Monday, March 24, 2014

Feb 3 email: poop water and a mouthful of ants

I hope you guys realize that I´m doing missionary work out here, too....its just that sometimes the crazy things that happen in my life here on the mish make for better subject lines....hahhahaa.

two stories to start, and then i´ll get into the good stuff (;

Falling into the poop water. Basically I sent a photo of the aftermath of this incident....and long story short ALLLL the water like under slash besides the curbs in the streets are ´poop water´ aka it smells not so awesome and a lot of people have stuff that drain into the street/ravines. Long story short (really thist time)....I was helping sister remy with her suitcase that first day and tripped and fell into one on the side of the street....and my skirt got soaked. hahahhaa. i was just sitting there hopelessly with the thought in my mind ´´did this seriously just happen??´´ because its something we joke about happening here because it would be SO unpleasant...but i never thought it´d actually happen.

well. it did. check that off my mission bucket list!

second story is much shorter. basically if you buy bread here and don´t wrap it up in two different plastic bags NICE and TIGHT....these little formigas (ants) get allllllllllllll up in them. i learned that lesson the other week when i brought my bread home and didn´t think to double-bag it right away, since i was getting ready to eat anyway. moral of the story - DONT EVER DO THAT. alllllllllways wrap your bread up the second you get home because i definitely opened up that bag and took a big bite of the first piece of bread in there....only to taste something weird in my mouth, then look at my hand to see i had ants crawling all over it and then to pick up my bag of bread and see DOZENS of ants crawling all around the bottom of the bag, allllllllll over my bread....

don´t worry. i threw the rest away and rinsed my mouth out nice and good. hahahahhaha. check that experience off, too, i guess! 

okay! so basically honestly though i need to mention first thing first -

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNAAAAAAAAAA!!!! you are the most rockin nasa tv reporter girl and i cannot WAIT to hear all about your week in texas with astronauts! you win for having the coolest birthday experiences ever. started that one year when you had a limo taking all of us from chapman elementary to bowling and bear hugs....and you continue to top all of us. haha (: but seriously! have an AMAZING birthday and i love yuo so much! i hope you got my card i sent like a month ago in attempt to get you ont ime!! (:

oooooooookay. basically a few fun facts of the week and then a bit about my investigators (:

-This was probably the hardest week of my mission so far. Our area got changed/redivded this weeek between the other sisters. Its a mess kind of haha. So work this week was really hard but we have a lot of awesome goals for this next week. The main hard thing is the fact that a LOT of the people I really love we have to let go (like Itamar and Veronica and Bentley...) and let the other sisters work with them....but i trust them so i know it will all work out! And I know they´re feeling the same way about the investigators they had to hand off to us. ITLL ALL WORK OUT. I know it (:

-our new mission president got officially called! Rory Bigelow will be replacing President Lanius on 1 July 2014! So crazy I´ll have 3 mission presidents....not including the MTC. hahaha. but he´s american and has some younger kids that will be coming down with him - so it´ll be a crazy change but cool experience when that happens come July!

-CARNAVAL STARTED THIS WEEKEND. we had to be in our apartment by 5pm last night.....and its supposed to worsen throughout the week and months (through end of march) to come. updates to come as they develop these next few

-okay! AND THANK YOU MAMA + DADDY FOR THE PACKAGE!! I´m crazy pumped to finally get it tomorrow from the elders but rest assurred it arrived in safety! So no worries there ! (:

quick update on investigators!

-Itamar and Veronica and Bentley all came to church yesterday!! I love this little family. (: We taught about Dia do Senhor this week and the importance of coming to church....I think it clicked. Haha (: like I said, we have to hand them off....but I love them and love that we will still see them at church at least! (:

-Silvio we only got to see once this week, but he said he was really sad and felt a huge difference when he didn´t come to church and never wants to feel that way again....he was SUPER happy when we came by to teach him last week and when we asked if he was reading the Book of Mormon still he said `´sisters, you know i can´t lie to you....i was reading it every day until sunday because i was so upset i couldn´t go to church and i haven´t read a single day since!!! but don´t you worry, i promise i will start today again reading it every day, okay?!´´ OH MY GOSH I love that little old man!! (: He´s already in Mosiah 20....he´s flying through! We are working on the process of him getting married and then his baptism will follow right after (:he´s so determined!! I just hope i´m still in varzea when it happens!! (:

-Anderson is a new investigator we picked up this week. He was a contact we made on the bus back when sister butler was with me last transfer. I had been thinking about him (literally, his name in my head) ever since the beginning of this transfer. We finally called him up this past week and scheduled a time to meet with him. We ended up having to reshedule a handful of times but it was a miracle because HE was the one who kept calling US to reschedule - he was so excited and determined to have us over!!! We finally went over this past Friday and talked with him and the first thing he said, with a big smile on his face, was ´´i was wondering when you guys were gonna call!!! i was waiting for so long and thought you´d call sooner!!´´ Oh my day ever!! (: i don´t know why we didn´t contact him last transfer, but heaven knows the time is SO right for him right now. we taught him the first lesson about the Restoration and committed him to be baptized and he agreed - and referred us to teach his wife and his cousin! He is SO excited and only didn´t come to church this week because he was out of town...but he is so excited to learn more! This is awesome (: our lesson fell through yesterday because it was after 5pm(planned) but we were told after church that we had to be in by 5....and we couldn´t get a hold of him to reschedule. but rest assurred we´re stopping by tonight to teach him and his wife if they´re at home (: love teaching families and LOVE acting on promptings of the spirit!!! The Church is true....basically. nuff said (:

okay! one little fun fact for you to wrap up this crazy huge email. basically you all should be SO grateful for places like Kroger and Wal-mart that are one-stop shops. Because this is what it´s like to go shopping here:

We have a different store to go to for each of these things:

papelaria (paper products)
fruit stand (fruits and veggies)
padaria (bread and yogurt and cheese)
farmacia (insect repellent and soap)
beauty shop (makeup and other personal care items)
mercado (pretty much everything else)

#countyourblessingspeople. lol (:

also....gotta run. but here´s a favorite scripture for the week: 3 Nephi 13:34. Don´t worry about the things that are going to happen in the future. Focus on the PRESENT and let everything else take care of it self! Sister Remy and I have a goal this week to not focus on or talk about ANYTHING post-mish this week - just to focus on here + now. It´ll be an adventure for sure! (:

i love you all SO MUCH!!!!!!!! have an amazing birthday week (anna!) + fab week for the rest of you all, too!! (:


sister sarah banara carrera kron
#brazillian4life (:

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