Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nov 18 photos

in my fave place in the whole wide world...tracunhaém!! LOVE IT. and love preaching the gospel to all the statues there. especially the dinosaurs (: just for you anna!!! (: more next week! LOVE YOU ALL!! (:

sis donoso and i received chocolates from a man after we gave him a pass along card to get a free dvd. so he gave us chocolates to thank us!! lol i love being a missionary. ALSO. pastels = empanadas = only 2 reais (aka $1)!!! so we eat them all the time. #fatmissionaryproblems #loveit (: also....my justin beiber experience in the photo wiuth the girls. hahahaha. more to come in the email about that (:

more house fixing up and me and sis souza (apartment mate) and nynha...LOVE HER. shes a member and my first ward activity here the other sisters pretended she was an investigator for me and i bore my testimony super strong to her...LOL thats the kind of jokes they play on new missionaries here. love it (: shes probably my favorite member in the ward. easily. (: LOVE HER. shes 17 and getting ready to serve a mission!!!! ayayaa"!!! also...I LOVE BRAZIL (:

we cleaned out an abandonded house for serivce and started painting it too!! basically awesome (: also...painting in brazil is SOOOO diffierent from the states. lol. count your blessings americans!!! it is WAY easier to paint with rollers and ladders that are stable...lol.

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