Friday, August 8, 2014

July 14 after Brazil loses, it's a Lose- lose situation

but for real....when you lost 1-7 against germany and then you have a life-long hatred of the country argentina and those are the two teams playing against each other in YOUR COUNTRY for the world cup one wants either team to win. hahahaha. it was a rough week for brazil. #yikes

but in all reality, it was still a great week for missionary work! just not for us two here in recife...haha. lemme explain why real quick.

between last (last) friday and this past wednesday, we had a total of about 1/4 of the sister missionaries in this mission (note: there are about 55 sisters in our do the math) passing in our little baby apartment to spend the night/morning/afternoon/etc. it was a wild time. and my poor companion sister martins gets a weeeeeee bit stressed out when its more than just us two in our little apartment...and after all the sisters left on wednesday (and we were about to have ANOTHER division with the sister training leaders, lol!) she pulled me aside and told me about some health problems she´d been dealing with but didn´t wanna say in front of the whole wide world in the past weekend.

): poor thing! so after talking with a doctor in our ward....and a dentist in our ward (we are seriously blessed with a rockstar ward ALWAYS ready + willing to help us out!)....we ended up being sent straight home for her to recuperate, without being able to work so we could resolve the health issues that came up. poor thing. ): but we got them all worked out and this next week will be super awesome for missionary work! (: but really, if you wanna pray for my companion....i´m not opposed to that (:

okay! so since we didn´t work that much this week, this gives me the opporunity to brag about how awesome my companion is! (: she is the best! here´s the run down on sister mirian oliveira moysés martins!

-she LOVES cocacola. and smiley french fries (aka those from bob evans! i told her to visit me post mission and i´d buy her a BUNCH :) hahah. literallly thought, everything potato, she ADORES. so we eat lots of mashed potatoes + french fries at lunches with the members. ahah. i love our ward (:

-shes from rio de janeiro! and the oldest of two daughters. shes 20!

-shes been a member of the church for 5 years, baptized at 15 years of age, july 12, 2009! hence the celebration (via photos :) we had on saturday!

-shes learning english! and loving it (:

-she has one younger sister. who is 18 and was baptized but is inactive...for awhile now. her parents aren´t members of the church, and weren´t took crazy about her coming on a mission. but her first sunday in the mtc (sister martins), she found out her parents went to church for the first time ever!!!! they had been receving the missionary discussions and were progressing a bit...but it looks like theyve been avoiding the missoinaries since a coupla weeks back ): but sister martins has some crazy faith. and we feel they will be baptized while shes on her mission! 

i love my companion. shes incredible. her faith - - especially being the ONLY member in her family - - is incredible. shes here for all the right reasons. and is such a fighter. has SUCH an incredible testimony. and has had so many life experiences i am so amazed and humbled by. we couldn´t be more different...or more alike. its wild. i´ll tell you more about her someday (: or ask away if you have questions!

as for the missionary work though, we did manage to teach a few lessons, mostly with evandro!  he came to church for the 3rd time yesterday (!!!) and we tried to mark him with a baptismal date, but he´s not totally sure yet. we´re praying for him to gain a testimony because his biggest fear is he´ll be baptized and then leave the church for one reason or another...and he says when he´s in, he wants to be in, 100%. he´s so great. keeping all the commandments and all other things we teach him about. he LOVES the book of mormon and is studying it regularly. he just needs to get an answer for himself this church is the only true church on earth and he´ll be golden! (:

ah. so that was mostly our week (: last night we had a special meeting with the surrounding stakes in pernambuco/recife (#blessingsfrombeingintherecifeward....i love serving in the city for lots of reasons but i hope i get called back to the interior before the end of my mission! #fingerscrossed :) for all the members to meet president bigelow + his family. it was an INCREDIBLE meeting. i was blown away by the fact that...okay. testimony moment. here we go.

 friends + family, the gift of tongues is 100% REAL. i remember my first week here in brazil (and weeks...and weeks...and weeks later, lol) where everyone was talking and i was just staring into space/wanting to cry/getting so frustrated/wanting to return back to my mission in michigan because i could not understand a WORD coming out of the mouths of the people i was teaching. and everyone just told me ´óh in 3 months you´ll be able to talk!´´ ´´oh in 6 months you´ll be able to understand!´´ and i just got more frustrated because i knew i would be wasting SO MUCH of the Lord´s time if i really was gonna wait around 6 months before i could teach the way i wanted to teach...really helping these wonderful people here in brazil and teaching them in their language. understanding THEIR problems. to the present time. and i can´t remember NOT understanding portuguese. i can´t pin-point the moment that portuguese became way easier to understand for me...but i was sitting there in that meeting and found it hilarious that the hardest thing for me to understand for me the entire meeting wasn´t the person directing the meeting....wasn´t the prayers...wasn´t the general authorities (the area presidency of brazil/4 apostles from the quorum of the 70) who were speaking....but it was when my mission president was up there, speaking in his portuañol (half portuguese/half spanish). and i was sitting there amazed at how much i really have grown in portuguese. i LOVE this language. i LOVE this culture. every day i love my mission more and more and i never want it to end.

my mission president is a man inspired + called of God. he started learning portuguese back in december when he found out he was getting called to brazil. and hes only been in brazil 2 weeks and he´s even almost fluent. the gift of tongues is REAL. God really does qualify who he calls. I am a living testimony of that. My mission president is a living testimony of that. AND SISTER HIRZ IF YOU ARE READING THIS, YOU ARE A TESTIMONY OF THAT, TOO. (:

i am so inspired by the way my mission is changing me and the lives of the people i teach. i love this gospel! Scripture of the week for you all - John 5:30. even Christ in this scripture says plain and simply - we can do NOTHING on our own. not even He could do the things He did  - without God´s help.

Reach out to God. Your Heavenly Father. Ask Him for help and I promise you He will help you. He can make our weaknesses strengths. He is changing me into the daughter of God I have ALWAYS wanted to become. You just have to ask and be willing to do what HE wants you to do....not the other way around.

I can´t say it enough. God´s way really is the best way. reeeeeeeeeeeally! i promise! just give up and let Him take the lead! I promise you won´t regret the person you´ll become (:

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! sorry i didn´t have time for individual emails this week but i´ll write you guys all first next week, promise promise! (:


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron
#iamachildofGod (:

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