Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nov 25 photos

cereal that i brought with me a la anna (thanks!!! (: ) to brazil in my suitcase...hilarious. dont worry i already ate it all, this is an old photo (:

love ben 10!! of course i bought his cereal to remember dk (:

and in our mission we had over 200 baptisms just this past month in november!!! so so crazy. mission is diff here than the usa for sure, lol. the photo the mish office sent us...hilarious. mission pres lanius in the middle with the secretaries on his left and our AP´s on his right (: love itttttt. they are goofballs for sure. love them!

more next week (:

the whole crowd of family + close friends!!!!!! and...THE SISTER RIGHT AFTER BAPTISM!!!!!!! seriously, favorite photos forever. (: I LOVE THIS GIRLSSSSSSSS! (:

christmas lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT. also...BATISMOSSSSSSSSS! little julia (10) and victoria (8) with their parents...oh my goshhhhhhhhh favorite photo is of sis donoso and i with the whole fam...they are ALL HOLDING HANDS HOW CUTE IS THIS!:? forever fam right here...preparing to be sealed for time + all eternity in a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (: #missionarywork #thatswhatitsallabout

so i may or may not have been sick this past week...and sister souza was too...so we tried being productive and this is pretty much what happens. (1) you find interseting places to hide and scare your other companions (2) you do a LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT of studying. which is actually more fun than it sounds (; (3) you bake a cake (because what else can you do when youre inside all day?) and (4) you take silly photos with said cake. (: #missionlife

oi! photos starting now (: first being the fact that we have never had more than a tiny little bathroom mirror (ie medicine cabinet size) for the past 4 weeks and finally asked the mission presidents wife if we could be reimbursed if we bought a full size one for the apartment...she said yes! so we bought one! ...and then within 10 minutes of hanging it on the wall it crashed to the ground in a million pieces. LOL. sister rocha (pictured with me) was less than pleased. we rearranged the bigger pieces and now have a kind-of mural of a mirror on our wall. #hilarious 

other photos = my zone!!!! theyre a hoot. LOVE THEM (: also...lol @ my awk farmers tan on my arm in the silly photo. hahahhaaaa

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