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Jan 27 email

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii helloooooooo oláaaaa my loved ones!! i love talking to you guys each week...or at least talking at you (; your emails each week really brighten up my day, so thank you thank you for keeping a missionary like me updated on your lives! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! (:

basically this week has been a but unpredictable but all-around pretty good! here´s the latest on the people we´ve been focusing on teaching:

Silvio-Jorge. Because of a number of crazy happenings this week (on his side + ours), we didn´t get to meet with him. But...!! The few times we did get a chance to talk to him on the phone, we were told he´s working on getting his documents together (for his wedding, we believe!!!), and he´s still wanting to be baptized (: the only reason he didn´t come to chuch yesterday was because it was raining like crazy and its hard/near impossible for him to wheel himself (in his wheelchair) to the bus stop in the mud...#brazillianclimateprobs. But he´s happy as ever and working towards marriage! The next step after is BAPTISM!! So we´re excited for that (:

Junior. ahhhh JUNIOR GOT THE PRIESTHOOD YESTERDAY!! (: (: (: It was the coolest thing to see him taking that next big step in his membership in the church - and seeing everyone sustain him as he got the aaronic priesthood was the coolest thing in the whole wide world! I love that kid (: He´s traveling all this week (vacation time!) with his fam, but we´ll touch base again Sunday and he´s basically doing just great (:

Katarina. Basically....things have been a little crazy when we´ve been teaching Katarina. She is SO good and SO solid and loves learning and progressing and learning more about the gospel and has been reading the Book of Mormon (at least she says :) every time we go over...but we´ve hit a serious the form of her spouse. I don´t want to dwell on this or get into any big details...but suffice it to say, this week Sister Remy and I have learned to a greater extent than I think we´ve ever wanted to that Satan is REAL and his power is, too. We tried teaching Katarina and more than once just felt like we had to leave because of things that were being said and the atmosphere with things happening in their home...eesh. It´s making me feel icky inside just thinking about it again.

But you know what the bright side to this story is? The power and authority we have as missionaries is ALSO real. + its WAY more powerful than any power Satan has!! We had an unplanned meeting in Recife with like 3-4 different zones in our mission, talking all about the power and authority we have here, as missionaries, true,authorized, calld representatives of Jesus Christ. And we are stronger than Satan´s power. We can draw upon the powers of Heaven to help us teach and help US help the people we are teaching understand that This is the Lord´s TRUE Church here on the earth today. We have that restored authority and Priesthood here on the earth once more!

I have such a testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel here on earth. I am soso so thankful for the Prophet Joseph Smith and I know he was a true prophet, called of God. I love this gospel! I know President Thomas S. Monson is a TRUE prophet, called of God to lead us in these latter-days! He has the keys and power and authority to lead and direct the Lord´s church here on earth. I love this Gospel! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY and spreading this great news!! (:

Okay, time´s up. But before I go real quick - all of you go read Isaiah 55:8-9. I came across it in my personal study and I absolutlely love it. God´s ways are not our ways. But as we put Him first, we can be guided and directed by Him and our ways can (and should!) become His. He knows what´s best for us. TRUST HIM! (:

i love you guys so much!!!


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron

oh...and yes i did find a cockroach in another sister´s loofah in the shower. and i killed another one without even screaming. i´m making progress (;

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