Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nov 25 a week in the life of a doente haha

HELLOOOOOOOO my family and favorites! oh my gosh this week has been insane. hahahaa. I have been a bit on the sick side but first things first just know I AM OKAY AND ALIVE and I still love Brazil and everything about being here (: just not so much being sick. Hahah. Just some stomach problems but apparently allllllllll American missionaries go through this their first transfer (LOL brace yourself sis hirz...prepare that iron stomach with some more mixing cereal deal? ;)...so its been a little rough but I´m for sure on the upswing! The reason this email is so delayed in the day is because Sister Souza (who has also been sick this week...different sickness but she´s Brazillian and can kind of speak English so she came along with me haha) and I paid my first visit ever to a Brazillian hospital/free clinic thing! It was an adventure to say the least, haha. But I am well and have some medications to take care of me so I should be good to go this coming week (: whee! So please don´t worry about me...just prayers for my health if you want to do something to help. Deal? (: And don´t call President or anything worried...I promise I really am okay. You know how I am (:

---for anyone wanting to hear about brazil...skip to the bottom of this email. because im talking about a lotta family stuff first. lol. sorry (: ---------

Okaaaaaaaaay! First things first (: Daddy sent me an email saying respond asap...so in response to that one: No I haven´t gotten a package yet or heard word on it yet. But I have heard that it takes literally forever for stuff to get here, lol. Because it has to get to the mission office, then the ZL´s need to go pick it up (once every three weeks or so), and then we need to have a zone meeting (once every two weeks or so). So...yeah. No worries though. I can wait on the stuff you sent for a little while longer (: it´ll make a nice Christmas package..yeah? Haha (: Also, candy is great. It´s better having candy and not real food food because real food might spoil. You should be good. As far as backpacks go...we just got an email from the mission office that starting December 15th, we aren´t allowed wearing backpacks anymore...uhhhh. (brace yourself sis hirz!) Hahaha. We are going to talk to President about this because I had a shoulder bag for my first 2 days here and just about died with shoulder pain, hahah. We do way too much walking to not be able to use backpacks. But apparently its a church-wide change, so we will see. Don´t send or buy anything yet...I´ll find out more this week and update you next week, deal? I stopped using the medication and am doing great (: no worries there. Thank you for paying my tithing and yes my Chase debit card worked perfectly here!!! I took out 200 reais (about $100, I think) a coupla weeks back. I hope not to have to take too much more out for now, but it´s nice to know that it works here with no problems. Thank you thank you thank you!! (:

OKAY! On to more normal things. Aka answering questions from earlier weeks. Hahaha. I guess it was good I was sick most of the week because I have more time to answer questions, yeah? (: I did do SOME work in the area this week...but I´ll get to that, too. (:

OH WAIT FIRST THINGS FIRST FOR REAL: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUTH!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you get my card by your birthday! (: I sent it to the home address in Ohio so hopefully you can get it there! HAVE AN AMAZING DAY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and die every photo you send here of Annabelle and Dustin...oh my cutest kids ever!!! Love you so much!! And good luck with the big move this week eek!! (:

And also (because I have to)...ONE MONTH TIL NATALL! aka christmas (: aka also...happy thanksgiving this week! eat lotssss of food for me, deal? Halloween, Daylight Savings, Thanksgiving....none of these exist here in the nordeste of Brazil, hahaha. So enjoy it extra for me, deal? oh and before I forget...GO BUCKEYES (: i love michigan but I will root for the buckeyes til I die...#sorrynotsorry (: I can´t wait to hear how everything goes this weekend with tgiving/osumichigangame/ruths bday!! it´ll be a crazy weekend for sure and I´ll die sweating extra in the sun just for all of you freezing there up north this weekend, deal? (;

Lalala. Okay. More questions answered about Brazil. Lol. HERE WE GO.

