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March 17 email

helloooooooooooooooooooo everyone! + HAPPY ST. PATRICK´S DAY! obviously i´m not wearing green...whoopsie. but its okay because i´m in brazil and no one knows what st. patrick´s day i think i´m in the clear!

so, yes. cough drops don´t exist here. and i´m dying of a cold (in the pun intended! bwaha #i´mhilarious) and my nose is running and my throat is hurting and the HUMONGOUS FAN BLOWING IN MY FACE AT THIS LAN HAUS IS SO NOT HELPING. but i´m not complaining....really. life is great. life is grand. and some day my ears will pop and i won´t be sick anymore (;

really though! i´m happy and enjoying my mission still, don´t worry (: just a little sick is all. if you guys wanna send cough drops (chloraseptic is the besttttttt, but any kind will do!) in the next package, i wouldn´t complain. lol (:

OKAY ON TO THE GOOD STUFF. aka this week!

we walked 19.7 miles this week. the most was 4.57 miles in one day...and the least was 1.08 miles (yesterday, just to church + back home. lol). i love this pedometer. i don´t know why i love it so much but i love knowing how much we´re walking (: makes life more interesting! and makes me feel healthy for walking so much (;

oh! prophecy fulfilled. basically my first day here this transfer, sister L (shes only got on transfer left on her mission) told me that EVERY SINGLE COMPANION SHE´S HAD has fallen. like, biffed it hardcore, while they were companions with her. i told her that rest assurred i wouldn´t fall this transfer....and then at the peak of my sickness starting on saturday, I TOTALLY biffed it, right into a group of young girls walking, right outside of our apartment complex............

 it was the start of a rough day. hahahah. so sister L´s prophecy = fulfilled. but i told sister L that she´s going to biff it either at our last mission conference together or in the airport on her way stay tuned to see what happens there... #revenge (;

just a few fun random brazillian life facts for all of you at home:

-each week we have to buy a ´gallon´ of water to drink. because its not safe to drink water from the tap, anywhere in brazil. its like 20 L of water, i think. its like $5 for each one and they deliver it to your door. its great! except when all you drink is water and after  just 4 days your 20 L jug is empty and your companion is shocked out of her mind (brazillians dont like drinking water...its usually refrigerantes or milk or juice for them, so basically it was just me that drank all that water solo) because you already need to order another one #whoopsie! 

-also we´re supposed to sanitize all our fruits + veggies before eating them. aka soaking them in a bleach/water mix for 30 minutes. i can´t wait to eat an apple without having to bleach it when i get home in 2015. lol #itsthelittlethings

so this week! we had an awesome training about using the Book of Mormon during zone meeting last Tuesday. we talked about walking around with one in our hands, and using it as a way to introduce ourselves and make contacts. because most people don´t know who we are by our name (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), but most people recognize us by the name ´Mormons´. so its super easy to make a contact and talk about the book, first thing, and start talking about the Restoration of the gospel. It´s great! Until you have an experience like we did last week with a woman named Glaucia...

we knocked on her door (gate/fence). this old man shows up on the other side. claims he doesn´t have a key (riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...), so we should just leave our message in his mailbox to get we leave him a passalong card in his mailbox and walk away.

not even a minute later, there is this woman (Glaucia) calling to us from the same house. she calls us over, asks if we´re the Mormons, and then runs inside, saying she has something to give us.

.......and comes back out with two copies of the Book of Mormon that she said were her son´s and she doesn´t want anymore.

...LOL. #missiontragedies. no worries though, we turned it into a lesson (she had no idea what this book was, besides the fact that it was the ´´Mormon book´´) and i totally left her with a BoM with my testimony written in side, just for her. she was like....i just gave you two of these! and i was like yep...those were your sons! this ones for YOU (: and we talked a bit about Christ visting the people here in the Americas (3 Nephi 11) and challenged her to read it...and she ended up super happy to receive this as a present. hahaha. Suprises every day on the mish. love it. 

