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April 14 the week of the bottomless stomach


okay okay, first things first. TOTALLY DIED seeing all the photos as of late (thanks to daddy, anna, + ruth´s blog)!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH. looks like annabelly´s birthday was a hoot! i´ll be there for assurred!! (:

also...RUTH YOUR HAIR!!:!:jflds?/fdsajkldas is that a real dye!?!? oh my barbie you are SO ADORABLE. you guys are all so cute. and since when does daniel not have braces and is starting to look like a real man!? ALL OF YOU STOP GROWING UP TIL I GET BACK. I CAN´T HANDLE THIS. at least annabelle is trying to help me out by not growing any hair until i get back (: LOL just kidding!!! but really. she is the CUTEST little 1-year-old ever!!!! ahhhhh love you guys so much! (:

and on a related note....


WE GET TO SKYPE AGAIN (already!??!)!!! wheeeee!! (: dia 11 de maio it´s going down! so you guys work within yourselves to find out when works best for all of you!! i have church here from 9am-12pm my time + we always have lunch after (not getting home usually til about 3pm). so anytime after 3pm my time works for me!! just lemme know!! (: wheeeeeeeeee!!!

okay okay okay. ALWAYS WAY TOO MUCH TO SAY. so i´ll try to be quick (:

first things first - MAMA + DADDY THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGES!!! all my elders were just dying of jealousy when i got the first one monday because it was so stinkin heavy - - and then they call again that the other arrived friday and they were like ´´SERIOUSLY sister kron!? another one?!´´

moral of the story - everyone´s jealous that you guys are the best family in the whole wide world (: and they also all LOVE YOU because i´m sharing the candy you sent (; haha. thanks again for everything!! including the pirhanas - the first i have yet to see here in brazil (; ha!

man oh man. okay, funny/brazillian things first. then i´ll get to the best part at the end (:

-here in brazil (i think i mentioned this once, but i wanted to again) there are a MILLION different modes of transportation. all of which i´ve used with the exception of one, the MOTO (motorcycle). others are onibus (public bus system), metro (subway), comvee (huge old school 17-passenger van), taxi, cars, bikes, and, of course THE MOTORCYCLE. kyle bishop you would be in HEAVEN here, lol!  but the reason i mention this is because of two things:

-sister l and i were walking down the street and i see this ADORABLE, super skinny adorable little red + white bike, that looks JUST like my fixed gear bike back at home being ridden past us on our right. i say to sister L ´´sister L this is just like my bike back home!!´´ to which she pauses for a minute and looks on our left side and says ´´look sister kron!!! this one is JUST like my little bike back home!!!´´ - - while pointing to this MONSTER MOTORCYCLE parked on that side of the road. LOL. she loves and misses her motorcycle back home. we are so different but get along so great (: ahaha.

-i definitely had a nightmare a few nights back where i was told by the mision president i´d be the missionary starting the use of motorcycles for prostelying in our mission. i just about died of fear because not only have i always been terrified of motorcycles - this moto that i was given was about 5x my size and traffic here is SO scary and also it had someting attached to the side of it so i had to ride it at exactly a 45-degree angle. i´m not even sure how it was possible but all i remember in my dream was sister louriero shouting at me and me just blindly gliding along the streets of recife, half-falling off of this monster motorcycle in a dress and just wanting to cry. LOL. 

....BUT NO WORRIES. i dont think that will happen anytime soon. lol!

-you really can´t waste food here. like, in the states. you go to a restaurant. you dont finish all the food you order. so you pack it up + take it home or you just leav eit on the table. no biggie. UM. YOU CAN´T DO THAT HERE. lol. i learned this lesson way back in carpina when we went to a self-service - all you can eat buffett for R$10. so you stack up your plate, and eat it up, only passing by the buffett one time. america, you can pick and choose what you want to eat and go back and try other things. but here - - NOPE. i was sick that day so didnt eat everything on my plate, didnt think it was a big deal. and then came to find out that here in brazil, if you dont finish your food at a restaurant, you can´t just take it home + you have to PAY THEM R$5.00 because you´re wasting their food. oh my gosh. i about died. and now, i always eat EVERYTHING on my plate. lol.

-also, back in carpina we went out to eat with our bishop and i ate chicken hearts. and it is probably the craziest thing i have eaten on my mission. and i was not a fan. lol. also, charque is pretty gross haha....which they LOVE here and cook with the feijão to flavor it which is grand because i love feijão (the beans)....but the charque plain is like the appearance of bacon, but the taste of just raw, pig meat that is crazy chewy and just...i can´t even describe it. lol. but those are the only two things here that i can´t stomach. also algums frutos i can´t really eat (goiaba, graviola, caju, manga) because who knows why but my stomach cant handle them either, sad day. but the majority of things i eat and i LOVE (: so no worries!

okkkkkkkkkkkay. back to reality!

