Monday, March 24, 2014

March 10 email-carnival is over!

holy hannah montana SO HAPPY because carnaval has finally come to an end. lol! until friday we were still on our schedule of being in by 5pm every night AKA NO WORK AT ALL. sister L and i were going crazy by the end of the week. lol. but it was a fab week anyway so i cant really complain!

don´t have a lot of time this week but i hope you enjoy the photos (still have some actual carnaval photos ill send next week i got from a member!) and ill just give you the highlights from the week (: deal?

first things first....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK DADDYYYYY!!!!!! Hope it is the BEST birthday EVER (besides the fact you´ll be missing your favorite daughter, of course ;) because you are the BEST daddy in the wholeeeeeeee, wide world!!!! the mail system here has been crazy and we aren´t even getting to the post office til to today to finally send your birthday just stay tuned for like, the end of april and hopefully you´ll get a nice belated surprised then (; I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Have an amazing day!! (:

okay! quick updates on my life (:

-this week i just mostly ate a LOT. of american food. lol! it was great #ilovelivinginabigcity. milkshakes, chicken sandwiches, dominoes pizza...YUM. love my life.

-MARCEL CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!!!!!! i think i told you about him. son of a reactivated member (about 28 years old). we have been teaching him but hes been a bit iffy about the church until last week. we invited him to church and he was like you know what? i always say ill go. and i never go. but im deciding. RIGHT NOW. ill be there tomorrow. aaaaaaand...HE WAS THERE!!!! all three hours!! (: he said he LOVED it, the entire thing. so so great. the spirit was so strong!!!!! we are going back to teach him tonight and see how he´s doing and talk to him a bit more about the Restortation and Book of Mormon (: prayers are answered! faith is real!! ahhh love it (:

we (me + 3 of the american elders assistents and secretary) teach english saturday nights! I NEVER THOUGHT TEACHING ENGLISH COULD BE SO FUN. ah! i love it. and sister L is learning a TON, too. its awesome (: more to come on that next week but long story short we had SO MANY non-members there. love it!

i gave my first talk in portuguese yesterday at church, after 7 months on the mission. LOL #abouttime. it was about repentance and it went really well. thanks for asking (; i just love church. i love this gospel. i know repentance is REAL and i love seeing it change my life + the lives of the people i´m teaching down here!

ah! okay times up for real. ill try to write more next week but just a final spiritual thought to finish off for the week. ive been reading the bible lately (trying to read start to finish by august) and i was reading in genesis 22 about Abraham having to sacrifice his son, Isaac. i was thinking about how hard that must have been for Abraham, to be willing to give up literally his ONLY son, to God. thankfully he didn´t have to go through with  it, but we can learn a lot from this story. mostly (1) the need for us to trust in God that He knows whats best for us and will bless us for being willing to put him first, and (2) how the experience of Abraham is so related to the experience of our Heavenly Father, who had to give up his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to suffer and atone for the sins of the WORLD. imagine! giving your son up for something like that. Clearly our Heavenly Father loves us SO SO much and really does know whats best for us and what we need. He knew we would need a Savior, a Redeemer, and that´s why He was willing to send His son, Jesus Christ. We NEED Christ - each and every one of us! To repent and be made clean through Him and His atoning sacrifice! (:

I know its possible to be made clean from all our sins, all our sadnesses, everything! We just need to do our part and trust in our Savior and what He did for us. (:

I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. That´s the moral of the story of my life right now + always (:

love you all! read your scriptures and say a special prayer for someone who might be needing it today. (:



Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron
#missionaryforeverplease (:

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