Friday, August 8, 2014

July 28 working till we drop!

Helloooooo, my dearly beloveds! (: I hope your DK birthday week was the best week EVER for all of you! (;

and also - - a HUUUUUUGE shout-out to Anna because I FINALLY got your package, 4 months + 1 day later!!! and the homemade chocolate chip cookies inside were still edible and actually de-LICIOUS! I have no idea WHAT crazy kinda recipe you must have used to make them last four months....through the correios...but whatever kinda black magic macumba it was, THANK YOU SO MUCH! and Sis M + all the elders in the mission office (+ mostly my tummy :) THANK YOU! (: xoxoxoxo!

Today for p-day an Irmã in our ward is teaching us how to make coxinhas! So everyone get pumped - - I know exactly what will be the first thing I teach you all how to make Brazillian-style! (;

Okay. So this week! Basically it was a rollercoaster ride of lessons falling through, investigators not wanting to progress...not being found at home...etc. But! God is great and loves us and we were so, totally guided to find literally TONS of less-actives in the streets and in their homes as we walked by! Like, they would call out to us. Or just come up to us. And tell us their life stories. Man. We said so many prayers and read so many scriptures and my all-time favorite from this week had to be Alma7:11-13. Jesus Christ really knows and loves us so, SO much. He sufferred as He did so that He would know how to help us, how to support us through the difficult times. TRUST IN HIM. I promise you, He knows you. He understands you. Even when you think no one else does!

Okay, wow time´s already up?! Time flies. Basically recap of this week = Evandro dropped US....he told us he doesn´t believe in God, doesn´t want to be baptized, was confusing friendship with religion and really just liked all us missionaries/members as friends... ): eesh. Fransisca we didn´t find at her home all week, even though she told us she was so excited to come back to church...and on and on.

But! Guess what? I have the best little brother in the whole, wide world who just turned 16 this week. And he gave me the best advice ever at the end of his email last week that I´ve really taken to heart in this past week, after he had a rough week of his own - - 

´´I just ignore the things I don´t enjoy so I´m still enjoying myself a ton!´´

Couldn´t be more true. (: Yesterday at church we learned about counting our blessings - - when was the last time you all counted yours? I promise you the blessings ALWAYS always always out-weigh the difficulties we pass through! 

It´s all about attitude. Wake up each day. Choose to be happy. Choose to smile. Choose to lose yourself and help someone else in need. I promise you all that if you trust in Jesus Christ and the power of his incredible Atoning sacrifice, everything we pass through really does seem just a small little moment.

PS fun fact - you know how in the Book of Mormon it always says ´´And it came to pass...´´? That has so much more meaning than we realize. It means that all the difficulties these people passed, all the difficulties we pass through, are just that - - they come. and then they PASS. Every day is a new day. And every day will pass. But we can choose to have it pass with a frown on our face or a smile. 

Like President Uchtdorf said last conference, before you ask for a rainbow, learn to give thanks for the rain (:

Sorry I´m just rambling this week (: I just love you all so much! We have an awesome investigator couple, Junior and Lu, that came to the first hour of church yesterday. They´re wonderful and live right next door to the church! We´re focusing on them this week and helping them to progress and learn more - - and stay the full 3 hours of church next week (: and thats the marvelous silver lining this week.

Ah. I love being a missionary. I LOVE Portuguese and Brazil and I just want to stay here forever. I feel like I´ve been speaking this language my whole life. I just want to bring you all here with me and my life would be complete. (:

Oh! Before I forget. Next week is transfers! So who knows if I´ll be emailing next Monday or not - - because if I get transferred, I might get transferred into an area that´s going to the temple next week, so I might not end up emailing until Wednesday. So just hold tight. And you´ll hear from me by Wednesday, okay? (:

Love you all! Read your scriptures. Be good. Be happy. And don´t forget to be thankful, too! (: 

PS Read Moroni 7. It´s a good chapter to read to remind you what we should seek after, every day. (:


Sister Kron (:

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