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March 17 email

helloooooooooooooooooooo everyone! + HAPPY ST. PATRICK´S DAY! obviously i´m not wearing green...whoopsie. but its okay because i´m in brazil and no one knows what st. patrick´s day i think i´m in the clear!

so, yes. cough drops don´t exist here. and i´m dying of a cold (in the pun intended! bwaha #i´mhilarious) and my nose is running and my throat is hurting and the HUMONGOUS FAN BLOWING IN MY FACE AT THIS LAN HAUS IS SO NOT HELPING. but i´m not complaining....really. life is great. life is grand. and some day my ears will pop and i won´t be sick anymore (;

really though! i´m happy and enjoying my mission still, don´t worry (: just a little sick is all. if you guys wanna send cough drops (chloraseptic is the besttttttt, but any kind will do!) in the next package, i wouldn´t complain. lol (:

OKAY ON TO THE GOOD STUFF. aka this week!

we walked 19.7 miles this week. the most was 4.57 miles in one day...and the least was 1.08 miles (yesterday, just to church + back home. lol). i love this pedometer. i don´t know why i love it so much but i love knowing how much we´re walking (: makes life more interesting! and makes me feel healthy for walking so much (;

oh! prophecy fulfilled. basically my first day here this transfer, sister L (shes only got on transfer left on her mission) told me that EVERY SINGLE COMPANION SHE´S HAD has fallen. like, biffed it hardcore, while they were companions with her. i told her that rest assurred i wouldn´t fall this transfer....and then at the peak of my sickness starting on saturday, I TOTALLY biffed it, right into a group of young girls walking, right outside of our apartment complex............

 it was the start of a rough day. hahahah. so sister L´s prophecy = fulfilled. but i told sister L that she´s going to biff it either at our last mission conference together or in the airport on her way stay tuned to see what happens there... #revenge (;

just a few fun random brazillian life facts for all of you at home:

-each week we have to buy a ´gallon´ of water to drink. because its not safe to drink water from the tap, anywhere in brazil. its like 20 L of water, i think. its like $5 for each one and they deliver it to your door. its great! except when all you drink is water and after  just 4 days your 20 L jug is empty and your companion is shocked out of her mind (brazillians dont like drinking water...its usually refrigerantes or milk or juice for them, so basically it was just me that drank all that water solo) because you already need to order another one #whoopsie! 

-also we´re supposed to sanitize all our fruits + veggies before eating them. aka soaking them in a bleach/water mix for 30 minutes. i can´t wait to eat an apple without having to bleach it when i get home in 2015. lol #itsthelittlethings

so this week! we had an awesome training about using the Book of Mormon during zone meeting last Tuesday. we talked about walking around with one in our hands, and using it as a way to introduce ourselves and make contacts. because most people don´t know who we are by our name (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), but most people recognize us by the name ´Mormons´. so its super easy to make a contact and talk about the book, first thing, and start talking about the Restoration of the gospel. It´s great! Until you have an experience like we did last week with a woman named Glaucia...

we knocked on her door (gate/fence). this old man shows up on the other side. claims he doesn´t have a key (riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...), so we should just leave our message in his mailbox to get we leave him a passalong card in his mailbox and walk away.

not even a minute later, there is this woman (Glaucia) calling to us from the same house. she calls us over, asks if we´re the Mormons, and then runs inside, saying she has something to give us.

.......and comes back out with two copies of the Book of Mormon that she said were her son´s and she doesn´t want anymore.

...LOL. #missiontragedies. no worries though, we turned it into a lesson (she had no idea what this book was, besides the fact that it was the ´´Mormon book´´) and i totally left her with a BoM with my testimony written in side, just for her. she was like....i just gave you two of these! and i was like yep...those were your sons! this ones for YOU (: and we talked a bit about Christ visting the people here in the Americas (3 Nephi 11) and challenged her to read it...and she ended up super happy to receive this as a present. hahaha. Suprises every day on the mish. love it. 

ps real quick i hope you guys know we teach a LOT of people during the week....its just that i hardly have time to talk about all of them so i usually just highlight the people/person progressing the most (:

aka MARCELLLL WAHOOOOOOO (: okay this week was a bit rough with him....without going into too much detail, he had a bit of a blow-out with his mama (our reactived member) and now we can´t teach him at her house anymore.... :/ but moral of the story is that we managed to have a good lesson with him last week, and yesterday he came to church AGAIN (without us formally inviting him!!) - - with his girlfriend + her two kids!!!! wahooooo!!!!! it was amazing sitting in gospel principles class (sunday) by his side, and at one point he looked at me (we were talking about Christ as a prophet) and was like, ´´thats one of the three pillars of the true church, right? a PROPHET....apostles, and the authority of God?´´ OH MY GOSH I LOVE HIM. i just smiled real big and told him he was exactly right! he smiled back and we kept on going with class. ah, he´s great. he really is. he just needs some serious prayers to overcome some issues he´s dealing with....and he´ll be baptized. i just know it!

okay! sorry no time for photos today :/ i´ll just send one that i love - THE FACT THAT I RAN INTO JUNIOR (RECENT CONVERT) AT  OUR CHURCH BUILDING SATURDAY NIGHT!! he was there for a stake dance and i was there teaching english! oh happy, happy day. he said silivio-jorge is working with bishop on getting married!! and he´ll be baptized in no time!! (: HAPPIEST HAPPY DAYY (:

okay! final little scriptural thing for you guys. this week was a little rough for me for more reasons than one. but i did a lot of praying and found a LOT of comfort in the scriptures - and I just want you all to know the scriptures really are inspired words of prophets of God. I love 2 Timothy 1:7 - it really is true. The spirit of God is NOT of fear, it is a spirit of JOY and all things related (: cleave unto GOOD things that bring JOY, family! don´t dwell on things you don´t have control over; and don´t fear. fear is not of God. 

Moral of the story? DON´T WORRY. BE HAPPY (: because that is what this gospel is all about!! (:

love you all! make good choices! and don´t forget to pray today and thank God for all the blessings you have! (:


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron!
#aintnothingonnaslowmedown (:

ps i know im sick, but i promise i´m happy and okay! no need to worry about me, deal? LOVE YOU ALL thanks for your prayers!! i really can feel them (:

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