Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aug 11 a week in the llama

for the record...lama does not = the llama (animal). lama in português = MUD. and holy cannoli next week i´ll have some great footage for you guys of me walking through mud up to my knees....thats all this area is!!! hahaha. at least when it rains....which it is supposed to do all week long here. LOVE IT (:

okay! but hello! hi! Olá olá olááááááá!! (: I hope you all had a fabulous week!

DK AND DADDY - rock it out at band camp this week! I´ll be thinking of you guys working hard and sweating your eyeballs out....while I do the very same thing here on the other side of the equator! (; can´t wait to hear how it goes!

so! this week was awesome. (: I am in Candelária 1, which is the Candelária Ward, but is actually in the city of Candeias. And it is in the LITORAL = the area by the beach!!! our entire zone is ZONA LITORAL (everytime i tried to type ´´zona´´ just now all i could type was ´´zion´´...no coincidence! it really is heaven here! :) aka ZONE WITH THE ENTIRE AREA BORDERING THE BEACH. its heaven! ah! theres lots and lots of mud...and potholes (like, america doesn´t know potholes until its seen the streets here in my area. hahaha. i´ll take photos next week :)

but! I LOVE IT HERE. (: its so, SO much quieter than the big city/centro in recife, rains a ton, and is actually a bit chilly at nights/when it rains! the ward is FABULOUS, everyone was trying to say hi and welcome me to the ward yesterday and at lunches this past week! this ward is so ready to be missionary-focused and do work! eek! so excited to be here (:

also, have i mentioned how much i LOVE my companion?! sister R and i were best amigas before this life...we´ve already come to that conclusion. just suffice it to say we both said a lot of prayers about the kinda companion we both wanted as our next companion here in the mission...and we BOTH got EXACTLY what we wanted in each other!! its the worlds most perfect companionship, ever!! prayers are answered, everyone! Heavenly Father SO knows us + loves us + wants to help us as much as He can! let´s just hope we both have the same luck when we´re looking for companions post-mish too right? (; kiiiiiidding. okay, mission-focus again! (:

really quick funny portguese moment for the week - - 

since i got called as sister training leader with sister R, we´ve been calling the 15 sisters we take care of all week long. every time we call, we always ask if we´re interrupting anything, you know, to be polite. 
please note the following: 

1. the word for ´´to interrupt´´ is ´´atrapalhar´´
2. the word for ´´to run over (i.e. to be hit by a car)´´ is ´´atropelar´´

...suffice it to say i don´t speak portuguese yet and may or may not have actually asked all but one set of sisters if we were running them over (?!). WHOOPS. gotta work on my language still, hahahaa. every day is something new. be thou humble...right? (:

really cool things we started this week - a 40 day fast! basically its a purification fast, where you fast for 24-hours and pray for heavenly father to show you your weaknesses - and all day long you keep track of two lists - list of things you SHOULDNT do and list of things you SHOULD be doing. when the spirit prompts you, you write it down. then you end your fast and start the 40-day ´´fast´´ from all the things you put on your list that you SHOULDNT be doing. and pray for help and strength to do the things you SHOULD. as a missionary, its super easy to get distracted from this important calling we have. so sister R and i heard about this from another set of sisters and are super excited to do it! we started our fast yesterday and man oh man...i´ve got a lot to improve on.

but! the best part is that this gospel is the gospel of improvements. (: heavenly father knows and loves us and wants us to have success in our lives! that´s why i´m so grateful for the opportunity to work with Sister R. shes helping me be a better missionary, better teacher, better leader, and all-around better daughter of God. 

I LOVE THIS MISSION. i love it so so much! (:

real quick to finish up - - we had training with President Bigelow last week and it was AMAZING. long story short -  read Joshua 7. ALL of Israel was punished because of ONE´´accursed´´ thing in the midst of them! think about what are the things in your life that are causing you to be living unrighteously. what are the little ´´áccursed things´´ we can (and should!) cast out of our lives, so we can receive the blessings Heavenly Father has in store for us? Joshua 7:13 sums it up perfectly. we can´t have the help we so desperately need on the daily from our Heavenly Father if we aren´t living worthy to receive it! 

´´Sanctify yourselves against the morrow.´´ Because you don´t know - - no one does! - - when Jesus Christ will come again.

But! I know He lives. I know He loves us. I know that this is the BEST thing I could possibly be doing with my 23-year-old life. teaching everyone i meet about my Savior, my Redeemer, Jesus, the living Christ! (:

I LOVE YOU ALL X INFINITO! make good choices and be the best person you can be! all it takes is a little self-inventory + refining, little by little, day by day! ask your Heavenly Father for help in honest, sincere prayer - i PROMISE He will always be there to help you out! I can feel Him by my side on the daily! whispering to me words in portuguese i still don´t know, lifting up my bag when my shoulders are sore, inspiring us to knock on just the right doors and ring the right numbers on apartment building call buttons when we left our planners at home and can´t quite remember....HE IS ALWAYS WITH US. always! just do whats right and He´ll be there! (:

xoxox! até mais meus queridos! (:

Sister Kron! (:

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