Monday, March 24, 2014

Feb 10 email: marriage fever and finally getting a hot shower

HELLOOOOOOOOOO my beloveds! I love talking to you guys....sorry this emails so early this week butttttttt rest assurred its for a good reason - - 


aka...okay okay okay don´t get too excited. but really we´re going to Olinda which is the prettiest place in the world to take beach-like photos aka by the ocean (!!!!!!!!!) so its going to be the best p-day EVER. (: We can´t go walk on the beach or sun bathe or mission rules, obviously. (: but it´s going to be awesome. and i´m going to pretend that i´m at myrtle beach (summer 2015 will come soon enough....right mama?? :) with you guys while i´m there! (:

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK REAL QUICK:, worldly highlight-of-the-week. then i´ll get to the spirtual feel-good highlights (:

MAMA + DADDY THANK YOU X INFINITY FOR THE PACKAGE!!! I could NOT have been a happier sister missionary opening up that package of love....mama, you are INCREDIBLE at putting packages together, man oh man. i don´t know how you fit everything in!!! But rest assured I LOVE the clothes you picked out for me (seriously, BEST DAY EVER :) and i´m working on finding a home for the other things you lovingly packed + sent to me!! And the american candies + assurred my companion + i are taking goooood care of those, too (; AND THE MAKEUP. really have no idea how pricey makeup is here. i was waiting til the last possible minute to buy that stuff...and then i got your package!! ah! you are SERIOUSLY the best!! thank you thank you....thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu! (:

and thank you daddy, too! because i know you paid for it (: haha you guys are the bestttttttt!! (:

OKAY. but for realsies though. this week was the BOMB.COM missionary-wise! and in all other ways, too, obviously! (: let´s get started!

CHURCH YESTERDAY. okay i realize i´m going in backwards order but basically we had FOUR of our investigators at church yesterday!!! Adriana, her daughter (Paula), Paulo (new investigator this week) and Thâynna (also new investigator). WE LOVE THEM ALL. And they are all so so awesome!!

Quick run-down on these lovely children of God:

ADRIANA + PAULA. Basically we (Sister Remy + I) haven´t gotten the chance to fully teach Paula yet, because when our areas switched, the other Sisters (Melo e Reichman) had to turn them over to us. BUT we have taught Adriana, a wonderful, lovely 33-year-old lady missing just about 6 of her front teeth (: SHE IS SO ADORABLE. She doesn´t know how to read but she´s been coming to church all on her own, absolutely LOVING every moment, for the past month or so now. She has to get married or separate from the man she´s living with before she gets baptized...but she wants to get baptized SO. BAD. She´s so adorable. And had 8 kids. All under the age of 18. She´s a powerhouse though. And I love her (: I hope to get a photo to send home with her this week!!

PAULO. Basically this is hilarious. We made a contact with about 7 men who stand in front of the street facing our apartment complex last Monday night. The only one who agreed to hearing our messages...was Paulo. This 58-year-old single man who thinks he is the FUNNIEST human being on the planet. Lol. He is so funny....but I have too many stories to tell about him that I will never have the time for. haha. Post-mission, for sure (: But we met with him twice, he´s reading the Book of Mormon, aaaaaaaand he came to church all on his own yesterday!!! He was a little lost....because I dont think he´s been to church in years (or decades). Haha. But he said he liked it! And we´re going back to teach him tonight I think. He´s a hoot. A real hoot. More to come on him I hope next week (:

THÂYNNA. Oh my gosh oh my gosh. Remember last week when I mentioned Anderson (that contact we made like MONTHS ago on the omnibus) that we finally taught and he wanted us to teach his wife?? wellllllll, that´s Thãynna!! She is THE CUTEST 19-year-old girl...I just love her to pieces already. Anderson couldn´t come to church yesterday because of work, but Thãynna was so excited to come with us! We met and taught her forthe first time (with Anderson!) on Saturday night and just about melted because of how adorable the two of them are! She has an uncle who is LDS and was apparently asking a lot of questions to him before meeting with us (since Anderson had already talked us up to her!! :) to try and learn more. We taught the Book of Mormon to them and they said they´d read it. Thâynna said the closing prayer at the end of the lesson...and basially just was thanking God that we came into their lives and was asking him to help them learn more about our religion and blessing them to have the ability to come to church and on and on and on....SO ADORABLE. We walked to church with her yesterday and when I asked her if she liked it yesterday at the end of the meetings she just smiled and said ´´Eu ADOREI!`` aka more than just she liked it....she ADORED it! (: (: (: so so happy!! Her + Anderson will have to get married (they´re already living together for 3 years) before they get baptized...but they said they really want to get married, anyway, so that shouldn´t be an issue for them. (: We´re meeting with them Friday to teach them more. eeeeek eek eek!!! I love them so so much!! (:

BASICALLY everyone + their dog needs to get married before they get baptized....but its okay because the Church is still true and we are meeting and teaching some seriously AWESOME people!!! (:

QUICK JUNIOR UPDATE TOO - guess who blessed the sacrament for the first time ever yesterday...!!?! (: (: (:  I have never been more proud as a missionary than seeing the success Junior has had here in the Gospel....ah! He is so so adorable and even though he stumbled through the words a bit and had to say the sacramental prayer 3 times before getting it right....he got it!!! lol and he was SO happy (: (: (: He´s been coming to lessons with us this past week and we´ve got more planned with him this next week. ALSO HE IS PREPARING TO GO TO THE TEMPLE NEXT WEEK with the other young men!!! For the first time waaaaaaaahoo! (: (: (: This is so so happy. i love being a missionary!! (:

okay...time´s up. basically i just love you all and miss you all so much!

oh. and its been SO HOT here in Varzea that I haven´t taken a hot shower since I got here....just cold showers. but its been raining a lot here the past coupla days so I have actually been cold enough to take a warm shower. lol. that´s been the craziest thing thats happened to me this week. dont worry...its nice and hot and im back to sweating out my eyeballs today, no worries (;

okay! i love you all to PIECESSSSSSS. read the Book of Mormon - it is a book that has some SERIOUS power. I love it and know it is a true book! (:

can´t wait to chat more next week with photos from the BEACH + more happy stories from here in brazil! (:


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron
#brazillinary (:

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