ps real quick i hope you guys know we teach a LOT of people during the week....its just that i hardly have time to talk about all of them so i usually just highlight the people/person progressing the most (:

aka MARCELLLL WAHOOOOOOO (: okay this week was a bit rough with him....without going into too much detail, he had a bit of a blow-out with his mama (our reactived member) and now we can´t teach him at her house anymore.... :/ but moral of the story is that we managed to have a good lesson with him last week, and yesterday he came to church AGAIN (without us formally inviting him!!) - - with his girlfriend + her two kids!!!! wahooooo!!!!! it was amazing sitting in gospel principles class (sunday) by his side, and at one point he looked at me (we were talking about Christ as a prophet) and was like, ´´thats one of the three pillars of the true church, right? a PROPHET....apostles, and the authority of God?´´ OH MY GOSH I LOVE HIM. i just smiled real big and told him he was exactly right! he smiled back and we kept on going with class. ah, he´s great. he really is. he just needs some serious prayers to overcome some issues he´s dealing with....and he´ll be baptized. i just know it!

okay! sorry no time for photos today :/ i´ll just send one that i love - THE FACT THAT I RAN INTO JUNIOR (RECENT CONVERT) AT  OUR CHURCH BUILDING SATURDAY NIGHT!! he was there for a stake dance and i was there teaching english! oh happy, happy day. he said silivio-jorge is working with bishop on getting married!! and he´ll be baptized in no time!! (: HAPPIEST HAPPY DAYY (:

okay! final little scriptural thing for you guys. this week was a little rough for me for more reasons than one. but i did a lot of praying and found a LOT of comfort in the scriptures - and I just want you all to know the scriptures really are inspired words of prophets of God. I love 2 Timothy 1:7 - it really is true. The spirit of God is NOT of fear, it is a spirit of JOY and all things related (: cleave unto GOOD things that bring JOY, family! don´t dwell on things you don´t have control over; and don´t fear. fear is not of God. 

Moral of the story? DON´T WORRY. BE HAPPY (: because that is what this gospel is all about!! (:

love you all! make good choices! and don´t forget to pray today and thank God for all the blessings you have! (:


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron!
#aintnothingonnaslowmedown (:

ps i know im sick, but i promise i´m happy and okay! no need to worry about me, deal? LOVE YOU ALL thanks for your prayers!! i really can feel them (:

March 10 photos

March 10 email-carnival is over!

holy hannah montana SO HAPPY because carnaval has finally come to an end. lol! until friday we were still on our schedule of being in by 5pm every night AKA NO WORK AT ALL. sister L and i were going crazy by the end of the week. lol. but it was a fab week anyway so i cant really complain!

don´t have a lot of time this week but i hope you enjoy the photos (still have some actual carnaval photos ill send next week i got from a member!) and ill just give you the highlights from the week (: deal?

first things first....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK DADDYYYYY!!!!!! Hope it is the BEST birthday EVER (besides the fact you´ll be missing your favorite daughter, of course ;) because you are the BEST daddy in the wholeeeeeeee, wide world!!!! the mail system here has been crazy and we aren´t even getting to the post office til to today to finally send your birthday just stay tuned for like, the end of april and hopefully you´ll get a nice belated surprised then (; I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Have an amazing day!! (:

okay! quick updates on my life (:

-this week i just mostly ate a LOT. of american food. lol! it was great #ilovelivinginabigcity. milkshakes, chicken sandwiches, dominoes pizza...YUM. love my life.

-MARCEL CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!!!!!! i think i told you about him. son of a reactivated member (about 28 years old). we have been teaching him but hes been a bit iffy about the church until last week. we invited him to church and he was like you know what? i always say ill go. and i never go. but im deciding. RIGHT NOW. ill be there tomorrow. aaaaaaand...HE WAS THERE!!!! all three hours!! (: he said he LOVED it, the entire thing. so so great. the spirit was so strong!!!!! we are going back to teach him tonight and see how he´s doing and talk to him a bit more about the Restortation and Book of Mormon (: prayers are answered! faith is real!! ahhh love it (:

we (me + 3 of the american elders assistents and secretary) teach english saturday nights! I NEVER THOUGHT TEACHING ENGLISH COULD BE SO FUN. ah! i love it. and sister L is learning a TON, too. its awesome (: more to come on that next week but long story short we had SO MANY non-members there. love it!

