Sunday, March 23, 2014

Jan 20 email


my apologies that I still dont have this whole email time figured out...aka i spent too much time responding to people from last week that i don´t have much any time to write a real email this week - sorry sorry my fault! I´ll go back + forth i think between emailing first and responding second (and vice versa) every other week, deal? (:

as for highlights from this week though....basically the subject line sums everything up! Sister Remy and I have been working like CRAZY this week, literally until we both drop into bed at night from exhaustion, lol. we made 90 contacts between thursday and saturday (!!) and have been loving every moment! We have really started trying to talk to EVVVVVVVVVERYYYYYYYYYYONEEEEEEEEEEe and its really been paying off!

The one really cool thing i´ll share from this week basically just stems from the principle of obedience. Basically one morning we got up on time, worked out for a good solid 30 mins, started our studies on time and did them all (personal, comp, and language), then headed to lunch, and then headed RIGHT out to work. thats a usual day. but there are always times here on the mish and in life in general where people (i´ve been guilty of this at times, too) where i´m not as focused in my studies, not as driven, and not as willing to really let the spirit work through me as i know it can. 

But here´s the cool thing. We had such a rock-solid morning getting ready...and then we just went out and WORKED the day away. we made 24 contacts, taught 7 lessons, and found a handful of new investigators! Basically it was just the coolest thing because at two different times we even had people coming up to US and contacting US in the street this day, saying ´´hey! you´re the mormons - can i ask you a few questions i have about your church?´´ um....OF COURSE YOU CAN (: we saw a dozen miracles this day alone, and i know it all stemmed from that obedience we had in our studies in the am, our drive and determination the whole day through, and definlitely (above all else) our faith in this work and knowing that the Lord can and WILL work through us (via the Holy Ghost! :) to help us find those elites that are here + ready to hear the Gospel in Varzea! (:

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. That´s basically the moral of this story (: That day set the standard for how Sister Remy and I want to work the rest of this transfer (+ the rest of our missions). and arguably the rest of our lives - working as hard as we can to help people out, find those people who are ready and willing to listen and learn. (: It´s the best. Seriously! (:

I love you all though and hope your weeks are awesome!!! Thanks for all the emails, letters, + love I got this week and that I feel from all of you each week!! You really are the BEST!! (:


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron
#sweatingmyeyeballsout #butiloveeverymoment (:

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