Monday, March 24, 2014

Feb 24 email- leaning to say goodbye

seriously though....this week was the CRAZIEST. in between a funeral for a woman in our ward (who was the aunt of two of our little recent converts, and mother to two of the most adorable  young women in our ward), sister remy being sick (and us staying in the apartment pretty much all week long), and me getting totally surprisingly transferred out of várzea (total shock to everyone, didn´t see that coming at all!)....ITS BEEN A CRAZY KINDA WEEK.

but...! its been an awesome week for reflection and realizing ive now officially (since the 22nd!) been in brazil for 4 months, and next week i´ll have been on my mission for almost 7. what!? where does the time go, honestly, i´ll never know.


-Families can really be together forever. The Plan of Salvation is real. I learned that more this week (on a deeper level than I ever thought I could or would) than ever before in my life. All four of us sisters in Várzea Wednesday morning were all studying about the spirit world and the plan of salvation and life after death for personal study (which was a total coincidence), and then about 5 minutes after we started companionship study, we got a text informing us that Irmã Graça passed away. Never have I realized how small of a period of time we have to be here on earth...and how grand + incredible this whole plan of salvation really is.

I guess this honestly was the biggest higlight of the week for me. We don´t have time to waste here on earth. It was heart-breaking having to comfort these four girls who lost their aunt and young and so quick and not expected, at all. But at the same time, we all know where she is now. We all know they´ll all be reunited again someday. The thing that is the most important for us to do right here on earth at this time in our lives is to ALWAYS be prepared, ALWAYS try our best, and ALWAYS seek to keep the commandments of the Lord to the best of our ability. We don´t have time to waste. And if we wanna be with our families for all eternity...we gotta try our best. So we can stand in the presence of God one day and feel confident that we have truly done all in our part to obtain eternal life with them (and Him!).

A sister I lived with back in Várzea was talking with me that same morning and she was telling me all about all the troubles that are going on with her family back home (in São Paulo). Her parents are having marital issues, her family is more or less inactive in the church, and all kinds of other things not-so-great happening in her absence. We were all a bit shaken up hearing about Irmã´s passing, but this sister looked right at me and told me how lucky I was. How happy I should be. Because no matter what happens in this life, I know where my family will be. I know they are firm in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that they are going the things they should be doing back home. So I have no need to fear.

What she said really crazy comforted me. I am SO grateful for you all, family. I am seriously, SO mind-blowingly blessed. I count my blessings each day, honestly, to be a part of this family with all of you. Keep doing your part, and I´m gonna keep doing my best to do my own. I know this seems like a crazy sad + sentimental email for th week....but this is what happens when the only real time you left the apartment (because of poor sick Sister Remy) was for a day-long at a viewing, funeral, and service for someone in the ward. Life is too short to waste time making bad decisions. We know what is true and what is right. Choose the right and always always always remember who you are and what you stand for! I´m confident we´ll all be together again after this life (and in 2015 when i come worries :)

OKAY. I love you guys so much! Sorry for the quick + kinda downer of an email this week...but rest assured I´m happy and you should be too!!! Enjoy all the photos from last week in OLINDA and i´ll update you more next week!!!

OH I ALMOST FORGOT. I got transferred! LOL. I am in RECIFE (the area, the zone, everything!!) AND IT IS GORGEOUS. i attached the view from our apartment window (: try not to be to jealous!! im with my first brazillian companion, Sister Loureiro! I LOVE HER and its just us living together (party!!). carnaval is this week so we wont work a ton but i´m excited to work with her here!! (:

MORE TO COME LATER. Love you all so much!!! Read your scriptures and keep doing whats right!!! (:


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron
#recifebrazilforreal! (:

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