i gave my first talk in portuguese yesterday at church, after 7 months on the mission. LOL #abouttime. it was about repentance and it went really well. thanks for asking (; i just love church. i love this gospel. i know repentance is REAL and i love seeing it change my life + the lives of the people i´m teaching down here!

ah! okay times up for real. ill try to write more next week but just a final spiritual thought to finish off for the week. ive been reading the bible lately (trying to read start to finish by august) and i was reading in genesis 22 about Abraham having to sacrifice his son, Isaac. i was thinking about how hard that must have been for Abraham, to be willing to give up literally his ONLY son, to God. thankfully he didn´t have to go through with  it, but we can learn a lot from this story. mostly (1) the need for us to trust in God that He knows whats best for us and will bless us for being willing to put him first, and (2) how the experience of Abraham is so related to the experience of our Heavenly Father, who had to give up his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to suffer and atone for the sins of the WORLD. imagine! giving your son up for something like that. Clearly our Heavenly Father loves us SO SO much and really does know whats best for us and what we need. He knew we would need a Savior, a Redeemer, and that´s why He was willing to send His son, Jesus Christ. We NEED Christ - each and every one of us! To repent and be made clean through Him and His atoning sacrifice! (:

I know its possible to be made clean from all our sins, all our sadnesses, everything! We just need to do our part and trust in our Savior and what He did for us. (:

I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. That´s the moral of the story of my life right now + always (:

love you all! read your scriptures and say a special prayer for someone who might be needing it today. (:



Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron
#missionaryforeverplease (:

March 5 photos

March 5 email

....and ZERO missionary work. LOL. but for real...

seriously though! its been a crazy kinda week. carnaval for missionaries basically = STAY INSIDE. ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. for our safety and stuff...ha. BUT. lucky lucky me....i got transferred to RECIFE (aka the HEART of carnaval in to Olinda, of course) the week of carnaval! wahoooooooo! so i actually got to see a little bit of it as we walked on the streets (to/from lunch...literally the only time we left the apartment in the past week besides church LOL) and from our apartment window.

SO. hope you´re all ready for my collaboration of random thoughts from my second week in a row basically 100% spent inside the apartment. lol.

 LETS GO. (:

i love the pedometer you guys sent me (mama + daddy)!! in varzea i thought we walked alot...but in the city we walk a WHOLE LOT MORE. lol its unreal! i added it all up (because i have had nothing better to do this past and figured out the following:

the past week we walked 17.29 miles (2.5 miles a day average)
which = 67,967 steps total (9,700 steps a day average)

the day with the least = .71 miles (when we just walked to lunch and back on saturday. lol)
the day with the most = 4.54 miles (when we worked in the area farthest from our house...aka the area we´re focusing on more right now, Santa Amaro)

hopefully next week we will actually be out walking so you can see some real realistic numbers. lol. (:

...onto other random things!

sister louriero! shes from são paulo. she goes HOME in two transfers (same as bff micae!!!) and the transfer after this one is only 5 fingers crossed i actually stay with a companion longer than one transfer for the first time my whole mission!!! lol. oh! and in preach my gospel (mission handbook thing) it talks about how if you speak a language other than english, you should try to learn english on your mission. so i´m teaching her english while she helps me with my portuguese! its great. (:

my zone + district are both RECIFE. legit! it is ALL. ELDERS. except sister L and i....its a hoot. and our us + the 4 assistentes + the 2 office elders (secretaries). LOL. we´re the only ones doing actual work in the area (jokessssssssss....only a little bit..... ;)

