Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aug 18 is it august already?

WOW. holy how time is just flyin right on by! how are you all you doing?? did you guys know its august already - - and that its also almost already SEPTEMBER!? wowowowow! these past two weeks have just literally FLOWN right by us - - Sister Rod + I are convinced - time really does fly when you´re having fun! and thats what we´re doing on the daily (: preachin, teaching, and having a blast while we do it! (:

this week we had divisions for the first time! WOW. can i just tell you how much i love divisions? and how they are so crazy inspired? we went to candeias (which is only like a 15 minute walk from our area - LOL. we didn´t have money to travel super far so we decided to start close until we received more money ;) and i stayed there for two days - doing a division with Sister McCleve one day, and Sister Roig the next. while their companions went to our area with Sister Rod.

LONG STORY SHORT - goals are important. The Church is true. We marked baptisms (!) and found people willing to accept the gospel in their lives and everyone had a great time.

I LOVE THE SISTERS IN MY MISSION. this is the happiest thing ever to be a sister training leader because im getting the opportunity to learn about and learn from each and every one of them, in such a wonderful way. i love them so so much!! ahh! the church is TRUE, ladies + gents! i promise you that! (:

and speaking of the church being true..


okay okay okay. i haven´t even told you guys about them yet. LOL. but we have been working with them since my first week here. and they are so, SO special!!! (: adão (aka adam) is a 40-something year old man, who we met because his sister (with whom he lives with - - and she is the mother of vitória) is an inactive member but she wants to come back to church! and bring the whollllllllllllllllle un-baptized (yet!) family along with her!! (: vitória is ADORABLE and 13 and is already so involved with the youth in the ward and so so willing to do what she needs to do to be baptized!

ah! ONE DAY I WILL HAVE TIME TO SAY EVERYTHING I WANT TO YOU GUYS. and that will be the best because the story about the two of them is incredible. we were focusing more on adão but we taught them together on saturday and i felt the spirit so strong literally whisper to me ´´ask vitória (who we hadn´t taught before this day) if she wants to come to church with adão tomorrow´´. and i waited and waited because sister R was teaching at the time...but i kept feeling this crazy strongly. so clearly. and then finally sister R finished teaching, and paused for just one moment and before i could even open my mouth, vitória looks at me and whispers, ´´can i come to church tomorrow, too?´´


ah! they both came to church, dressed in their sunday best (totally modest + everything! which is a rare case on peoples first visit to church here in pernambuco, lol :) and they loved the classes, loved it all! ah! we talked to them about baptism last night and the word of wisdom (they just need to say goodbye to coffee - - but they said they´re willing!! prayers for help would be awesome!! :) and filled out their baptismal forms! we were there with the whole family - - some members, some in active, some not quite members yet. but it was incredible working with all of them together to fill out the baptismal forms for the two of them. everyone helping out. the spirit so strong. and it just solidified my testimony of the fact that this gospel is SO the gospel of FAMILIES. this is how its meant to be! (: everyone together, loving each other, and helping each other to make it back to our Heavenly Father´s presence. this is what its all about!!

ps i gave a talk yesterday on missionary work (and so did sister R!) and basically my new favorite thing is talking about missionary work. go figure,. right? (:

also - - i taught sister R ´´families can be together forever´´ in english. which just solidified my love for families and how when we find families to teach, Heavenly Father SO blesses us + helps us to help them accept this wonderful gospel of happiness! (: 

FAMILIES. that´s what its all about!

SO. my beautiful family. imma leave you today with the invite i left my ward here yesterday in my talk - be member missionaries! its as easy as setting up an FHE to watch a church film (the lamb of god or finding faith in christ are GREAT ones! :) and inviting a non-member or better yet, non-member FAMILY :) to watch - - and invite the missionaries in your ward, too! then at the end of the film, just let the missinoaries take the lead, and set up a time to meet with the family/person another day! ITS SO EASY. and you can even make popcorn or brownies or something and make it a fun-gospel-filled night to remember! (:

I PROMISE ALL OF YOU. because technically, you´re ALL a part of my family :) that if you really have the desire to share the gospel with those around you, Heavenly Father WILL guide + direct you to share this happy message with the people in your group of friends/family who are ready to hear it! Just ask for His help + guidance + then FOLLOW the promptings you receive!

there really is nothing better than following a prompting + then later finding out that it was the answer to someone else´s prayer... (: just saying!

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. i love being a missionary. i love, love, LOVE it! eek (: be missionaries! its the best calling we ALL have! (:


Sister Kron (:

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