Monday, January 13, 2014

Jan 13 email

HELLOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooOOoooo hi hi hello ola como vocês estão!? (:

For once I am using a slightly normal keyboard...either that or just I´m finally getting used to how terrible + difficult these keyboards are. lol. EITHER/OR.

Basically moral of the story of the email above....TRANSFERS WERE TODAY! We had a feeling that Sister Butler would be transferred and I would stay....and LO AND BEHOLD that is exactly what happened! Sister Butler has spent her ENTIRE time here in Brazil in Várzea...all seven months. #crazy! So it was mega hard for the ward to accept she was leaving since she´s been frequenting (thats from the portuguese word frequentar...i cant think of the english equivalent right now haha #languagebarrierproblems) church here for longer than some other people that come to our ward...OH attend. she´s been attending longer (: I´d delete what I just typed but backspace keys are always the WORST on these keyboards. hahaha oh maan i love brazil! (:

but basically this is what went down - sister butler got transferred to the straight up INTERIOR aka wayyyyy deep inside brazil (not like the cidade at shes farther inside the jungle than carpina was, lol!). and basically she´ll rock it, no doubt. (: She has been an INCREDIBLE companion and we have learned and grown and probably had WAY
okay whoopsie awkward email sent before I was finished typing...clearly what I was typing was the truth hahaha but basically we have just had WAY too much fun here together, so it was meant to be we had to be split up because we were such bffs (: just kidding, of course! I absolutely LOVED being with Sister Butler and we will hang out at BYU once we both get back out there (:

As for my new companion...basically the subject line sums it up pretty well! I am still in Varzea, with Sister Amber Remy as my companion from Ogden, Utah. aka ANOTHER AMERICAN. Hilarious. I am doomed to never have a Brazillian companion, lol. But long story short, she was in the same MTC district as Sister Butler in Provo....then she got her reassignment to the Michigan Detriot Mission...and she SERVED IN NORTHVILLE EAST aka my same area I was in for six week!!! EVERRRRRYONE there talked all about her and was like sister remy! You have to find her when you get down there! And lo and behold...we´re here and its awesome (: haha. She loves running (!!! aka enough to go run with me during the am workout time!!! FINALLY :) and has gone to hair school already....that enough sums up the fact that we are like the same person and have SO MUCH to talk about it! (:

But long story short we are going to the temple on WEDNESDAY (!!!!) so that´s our real pday. So I´ll send photos and everything (and write a little bit more if I have time....but mostly you´ll be living through my photos that I´ll send when we come back to the lan haus wednesday, deal!? (:

Long story short for the week - our MIRACLE JUNIOR WAS BAPTIZED ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka yesterday aka HAPPIEST DAY EVER and totally THE coolest way to end my transfer with sister butler!!!! It was an incredible experience....he literally know like, everything. Coolest thing was during his baptismal interview our Distict Leader told us (he called us after we got home to tell us this) that it was the coolest interview he´d ever done. Basically we read 1 Nephi 8 with Junior (and Silvio-Jorge) last week....and then the day after we taught it to him we were BLOWN AWAY by everything he remembered in such finite detail about the chapter and all about the tree of life and the barra de ferro (rod of iron) and how it relates to the gospel...this kid is seriously a spiritual genius and latches on to everything and learns everything so fast. But the coolest part was this - during  the interview, Elder Blake (DL) was asking Junior how he knew so much....and Junior told him that the night after we taught him about Lehi´s Vision in 1 Nephi 8, that night he literally had the same dream and saw everything for himself....and he said that for him was the confirmation that it was all true, because it made so much sense.

Moral of the story: It was probably the coolest thing I have ever heard on my mission so far. And I don´t doubt that its true. Junior was a miracle and is entitled to personal revelation to know the truth of all things, just as much as the rest of us are. We can´t pick and choose how we will come to know things are true (and visions are typically not the way they´re done), but the principal of it all is true for Junior and is true for the rest of us, too - if we have faith and want to know the truth, Heavenly Father WILL answer our prayers and questions we have. I promise. Every time! I´m seeing it out here on my my life...and I know it is true for ALL of God´s children - all of us!! (:

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Sister Remy + I are going out tonight to teach Silvio-Jorge about marriage tonight (he has to get married and then he is ready + wanting to be baptized, too!! Shooting for the 25th! :) with our new favorite miracle member, Junior. Then it´s temple time Wednesday (!!!!) and I´ll be sure to send photos (if possible) and respond to a few quick emails then.

JUST KNOW I LOVE YOU, DEAL?! (: xoxoxoxoxoxox!

oh. And the Church is true. In case you forgot or something (:

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