oh! one awesome lesson we had this week was with this irmão marcel! hes the son of a recently reactivated member (irmã leda!!! daddy this is the wondeful lady who emailed you monday to inform you of my email delay because EVERYTHING SHUT DOWN FOR CARNAVAL my goodness lol). long story short with him - sister L and her last companion had met with irmã leda and her family for the past 4 months and always tried talking to Marcel....and nothing. my first night here we saw him and challenged him to meet with us for an FHE during the week. he accepted...more or less. well, we go in with a rock solid FHE lesson for him last week via the conference talk from october about setting goals and we testified about latter-day leaders and prophets and apostles in our day...and his brother and mother testified too and the spirit was SO strong. and....then the spotlight was on marcel. who was just listening in the whole time, commenting a little here, a little there. a smile came across his face and he started talking, telling us all about how he knew this (religion) was important to us (missionaries + his family), and he had never had interest in learning anything about it. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT...he said he felt something different tonight and he wants to learn more!!! AHHHHH #thechurchistrue!!!!!!!! (: (: (: it was awesome and he didnt come to church this past sunday (no one did...OH HOW I LOVE CARNAVAL lol #jokes) but we are going back next week to teach him one carnaval dies down. whee!! #prayingforamiracle (: (: (:

this is funny. one day we planned to go contact someone sister L always saw working by the church. we were writing out mini lesson plans for each person, and im like, okay whats her name? and sister L is like uhh ive never talked to her. or met her. i dunno. so im like, Sister L! just make up a name for her so we can plan. and shes like okay ANA. cool. so we go contact this lady...ask her name....IT WAS ANA. i almost died laughing when she said it. maybe thats not funny to anyone else...but i have NEVER met any one here in brazil with that name. it was the biggest coincidence ever. hahahaha. #sorryifyoudonthinkthatsfunny

look up GALO DA MADRUGADA. pernambuco. recife. brazil. apparently its this huge big deal (like, in t he guinesses book of world records!). AND IT TOOK PLACE LIKE A BLOCK FROM MY APARTMENT. thats what the photos are of (galo = rooster). i dont get it. and no one here really explained it to me. but its a HUGE DEAL for carnaval here in pernambuco. lol. if anyone cares to explain it to me, id be much obliged. (:

I AM FINALLY LIVING IN A BIG CITY FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. and i love every stinkin single moment. the people, the food, the atmosphere, the BIG BUILDINGS (!!!!!!!), everything! #nychereicome! (:

i relaxed my companions hair during carnaval. oh the things we do when we have to be inside all day long (aka we have to be in by 5pm and we dont get out of lunch til2pm...boooooooo hahah)!! #icantwaittogotohairschoolforreal

the relief society president in my new ward LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE MAMA its unreal!!! holy small world! she taught on sunday and we ate lunch at her house after and it was a little piece of heaven when i hugged her goodbye after lunch...almost as good as hugging my own mama back home (: I LOVE YOU MAMA! wheeee hope everything is fab with relief society back home!

literally every ward ive served in here in brazil has had a bishop that is in his mid-twenties. so young! so crazy. inlcuding the bishop that just got called in my ward here in recife on sunday. the Lord is clearly hastening his work here!! lowering the mission age for men + women...younger leadership...its crazy! oh! and our new mish pres (Rory Bigelow - coming in June/July 2014!!!) is super young too!! so crazy. love it!

i had the random thought that if DK goes to byu for a year before he goes on his mish...we will TOTALLY OVERLAP for at least a semester!!!! aka dk i hope youre workiung on getting good grades so we can party it up when i get home!!! ...and after you graduate (;

random hilarious language moment: junior (from varzea, recent convert) speaks english and was talking to me one time telling me some story about his feet (i dont remember why). in portuguese, there is no word for toes. theres dedos (fingers) and dedos das pes (toes...aka foot fingers). long story short....he was referring to his toes and totally actually said `´´my foot fingers´´ and i just about died laughing. its a really weird thing to hear out lout....much less to imagine fingers on your toes. LOL. 

okay! last thing. sorry for all the random ness but i found this awesome quote in preach my gospel this week that i wanna share with all of you. its by President Brigham Young -

´´There is neither man or woman in this church who is not on a mission. That mission will last as long as they live, and it is to do good, to promote righteousness, to teach the principles of truth, and to prevail upon themselves and everybody around them to live those principles that they may obtain eternal life.´´

talk about motivating!!! hope you are all doing your missionary work back home like good member missionaries!!! (: im trying to do my best down here and am loving every moment. there really is nothing that brings greater joy than sharing the good news of the gospel that we have in our lives!! And like Presidente Young said - we are ALL on missions!! so get to it! (;

i love you all so much! sorry only a few photos this week...our normal lan haus was closed (I LOVE CARNAVAL. lol) and this one is crazy crazy slow with photos. more photos to come of ACTUAL CARNAVAL (!!!!!!!) next week! get pumped! because there wont be much else to tell you about since we are inside all day every day mostly until (:

love you! read your scriptures, say your prayers, and tell someone you love them today. (:


sister sarah banara carrera kron
#carnavalite...butnotreally (;