-Finding addresses here is kind of a joke, daddy. Haha. People pretty much choose their favorite number for the number of their houses (especially in the favelas) and street names exist...kind of. Aka there are no street signs posted anywhere...you just ask someone where they live and theyre like ``hua 7!´´ or ´´hua vermelha!´´ and you´re just like...okay cool this does not help me at all. hahahah. We get to places basically just by asking a million people for directions. It´s great. I´m learning a lot about trusting people since i have zero sense of direction, ever. (:

-There are 4 sisters (we all live together) in our ward. Its great. We have HUGE ward boundaries...but we are localized because transportation isnt the best and we don´t have a car. So we (Sister Donoso and I) work in Barrio Cajá and only go out of the area (i.e. to Tracunhaém) if we get a referral to go there.

-Anna...I DID get the muffins and cereal, right before I left michigan. Delicious. I took a photo of the cereal after it traveled in my suitcase...lol. Enjoy that (: thank you thank you again!!!!!

-Also, Anna, Daddy, + Ruth - have you gotten my letters yet? I know DK and Mama got mine but I wanna make sure you got mine too (:

-HOW DID THE JT CONCERT GO? Someone tell me (:

-People here are obsessed with Gangham Style and Ben 10 (Ben Dez). Moral of the story is I am reminded of DK literally everywhere I go, haha. LOVE IT (:

okay okay okay.  I think that covers most of the questions. OH. And daddy - so so excited for you and your work on discovery playground and with the clippers - so much exciting stuff happening!! Can´t wait to hear how things progress (: (: (:

And I got letters for the first time this week! From Mama + Daddy (Tgiving card..thank you so much I loved it!! (: ), Sister Nagle, and Andrea Carter - who is married now! Ah so crazy. Love you all!! (: 

------you can start reading here if you want to hear about brazil now (: ----------------


This week was crazy since I was sick at home most of the time, haha. But we did see TONS of miracles. Sister Souza told me it was the miracle of being sick...hahaha. I sure hope we can have miracles without us dying at home this next week, we´ll see (; But for real, this week we had some serious miracles. Like having 10+ investigators at church yesterday!!! That was beYOND awesome (and unheard of...we rarely have 2-3 investigators at church each sunday, wild!).

Real quick highlights from this week are as follows:

-Rebeca and Renan (and baby Emilly!). Basically they were a miracle from day one. Sister Donoso and I contacted into Rebeca when she was outside with her baby (and her neighbor) like our first week here. We started teaching her and she liked what she was learning about...fast-forward about two weeks later and we started teaching her with her husband. He just so happened to be there for his first real lesson when we were teaching her about The Book of Mormon. We left one with each of them and assigned them a chapter to read each before our next visit. Long story short...Sister Donoso and Sister Rocha visited them this week and Renan said he read the chapter and said he loved the chapter...and wanted to read more so he started from the beginning of the Book of Mormon and read like the first 18 chapters!! WHATTTTTTTTT. #miraclemoments!! So so incredible. Seriously, using the Book of Mormon really does bring miracles. When you really take the time to read it, you can´t deny that it is a true book. I love it. Everyone out there I challenge you to read it - even just a little bit. Just a chapter or two. Then ask God whether or not this is a true book. He will tell you! I know this because I have done it and I see people do it all the time out here on my mission. Its incredible. The Book of Mormon is a true book. It is another testament of Jesus Christ. I love this book. I know Joseph Smith translated it by the power of God because there´s no other way this could have been done! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ´s true church here on the earth today. I know it. And I know it because I have asked God and know it is truth (: I cannot say it enough...if you have a question - ask God! He loves you and will never lie to you (: and will always always alwayssssss answer your prayers!!

-Also...remember Lily from the bar in Tracunhaém last week? She came to church again yesterday and is planning on getting baptized this Saturday! WHATTTTTTT THE. haha seriously miracles, people! But more than miracles, the power of the Holy Ghost working through promptings. Its incredible. When you are prompted to do something as silly as taking a photo and talking to people around you - DO IT. You never know what might come of it (:

-We had divisions with our sister training leaders this week. And we totally went caroling for Natal to start off our messages when we went tracting. I LOVE CHRISTMAS AND SINGING. I love this holiday! (:

Okay, times up. I love you all so so much!! Read 2 Nephi 31:20-21. And feast on the word of Christ! There really is NO other way!! (:

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! You are always in my prayers!! (:


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron (:
#alwaysamissionary (:

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