Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nov 4 photos

From the Mission presidents apartment
1. view from the first place i stayed the night in here in recife (a missionarys apartment), a hilarious sign (micae...its not just the chinese that have troubles with translating, lol) from the airport when we went back to work on some things with our passports, a photo of me with a ticket...thats how we travel on the omnibuses (after we pay the fare), we get a receipt and have to tack it onto our nametags so they can see it at all times (and mostly so we remember to turn it back into them when we get off the bus, lol), and my comp + i with YOGUERT. aka yogurt and aka not like yogurt at all because its like water here, lol. people drink yogurt like juice. LOVE IT. (:
1. us with DENISSSSS my first baptism!!!
2. right after exiting the font...LOVE THESE PHOTOS (:
3. there are allllllll kinds of animals all over the place here in carpina...and the house of the family we ate lunch at (members|) had these two baby ducks on the side of their house!!! so naturally i had to take a photo with one (:
4. this is apparently something really delicious that my comp bought for me to eat...i forget the name of it. but basically it is fried dough with a mixture of chicken and a bunch of other things on it. lol. we ate these while waiting for our omnibus at the bus station...we spend a lot of time here. lol (:
me with the other three sisters i live with (souza, martins, and donoso), the TEMPLE!! and our trip back on the omnibus with the guy (Junior) that we shared the gospel with (: LOVE IT

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