Friday, August 8, 2014

July 21 dia del senhor....?

Hi family! I hope you´re all doing fabulously and enjoying this week because most important than anything else this week...

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE LITTLE BROTHER IN THE WHOLE, WIDE WORLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, DK! (: ah! I hope your birthday is the absolute BEST and that all the videos I sent you went through, haha. (: SUPER SIXTEENNNNNNNNNN ah! Just no dating or driving til I get home, deal?! (; LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU DINUL KONE. (: have the best, BEST birthday ever! We´ll celebrate our own way when i get home, deal!? Rain check (:

okay, HELLO! (: this week was crazy awsesome! to explain the title though...basically everyone and their dog has a sliiiiiiiiiiiight difficulty getting to church on Sundays....any advice on this would be helpful. Haha. Sister Martins and I walked from 8am-almost10am trying to contact all the less-actives and investigators that said they wanted a wake-up call to come to church....and the only ones that came were the kids (Isabella + Victoria) and FRANSISCA! oh, bless her heart. Just that she only made it about 100 steps and then had to sit down because her knees stopped functionining normally....


NO WORRIES THOUGH. We called the elders and they talked with one of the young men in the ward and he drove over and picked Fran up and took her to church. (: haha. and she loved it! wheeeeeee. (: Even when no one else that we looked for came to least she did. She´s a hoot and a half and is loving every time we teach the middle of relief society she pulled me close and started saying ´´AH, MINHA QUERIDA AMERICANA TÃO BONITA´´, SUPER loudly in the middle of the lesson. hahahahha. She loves us. And we love her. She kisses every photo we give/show her of Jesus and she really is just, DARLING. pray for her to keep up the good work and progressing! She´s really fab! (:

Evandro didn´t come to church....long story short, we gotta teach that Dia do Senhor = no working on the Sabbath. Whoopsie. Haha so we´re gonna focus on that this week! He´s still reading the Book of Mormon and loves talking with all us missionaries (and members!). So praying for him this week that he´ll feel good about a baptismal date...sooner than the 4th of october (: haha.

okay! last little thing this week = basically i just love personal study time. i have to go but this morning i read 2 nephi 31-33 in portuguese outloud...and i was brought to tears as i read nephi´s words, especially in chapter 33, verse 3. he loves us so much. these prophets that wrote the book of mormon love us, SO MUCH. before they even knew us! take the time to read this precious book, friends + family. it was so totally written for our day.

i love you all so much! be good. make good choices. and spoil dk for his 16th birthday,because i can´t this year, deal?! (;


Sister Kron (:

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