Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aug 25: life of a missionary=so Alegria!

ahhhhhhhh! hello, hello! (: you guys don´t even know how completely + totally wonderful this past week was! lemme tell you what! (:

first things first - -

VITÓRIA WAS BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!!!!! and it was perfect in every single way. like, LITERALLY. never have i been part of a baptism that everything just fell into place so perfectly! 

basically we went from in the beginning of the week planning on her + her uncle (adão) being baptized together...everything working out great....to then halfway through the week finding out that adão didn´t get married legally (just in the catholic church - its complicated but we´re already working on getting him married legally now and he´s still super pumped for baptism! :)....and that vitória couldn´t get baptized as a result (because she´s too young to be baptized sozinha) (aka alone).

okay. lemme tell you what. when we found out they wouldnt be able to be baptized...literally, like, BROKE vitória´s heart. i can´t even explain it. she was so, SO sad. but....!!!!! MIRACLES ARE REAL and this is how perfect the rest of the week was:

-called president. explained the situation. he gave her the big OK to be baptized this sunday (!!!!!) since part of her family are members and etc etc etc (so many details and confusion i won´t even try to explain here)

-ran over to tell her the news. she freaked out. so happy! (: started planning the baptism (this was friday afternoon. she was to be baptized sunday. LOL. it was a little fast.)

-planned everything. EVERYTHING went off perfectly. like, even the night of her baptismal interview, we had forgotten to invite someone to be at the church building with us (another man - - so the elders could enter the building. mission rules). we were literally waking on the SIDE OF THE CHURCH BUILDING when the elders called and we told them we forgot to invite a man to be present...when WHO RIDES BY ON A BICYCLE RIGHT BY US?? ADÃO!!!!! literally could not have been a more perfect answer to prayers that hadn´t even been said yet. we invited him in and got to teach him while vitória was being interviewed and literally..EVERYTHING fell right into place! (:

okay, i don´t think i can really describe all the things that went into place in the past week that literally just made it PERFECT for vitória´s baptism to happen. just so many experiences like this, without us feeling like we had to break our backs to make the baptism happen. it was just a huge testimony builder for me that when we´re doing the right things....Heavenly Father just opens up the way. He makes miracles happen in our lives and blesses us beyond our comprehension (LITERALLY) because He loves us and wants to help us! 

Vitória is SUCH an incredible example to me already. to all of us. She is only 13 (14 in november! :) but she is already doing all she can to keep the standards of modesty (even though she told us she´d have to modify most of her wardrobe - - she said so herself she wants to and is willing!! :), to integrate herself with the youth in the ward (already made so many friends), and okay the cherry on top....basically our ward is awesome and always having activities at the church - - including sunday afternoons, ANYONE can go and do family history (they have a family history center in our chapel). um, guess what vitória was doing from 3pm-7pm last night? WORKING ON HER FAMILY HISTORY. wowowowow. she walks out and we happened to stop by the church building as she was leaving and she just looked at us with a smile and said ´´wow! i just spent the last 4 hours doing family history in there!´´. (: (: (: SHE GETS IT. she gets whats important and what matters most!! ahhh!

okay. so don´t have time to tell you guys all the little details, but hey. let´s take the Book of Mormon´s advice - the advice of all our ancestors, past prophets, people who know + love us this week.: Be like the little children. claro, Vitória isn´t a little child (shes way taller than all the kids her age ;), she´s a 13 year old young woman. but she´s an example. of truth + righteousness. she gets it. she knows who she is and what she stands for. and better yet...SHE´S the one taking the lead and trying to find out truth for herself. she´s not waiting around for us (missionaries) or others (members) to tell her whats right and whats wrong. She ASKS questions. She FINDS answers. And then she CHANGES her lifestyle...(which is SO not easy, i don´t care what age you are) to be more like our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Let´s be a little more pro-active this week. Work out our own salvation. Be a little better. Stretch a little taller. Smile a little more. Be a little less selfish. A little more giving. Study the scriptures with more ´´real intent´´. Really try to be better...little by little, each and every day.

This isn´t the gospel of perfect people It´s the gospel of learning how we can become more and more perfect in Christ. Ohhhhh wait a second, I think there´s a perfect scripture that sums this up that might even be the theme for the youth this year (at least here in Recife) -- Moroni 10:32.

32 Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and if ye shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness, and love God with all your might, mind and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you, that by his grace ye may be perfectin Christ; and if by the grace of God ye are perfect in Christ, ye can in nowise deny the power of God.

It´s that easy. Make that decision. Be better today than you were yesterday. And WORK to be better tomorrow than you are today.

I love you all SOOOOOO stinkin much! BEIJOS. ABRAÇOS. AMO VOCÊSSSSS! (:

xoxo! até a próxima! (:

Sister Kron! (:

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