THIS WEEK WAS SO LEGIT. moral of the story of the week is that prayers are SO answered and SO real because..........

MARCEL IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (((((((((((((((: yayayyayayayayaya i could NOT be happier!!!!!!! literally, since the day i met him my first day here...i remember it was a brief encounter at the end of the night of working + i just told him he needed to learn about this gospel because it´d really bless his life. he reluctantly agreed...and its been a crazy rollercoaster the past 2 months but oh my goodness his life has taken a COMPLETE 360 and he was at church yesterday and this whole past week was just eating up each lesson we taught him and ahhh!! its just such a happy feeling to be a part of this (: (: (: (: he´s crazy pumped for friday so heads up on the photo overload for the next week! (:

also...we´re in lesson yesterday with the assistants (elders) and that hilarious moment when there are people in this house we´ve never met, so we ask this young man ´´whats your name?´´ and he simply replies ´´Elder.´´

.....we LOST IT laughing for a good like, half a minute. when do you ever meet someone besides the missionaries with the fisrt name of elder?! hahah. maybe you just had to be there.... #missionaryhumor

but really. we were in the middle of this awesome, awesome lesson. spirit so strong. but elder patriota´s phone keeps ringing, and he keeps ignoring it. finally the lesson ends and he doesnt recognize the number, but he calls it back and within a few moments hes saying ´´seriously?? okay, we´ll stop by tonight at 7:30!!!´´ and gets off the phone with this huge grin on his face. guess who it was...!!!?

none other than GABI´S GRANDMA CALLING TO SAY SHE DECIDED TO GIVE GABI PERMISSION TO BE BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh oh my triple goodness we all were ESTATIC! (: eeeek!!! we have been praying and praying for SO long for her grandma to let her be baptized - - and prayers really are answered!!!! we went over there to fill out her baptismal forms and if the stars align just right, she´ll be baptized before youth conference, this thursday night!! (: if not she´ll be baptized first thing next week (: eeeeeeek!!!

MAN OH MAN. so many other great things happened this week. mostly just the fact that (subject line) - - sister L was sick and i had to eat in just about every house we visited, because people always always ALWAYS give us food. but she couldn´t stomach anything. so as soon as the dona of the casa (mother of the house?) went into the kitchen or left the room, we switched cups or she handed me the cookies or cake or whatever in her hand so i could eat it so the dona wouldn´t be offended. lol. i just about died this week but i know people just give us food to thank us for being there and for teaching them (: and i said about 4382910 prayers during the week, that i´d grow another stomach or at least be able to eat everything we received at each lesson. worked! probably didnt help that one day sis L and i had planned on fasting but she didnt feel well so she didnt fast...and i started my fast anyway, only to find that i was dying of thirst in the hot, hot sun (because i drank all the soda sis L poured for herself at lunch, and didn´t drink any water) i ended my fast early. and that day was the day i literally thought i was going to explode with all the food people gave us. LOL. never break a fast prematurely, lesson learned! (;

but seriously. even if i end up gaining 10 lbs in just one week. SO WORTH IT because sister L is feeling worlds better + we may be helping 2 of God´s children come back to the fold this week via baptism!!!!!!! ayayaaaaaaaaa! (:

okay. i love you guys so much. i LOVE love LOVE this gospel, and i know it´s a gospel of miracles! Mosiah 27:14 really speaks the truth and basically sums up all my thoughts from this past week. the Lord will ALWAYS answer our prayers. We just have to do our part and live righteously and His children WILL come back, they WILL accept His message, the way WILL be prepared for them to come back unto Him. To all of you who have friends, family members, and other loved ones or people you know who have left the church or who are doing things they shouldn´t be doing - - I just have one thing to say:

DON´T GIVE UP ON THEM. Don´t lost faith in them. Keep praying for them and do YOUR part, living righteously and being a good example. They WILL come back. I promise you!! I have seen this in my mission SO many times. I felt since the moment I met Marcel that he would come around. And it has SO not been an easy process. But I have always been praying for him, even as weeks went by without even hearing from or about him from his family. and now....AHHHHHH. my joy literally is BEYOND full of happiness seeing his progress!

PRAYERS ARE REAL, FAMILY. The Church is TRUE! I love this Gospel with all my heart, might, mind, + strength! ayayaaaaaaaa (: (: (: (:

have an amazing week! i love you all so so so much!!! 


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron!
#nevereverstoppraying (:

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