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March 24 email

hellooooooooooooooooo loved ones! basically this week was crazy + a half because....well, i was sick or sister L was sick all week long. LOL. good news is - we are both WAY better now (since Saturday, really), and life is so great. but we were talking with bishop last night and he was like `sooooooo! how´s the work in the area, sisters!?´ and we´re like well bishop...sister kron was sick last friday through wednesday, and then sister louriero caught what she had from wednesday through we did like ZERO missionary work this week.´ 

and he just looked at us and smiled and said ´ah, sisters, isn´t carnaval grand? its the gift that keeps giving....EVERYONE gets sick after carnaval! now you honestly say you were a part of carnaval this year!´


SO GREAT #morereasonstolovecarnaval lol. 

but really. we are both happy and healthy (-er) than we have been in the past week. so even though we literally only taught three lessons in the past week ( it was rough), we are ready to go for this week ahead!

also i think its hilarious that i came to email last week feeling sick as a dog, and then i get home and read all your emails and come to find out mama, daddy, dk, dustin, + micae were all sick in the past week, too. LOL. we´re all so connected, even on opposite sides of the planet. LOVE YOU ALL hope you all are better and not spreading your sicknesses around like i did! the elders in my ward joked about how i have the pure love of Christ/aka charity...because (1) i gave my virus to my companion, and (2) we had mission conference on wednesday and i shook everyone´s hand the whole mission will probably be sick by the end of this week, too. lol WHOOPSIE. sorry i´m just too Christlike i guess!

but no worries! i still have a few things to say (;

mostly this will be random, too. so just brace yourselves + go with the flow, deal? (;

-listen to the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. I don´t need to say much more than that. I have had so many experiences in my mission (more than i can count) where i have been incredibly blessed by heeding promptings of the holy ghost....and regrets i have for not heeding promptings, too. when the holy ghost tells you to do something, no matter how crazy or bizarre or weird it might seem, JUST DO IT. i promise you. you´ll never regret it (:

-oh! i dont think i ever told you guys this. brazil-wide, our area president told us we can´t baptize people under age 15 anymore, like starting back in december. our focus for the church is men of the priesthood and families, so that´s what we´re trying to work with now! there are some seriously solid younger kids that want to get baptized (julia + victoria back in carpina, for example, who were INCREDIBLE and only 8 and 10!), so they can still get baptized, but only after attending sacrament meeting for 3 months straight (12 sundays straight) to show they´ll stay firm. we have way too many members who get baptized and never come back to church. its sad. but less-active work is mega important, too! (:

-on that note...the two real lessons we had with investigators (the other was with a recent convert), were with erika and gabi, two 15-year-old girls. gabi is marked to be baptized on saturday (!) and erika on tuesday (because she prayed and decided she wants to be baptized april 1st, lol :). so great! so we´ll be praying for them. they are INCREDIBLE. gabi is at church every sunday for MONTHS now and erika is reading the scriptures and praying and....they´re both fab. i hope things work out for them!! (:

-people honk their car horns here ALL THE TIME. like, if theyre running a yellow light or want to pass someone or to tell you (pedestrian) to move off the road. lol. its really smart, actually. itll be werird goig back to life without getting honked at all the time in the usa (:

-okay! gotta get going. but just a few quick fun things i discovered int he scriptures this week (since when sister L was sick i got a lota personal study done!):

 ps - i LOVE the bible! its a good read. highly recommend it. (:

exodus 15:27 - the first mention of PALM TREES in the scriptures!! best day ever. I LOVE PALM TREES (:

exodus 21:17 - im so glad this isn´t intact anymore. just cursing your parents and you´re lawfully put to death!? LOL no thanks! so glad i always have honored mama + daddy....and so glad this law doesn´t exist because its just scary to think of. lol death penalty was WAY more common back then! HONOR YOUR PARENTS, KIDS. so your days may be long upon the earth....literally! LOL.

and last but not least...revelation 3:20. this is my favorite. when Christ knocks, we  have to answer. because He´s not just gonna walk into our lives without an invite. we gotta HEAR HIS VOICE (not just open the door to any stranger!), and then open the door and invite Him in. He´s just waiting to help us out - so let Him in!! (:

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! i love my mission and even when i´m is incredible. because i got a blessing and the elder who gave it to me told me that Heavenly Father wants me to know that its necessary at times to be sick and feel that I can understand more fully the Atonement in my life and have a deeper understanding for people here in Brazil that I´m serving that really are suffering and really need the Atonement in their lives. wow. never really thought of the Atonement covering for sicknesses like viruses and the flu, but it totally does cover all that, too. (: 

alright kids. the church is true! and Christ is at the head of it!! never forget it! (:

+ one last favorite scripture for the week - -

exodus 15:18 - - The Lord shall reign for ever and ever.

(: amen!


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron
#ilovethiswork (:

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