Thursday, August 7, 2014

April 28 easily the most Amazing and stressful weekend of my life!

..........AND MISSION. hahaha obviously. but it´s all good and the Church is SO TRUE and basically moral of the story is GABI AND MARCEL ARE NOW OFFICIALLY BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS! (: (: (: :D :D :D :D ayayaya!!

oh my holy hannah montana words cannot describe my happiness!!! especially after finding a few other things out from this week so first real quick a few things i have GOT TO say - - 

HOLY CONGRATULATIONS SARA WHITACRE AND MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AKA THE SOON TO BE MR. + MRS. HENDERSON!!!!!!! oh my gosh oh my gosh i was DYING when i read sara´s email!!! congrats on your engagement you two ahh!!! can´t wait for the wedding!!! (: (: (: (: (: (: wheeeeeeeee!! and happy graduation to you BOTH this sunday!!! wheeeeeee! (:

also...CONGRATS SISTER HIRZ ON GETTING YOUR VISA!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH finally come join me here in brasil, tudo bem!? (: (: (: so so happy for you! i hope you cry tons of tears of happiness and get so excited to arrive here so so soon!!! june 2nd won´t come soon enough!!!!! (:

okay okay....and of course HAPPY ANNIVERSARY RUTH + DREW!!! ayayaya! oh my gosh life is just so happy with so many good things to be said about the people i love across the world!! ayayaya!!!

to add to the exciting dates - - -

I HIT SIX MONTHS IN BRAZIL ON THE 23RD! holy moley. i love this language and its hilarious that i remember at the beginning of my mission if i would get frustrated with the language i would just pray in english to regain my sanity....but now even if i try to pray in english (trying to teach sister L), my brain automatically reverts to portuguese because its way the heck easier for my brain to speak in portuguese than english now!! ayayayayaaaa! so thats hilarious (:

i will hit MY HALFWAY MARK (9 months!) on may 1st!!! aka this week!!! because the 31st of april doesn´t exist (; hahah. i found out that the way transfers work, my last transfer ends on january 19th, 2015. so i´ll be on a plane comin home to see all of youon january 20th, 2015! aka less than 9 months already! WHAT. but i tell you this now because i am not going to focus on going home until the moment from now until am on that plane (: but just so you know the date to countdown to (;

ALSO just realized bff micae hit her 1/2way mark when i was just starting my mission! and now that i´m at my 1/2way mark...SHES GOING HOME. AHHHHHHHH. best of luck bff micae!!! this is the last email of mine you´ll see in the field - weird!! GOOD LUCK WORK HARD TIL THE END SOLIDER (:

okay okay okay. wow. and of course, saving the best for last - - 


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! basically life is so great and i am so happy and love you all SO much! so happy to hear such great things are happening around the world, and rest assurred life is so, SO wonderful here in recife!!! this week i learned so stinkin much about enduring to the end....having patience....and having SO MUCH FAITH. because in between breaking a tooth (gabi) and wanting to reschedule baptisms and people showing up late to and baptismal clothes ripping in all the wrong places and zippers breaking and so many other things going terribly, terribly wrong.... the Church is STILL true and miracles are real and i feel so so SO happy that i had the chance to help bring Marcel and Gabi come back to the fold (: (: they are incredible!!! especially seeing marcel´s progress from day one (first day of my first transfer here in recife, the 24th of feburary) until now...WOW. he is a changed man, literally! its INCREDIBLE to see the change this gospel brings into people´s lives!

i don´t have much extra time today but i hope you all know how much i LOVE you and KNOW this is the Lord´s ONLY true church here on the earth today! I know that He LOVES us and wants us to succeed. I know that baptism is the first step we all need to take to return back to our Heavenly Father´s presence. ah! the church is so so true!! (:

man oh man oh man. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. i love all of you!!! choose to choose the right. always. and if you have faith, literallly you can make ANYTHING happen! promise! (:



for mama´s day!! 5:30pm my time should work just fine!! we still haven´t been offerred a house to skype in, but that should work! plan on it! (: i´ll only have 45 minutes (thats the mission rule) but it´ll be a fab 45 minutes! (;

xoxoxox de novo! (:

Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron!
#happiestofhappydays (: (: (:

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