Monday, March 24, 2014

March 5 email

....and ZERO missionary work. LOL. but for real...

seriously though! its been a crazy kinda week. carnaval for missionaries basically = STAY INSIDE. ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. for our safety and stuff...ha. BUT. lucky lucky me....i got transferred to RECIFE (aka the HEART of carnaval in to Olinda, of course) the week of carnaval! wahoooooooo! so i actually got to see a little bit of it as we walked on the streets (to/from lunch...literally the only time we left the apartment in the past week besides church LOL) and from our apartment window.

SO. hope you´re all ready for my collaboration of random thoughts from my second week in a row basically 100% spent inside the apartment. lol.

 LETS GO. (:

i love the pedometer you guys sent me (mama + daddy)!! in varzea i thought we walked alot...but in the city we walk a WHOLE LOT MORE. lol its unreal! i added it all up (because i have had nothing better to do this past and figured out the following:

the past week we walked 17.29 miles (2.5 miles a day average)
which = 67,967 steps total (9,700 steps a day average)

the day with the least = .71 miles (when we just walked to lunch and back on saturday. lol)
the day with the most = 4.54 miles (when we worked in the area farthest from our house...aka the area we´re focusing on more right now, Santa Amaro)

hopefully next week we will actually be out walking so you can see some real realistic numbers. lol. (:

...onto other random things!

sister louriero! shes from são paulo. she goes HOME in two transfers (same as bff micae!!!) and the transfer after this one is only 5 fingers crossed i actually stay with a companion longer than one transfer for the first time my whole mission!!! lol. oh! and in preach my gospel (mission handbook thing) it talks about how if you speak a language other than english, you should try to learn english on your mission. so i´m teaching her english while she helps me with my portuguese! its great. (:

my zone + district are both RECIFE. legit! it is ALL. ELDERS. except sister L and i....its a hoot. and our us + the 4 assistentes + the 2 office elders (secretaries). LOL. we´re the only ones doing actual work in the area (jokessssssssss....only a little bit..... ;)

oh! one awesome lesson we had this week was with this irmão marcel! hes the son of a recently reactivated member (irmã leda!!! daddy this is the wondeful lady who emailed you monday to inform you of my email delay because EVERYTHING SHUT DOWN FOR CARNAVAL my goodness lol). long story short with him - sister L and her last companion had met with irmã leda and her family for the past 4 months and always tried talking to Marcel....and nothing. my first night here we saw him and challenged him to meet with us for an FHE during the week. he accepted...more or less. well, we go in with a rock solid FHE lesson for him last week via the conference talk from october about setting goals and we testified about latter-day leaders and prophets and apostles in our day...and his brother and mother testified too and the spirit was SO strong. and....then the spotlight was on marcel. who was just listening in the whole time, commenting a little here, a little there. a smile came across his face and he started talking, telling us all about how he knew this (religion) was important to us (missionaries + his family), and he had never had interest in learning anything about it. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT...he said he felt something different tonight and he wants to learn more!!! AHHHHH #thechurchistrue!!!!!!!! (: (: (: it was awesome and he didnt come to church this past sunday (no one did...OH HOW I LOVE CARNAVAL lol #jokes) but we are going back next week to teach him one carnaval dies down. whee!! #prayingforamiracle (: (: (:

this is funny. one day we planned to go contact someone sister L always saw working by the church. we were writing out mini lesson plans for each person, and im like, okay whats her name? and sister L is like uhh ive never talked to her. or met her. i dunno. so im like, Sister L! just make up a name for her so we can plan. and shes like okay ANA. cool. so we go contact this lady...ask her name....IT WAS ANA. i almost died laughing when she said it. maybe thats not funny to anyone else...but i have NEVER met any one here in brazil with that name. it was the biggest coincidence ever. hahahaha. #sorryifyoudonthinkthatsfunny

look up GALO DA MADRUGADA. pernambuco. recife. brazil. apparently its this huge big deal (like, in t he guinesses book of world records!). AND IT TOOK PLACE LIKE A BLOCK FROM MY APARTMENT. thats what the photos are of (galo = rooster). i dont get it. and no one here really explained it to me. but its a HUGE DEAL for carnaval here in pernambuco. lol. if anyone cares to explain it to me, id be much obliged. (:

I AM FINALLY LIVING IN A BIG CITY FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. and i love every stinkin single moment. the people, the food, the atmosphere, the BIG BUILDINGS (!!!!!!!), everything! #nychereicome! (:

i relaxed my companions hair during carnaval. oh the things we do when we have to be inside all day long (aka we have to be in by 5pm and we dont get out of lunch til2pm...boooooooo hahah)!! #icantwaittogotohairschoolforreal

the relief society president in my new ward LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE MAMA its unreal!!! holy small world! she taught on sunday and we ate lunch at her house after and it was a little piece of heaven when i hugged her goodbye after lunch...almost as good as hugging my own mama back home (: I LOVE YOU MAMA! wheeee hope everything is fab with relief society back home!

literally every ward ive served in here in brazil has had a bishop that is in his mid-twenties. so young! so crazy. inlcuding the bishop that just got called in my ward here in recife on sunday. the Lord is clearly hastening his work here!! lowering the mission age for men + women...younger leadership...its crazy! oh! and our new mish pres (Rory Bigelow - coming in June/July 2014!!!) is super young too!! so crazy. love it!

i had the random thought that if DK goes to byu for a year before he goes on his mish...we will TOTALLY OVERLAP for at least a semester!!!! aka dk i hope youre workiung on getting good grades so we can party it up when i get home!!! ...and after you graduate (;

random hilarious language moment: junior (from varzea, recent convert) speaks english and was talking to me one time telling me some story about his feet (i dont remember why). in portuguese, there is no word for toes. theres dedos (fingers) and dedos das pes (toes...aka foot fingers). long story short....he was referring to his toes and totally actually said `´´my foot fingers´´ and i just about died laughing. its a really weird thing to hear out lout....much less to imagine fingers on your toes. LOL. 

okay! last thing. sorry for all the random ness but i found this awesome quote in preach my gospel this week that i wanna share with all of you. its by President Brigham Young -

´´There is neither man or woman in this church who is not on a mission. That mission will last as long as they live, and it is to do good, to promote righteousness, to teach the principles of truth, and to prevail upon themselves and everybody around them to live those principles that they may obtain eternal life.´´

talk about motivating!!! hope you are all doing your missionary work back home like good member missionaries!!! (: im trying to do my best down here and am loving every moment. there really is nothing that brings greater joy than sharing the good news of the gospel that we have in our lives!! And like Presidente Young said - we are ALL on missions!! so get to it! (;

i love you all so much! sorry only a few photos this week...our normal lan haus was closed (I LOVE CARNAVAL. lol) and this one is crazy crazy slow with photos. more photos to come of ACTUAL CARNAVAL (!!!!!!!) next week! get pumped! because there wont be much else to tell you about since we are inside all day every day mostly until (:

love you! read your scriptures, say your prayers, and tell someone you love them today. (:


sister sarah banara carrera kron
#carnavalite...butnotreally (;

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