Monday, March 24, 2014

Feb 17 email: Sarah gets fleas!?

#wheninbrazil, am i right?? Haha just kidding (: meaning totally not kidding about the fact that two nights ago after a night of teaching in a very humble home (a favela, way down by the riverside and way crazy bug-filled) my companion + i we woke up at 3:30am...because we were scratching ourselves so much. YIKES. when you wake up because you are scratching your arms and legs in your sleep....that´s an issue. lol. but no worries because we washed EVERYTHING in our house + already got medication from Sister Lanius to hopefully remove the bug for good (: it fleas or whatever else we got. lol. 

but hey! sorry for the delay today - our lan haus in varzea doesn´t have internet + we are here in recife (to get the medicine from sister lanius) and the lan haus here isnt reading my fingers crossed thats just a glitch and i´ll send photos next time! (:

BUT HELLOOOOOO! quickly - HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY DREW!!! last week but hey, better late than never, right? (: YOU are the BEST brother-in-law i know! and have! so i hope it was a day to remember (: also...HAPPY VALENTINES DAYYY. sister remy + i treated each other to hamburgers (brazillian style!) and ice cream (: i was a good day. hope you all had a fab week!!!

the keyboard here isn´t very good but i´ll write what i can and hope i can write more next week (: basic summary of the past week:

-JUNIOR SAID HE WANTED TO GO ON A MISSION!!!!!!!!!! so so crazy pumped for him!!!!! i love this kid. no joke. he´s a miracle + a half (:

-we helped an old lady cross the street....aka the HIGHWAY aka ave. caxangá. aka we crossed one half of the highway (to the meridian) and then two federal policemen on motorcycles flew over the median and BLOCKED OFF TRAFFIC on the other side, JUST so the three of us could cross!!!! we all felt like royalty. it was so so cool haha i wish i could explain better how neat it was. the lady kept telling us we were angels from heaven. so adorable. and her cousin is in our ward! small, smallllllll world. (:

-WE WENT TO THE BEACH. but you know...i´ll tell you how AWESOME that was via photos next week (((((((((((((((((((((((:

-carnaval started yesterday. and i  napped through 2 hours of it (we had to stay inside ALL DAY after church). lol. i can still sleep through anything. and basically we didn´t see much happen but we SURE HEARD IT ALL. right outside our apartment...eesh. and next sunday it´ll happen too. stay tuned!

-basically the moral of the story for this week (sorry, times short!) is that the Church is True and the powers of heaven are REAL. Mormon 9:21 + Alma 26:22 have basically been the motto of the way Sister Remy + I are working together, especially this past week! We´ve seen SO many miracles this week, just as we´ve left home with determination and said some prayers, calling on Heavenly Father to help us out. And my goodness...we´ve seriously seen miracles. I wish this keybaord wasn´t so dificult and I had more time to explain...but rest assurred the work here is BOOMING. We are working with Adriana and her daughters (Natalia, Eduarda, and Paula) to get baptized the 1 of March, still working with ADORABLE Paulo (all of whom were at church yesterday!!!)....Anderson + Thaynna are progressing beautifully and lovvvvvvving learning more about the church...just hard we can only teach them once a week and they have family issues in the interior (farrrrrr away) this week so they couldn´t come to church :( but next week they said they´d be there!! And we´ve started working with other AWESOME people and just mostly I am loving being a missionary more + more every day!!!

I LOVE THIS WORK. Transfers are a week from today and there´s no telling what will happen....but i am SO hoping + praying I can stay in Varzea another transfer, if at all possible. I love this work. I love this area. I love these people. Ill obviously be happy with whatever happens, but I just LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! Seriously, there is NO work more difficult, but NO work more rewarding.

If any one reading this is contemplating going on a mission - - JUST DO IT. It seriously has changed my life 1000000000000000% for the better. You can´t understand fully what I mean til you go. Just lose yourself + get to work. Theres NOTHING like it (: (: And I love EVERY moment!! (: even the difficult times....its all a learning process (:

I love you guys! Sorry for such a general email + no photos but next week (post-transfers) will be better, promise!! (:



Sister Sarah Kron!
#missionaryforeverpleaseandthanks (:

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