was so grateful we stopped by, because no one had stopped by and she couldn´t get a hold of anyone (she had tried calling bishop and the rs president but the calls didn´t go through) and just looking in her eyes, you could tell she needed help. asap.

i can´t explain a lot of things that happen on the mission.  a lot of times i´ve seen myself literally just think of someone and feel the need to pass by and visit them. this happened with conceição, this single mama of two. so many times we don´t know why we think something or feel something...but its like President Monson, the prophet says - there´s nothing sweeter than following through on a prompting, only to find that it was the answer to someone else´s prayers.

FOLLOW PROMPTINGS, FAMILY. each + every one. let yourself be guided + directed by the sweet + simple promptings of the Holy Ghost + there´s nothing that brings more joy than running an errand for the Lord. I promise you this!!

2 Nephi 2:26. Don´t wait for someone to tell you what to do. BE AN AGENT UNTO YOURSELF. act, don´t wait to be acted upon! do many good things of your own free will. Dilligence. Obedience. These are key (:

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! next week is transfer day on monday + another brasil game - - so i dont know if ill email until tuesday next week but we´ll see. LOVE YOU ALL! Beijos + abraços! and cheer on the USA for me!! (;


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron
#teamUSA (:

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