Feb 24 email- leaning to say goodbye

seriously though....this week was the CRAZIEST. in between a funeral for a woman in our ward (who was the aunt of two of our little recent converts, and mother to two of the most adorable  young women in our ward), sister remy being sick (and us staying in the apartment pretty much all week long), and me getting totally surprisingly transferred out of várzea (total shock to everyone, didn´t see that coming at all!)....ITS BEEN A CRAZY KINDA WEEK.

but...! its been an awesome week for reflection and realizing ive now officially (since the 22nd!) been in brazil for 4 months, and next week i´ll have been on my mission for almost 7. what!? where does the time go, honestly, i´ll never know.


-Families can really be together forever. The Plan of Salvation is real. I learned that more this week (on a deeper level than I ever thought I could or would) than ever before in my life. All four of us sisters in Várzea Wednesday morning were all studying about the spirit world and the plan of salvation and life after death for personal study (which was a total coincidence), and then about 5 minutes after we started companionship study, we got a text informing us that Irmã Graça passed away. Never have I realized how small of a period of time we have to be here on earth...and how grand + incredible this whole plan of salvation really is.

I guess this honestly was the biggest higlight of the week for me. We don´t have time to waste here on earth. It was heart-breaking having to comfort these four girls who lost their aunt and young and so quick and not expected, at all. But at the same time, we all know where she is now. We all know they´ll all be reunited again someday. The thing that is the most important for us to do right here on earth at this time in our lives is to ALWAYS be prepared, ALWAYS try our best, and ALWAYS seek to keep the commandments of the Lord to the best of our ability. We don´t have time to waste. And if we wanna be with our families for all eternity...we gotta try our best. So we can stand in the presence of God one day and feel confident that we have truly done all in our part to obtain eternal life with them (and Him!).

A sister I lived with back in Várzea was talking with me that same morning and she was telling me all about all the troubles that are going on with her family back home (in São Paulo). Her parents are having marital issues, her family is more or less inactive in the church, and all kinds of other things not-so-great happening in her absence. We were all a bit shaken up hearing about Irmã´s passing, but this sister looked right at me and told me how lucky I was. How happy I should be. Because no matter what happens in this life, I know where my family will be. I know they are firm in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that they are going the things they should be doing back home. So I have no need to fear.

What she said really crazy comforted me. I am SO grateful for you all, family. I am seriously, SO mind-blowingly blessed. I count my blessings each day, honestly, to be a part of this family with all of you. Keep doing your part, and I´m gonna keep doing my best to do my own. I know this seems like a crazy sad + sentimental email for th week....but this is what happens when the only real time you left the apartment (because of poor sick Sister Remy) was for a day-long at a viewing, funeral, and service for someone in the ward. Life is too short to waste time making bad decisions. We know what is true and what is right. Choose the right and always always always remember who you are and what you stand for! I´m confident we´ll all be together again after this life (and in 2015 when i come worries :)

OKAY. I love you guys so much! Sorry for the quick + kinda downer of an email this week...but rest assured I´m happy and you should be too!!! Enjoy all the photos from last week in OLINDA and i´ll update you more next week!!!

OH I ALMOST FORGOT. I got transferred! LOL. I am in RECIFE (the area, the zone, everything!!) AND IT IS GORGEOUS. i attached the view from our apartment window (: try not to be to jealous!! im with my first brazillian companion, Sister Loureiro! I LOVE HER and its just us living together (party!!). carnaval is this week so we wont work a ton but i´m excited to work with her here!! (:

MORE TO COME LATER. Love you all so much!!! Read your scriptures and keep doing whats right!!! (:


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron
#recifebrazilforreal! (:

Sarah's carnival week in photos