Tuesday, July 29, 2014

March 31- come listen to a prophets voice

ohhhhhhhhh my gosh oh my gosh! did you guys know?! GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEK AYAYAAAAAAA i have never been so excited for a week of spiritual uplifting and words from the inspired leaders of the Lord!!!  ayayayaaaaaaaa I hope you all make a special effort to attend or at least watch the sessions of conference this weekend. you can watch them on lds.org LIVE, you lucky ducks!!! and just think of me struggling to listen to them in Portuguese live at the same time...i´ll just pray the translators speak slowly (;

but seriously! mama + daddy i´ll be praying you travel safely to + from utah this weekend for conference!!! have an amazing time!! (:

ah! so. this week was a little difficult, to say the least. way the heck better than last week (aka we had more than just 2 lessons, lol). but it was rough because we had a lot of investigators that were really progressing....fall. aka - they don´t want to keep committments or come to church or do anything to progress in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. :( boo. its something i dont think anyone ever understands until they´re a missionary....not only the disappointment but the legitimate sadness you feel for these people when they don´t do the simple things (read scriptures, pray, go to church, etc) to bring themselves closer to God. it´s heartbreaking. but....makes it 1000000000x happier when you help people progress that truly want to come closer unto Christ!!! so there´s the silver lining (:

...and we´re praying for more of the silver lining this next week. lol (:

but real quick, brazillian notes from the week - - 

-i bought a sport jersey for $3. thrifting. when usually they are upwards of $50-$100. #winning!

-everyone here loves hearing our message. everyoneeeeeeee says (when we make contacts) ´´of course you can share a message!´´ ´´God is one God, right??´´ ´´the word of God is ALWAYS welcome!´´ but....sister loureiro and i discovered this week that its really more that people are afraid to turn down a representative of Jesus Christ. hahaha. double aka - we get a LOT of first lessons (because people think something bad will happen to them if they refuse us the first time around), but they are all too quick to say they aren´t interested in learning more, because they´ve already got their own religion and are already saved etc etc etc. well....the elect of the Lord are here in Recife, I just know it! We won´t give up anytime soon, no worries (:

-the last name ´´da silva´´ = the english equivalent of ´´smith´´. except...even more so. lol. i looked at the ward directory for my ward in carpina and there were literally, like, 50+ people in the ward with the last name ´´da silva´´. hahaha.

-daddy, i never responded to this til now, but they TOTALLY HAVE RET-RAT-ROODAY vans here in recife!!! hahahaha. in every area i´ve been in, they have these huge vans (and sometimes just huge speakers attached to motorcycles, its an interesting sight lol) that just BLAST ads, the radio, and music crazy loud. literally, the people drive these vans and motos and its their job to just drive around with this crazy loud speaker blasting all day long, all around the streets of the city. if i had that job....i´d invest in some seroius ear plugs. lol. 

okay! so this week. really, like i said, it was kinda rough. erika hasn´t come to church and felt that the 1st of april wasn´t a good date anymore :/ so we´re not sure what´s going to happen there. and then gabi came to church for a relief society birthday party + english class and everything on saturday....but didn´t come to church yesterday. we even met with gabi and interviewed (pre-interview) for baptism and she was so ready to go for saturday....!! but.....her grandma (her legal guardian) said she thought it was too soon ): ): ): ): ))))))))))))): boooooooooo. gabi´s been attending church for SO LONG now. she´s incredible. and a wonderful 15-year-old girl. we´re just going to have to keep working with her until her grandma lets her get baptized. praying hardcore for that girl.

we had a really cool service opportunity this week! aka ALL OF OUR APPOINTMENTS FELL THROUGH and then we felt like we should call our RS president. when we called and asked if there was anything we could do to help....she just said ´´oh my goodness, obviously God answered my prayers real quick! I was just praying for someone to come and help me prep for the relief society birthday party! can you sisters come over?´´ UM...YES. we ran on over there + guess what our service was??? MAKING CUPCAKES. i was in. heaven. cupcakes don´t really exist here but irmã nadja wanted to make them and asked if i knew how to ice them - um. DUH. (: it was the happiest and i was just thinking of being a super awesome baker like anna back home (: best service opportunity ever! obviously the Lord answers prayers and obviously sometimes things dont work out (all your appointments falling through) so yo ucan listen to the Spirit to guide you to help answer someone´s prayers (: love it!!!

i love you all SO much!! have an incredible week and be sure to watch conference this weekend!!! its not every day we can hear the words of a LIVING PROPHET, literally God´s mouthpiece here on the earth today!! i´ll be watching down here in Brazil in good ol´ portuguese and singing along (in english ;) with the MoTab each time they let us, so i can be singing along with all of you!! (:

one last scripture for the week - D&C 88:63. go into conference prayerfully with prepared questions in mind, and i PROMISE you you will find answers in the inspired talks given this weekend at conference!!! lds.org/conference (: you will not be disappointed!! (:



Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron!!
#ldsconf (:

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